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  2. Celebrating 25 years of outfitting with Team Shockey!SUNDAY at 8pm ET - See more from Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures HERE: http://bit.ly/2joBjy
  3. In this clip from Outdoor Channel's Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Jim Shockey guides SCI Member and hunt winner Dennis Milleron a wild bear chase on Vict..

Watch as Jim Shockey & Eva Shockey hunt with Jofie Lamprecht Safaris in Namibia.They hunt with both Jofie Lamprecht and JLS PH Dian Jacobs.Jofie hunts Spring.. Hunting spot and stalk whitetail deer in south Texas with Jim Shockey, Outfitter LL Hunting Servic

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Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures Hal Hunts Giant Moose. 8 years ago. Shockey Productions. Episode 4 2012 JSHA Hal and Len Edition Enjoy this preview of Jim Shockey's new behind the scenes series Shock Therapy where he talks about his 25+ years of outdoor entertainment. Start your 30-day..

jim shockey's official store conserve protect hunt Starting on November 12 until November 26, 2016, visit our store on Represent.com to get your original Conserve Protect Hunt gear by Jim Shockey Jim Shockey is one of the best know and well-respected hunters out there. Back in 2018 Jim Shockey was attacked by a cougar. Lucky for him, he was able to get a quick shot off before being mauled. The video was featured as a trailer for his show Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on The Outdoor Channel I don't care anything about any hunting shows and don't watch them at all. I also don't care about any TV or Movie personality's politics. Years ago I hunted bear with Jim Shockey and had a great hunt. As a guide, he was knowledgeable about the area we hunted, he hunted hard and provided better than I expected in the way of accommodations and food Video: Jim Shockey Takes Down Buffalo with Air-powered Bow OutdoorHub Reporters 01.04.16 The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is neither a bow nor a rifle, but it has enough power to humanely take a buffalo Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures is the longest running hunting show on television. With over 18 seasons, dozens of awards, and having travelled every inch of the globe, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures aired its last episode in the fall of 2020

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Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you to the Alaska Yukon on a moose hunt, polar bear hunting by dogsled with the Inuit people in the Arctic, and crocodile hunting in Tanzania Exclusive access to hunting properties provides a high quality and private opportunity at some of the best migratory bird hunting Canada has to offer. SUBSCRIBE FOR NEWS AND VIDEOS FROM JIM SHOCKEY! FOLLOW US. General Inquires call 1-888-826-1011 or email info@jimshockey.co Jim -Owner/Operator Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures A definitive leader of the muzzleloading contingent, Jim is the first and only hunter in the world to complete the North American Super Slam and Ultimate Slam with a muzzleloader and took home SCI's Professional Hunter of the Year award in 2009 Jim Shockey. September 16, 2015 ·. Brian 'Wojo guides Frank Dean on a double hitter in the Yukon, they'll be going after mountain caribou and the mighty Alaska-Yukon moose. Tune into Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on the Outdoor Channel this Sunday September 20th at 8 PM ET. 247247

A true pull-back-the-curtain moment is documented by award-winning producer, author, hunter and conservationist, Jim Shockey, in his newest series, Jim Shockey's Shock Therapy now available for streaming on MyOutdoorTV. Jim Shockey's Shock Therapy takes a deep dive into a 25-year archive of what is some of the best hunting and adventure footage ever filmed by Shockey and crew Jim Shockey's Shock Therapy takes a deep dive into a 25-year archive of what is some of the best hunting and adventure footage ever filmed by Shockey and crew. During the show, Shockey and his guests will tell all, with uncut and unplugged footage from Shockey's most pulse-pounding adventures in the wild Jim Shockey. 609,769 likes · 19,212 talking about this. Naturalist, Outfitter, TV Producer and Host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and UNCHARTED on Outdoor Channel

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In Part 3 of Jim's chat with Creative Director, Editor and Cinematographer Jesse Reardon, Jesse and Jim go head to head in a best footage contest and explain some of the challenges of properly documenting and filming a hunting adventure. Enjoy the banter and stories of these two who go back a long way This is a hard core elk hunting adventure, the Eastman way. Watch five successful hunts on trophy bulls, four on public land during the rut. Come along as we pack into one of the most isolated wilderness areas in the lower 48. Mike Eastman relives his life as an outfitter and guide in the 1960s

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  2. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - Season 13. It's time for our favorite show of the year; a retrospective of all the best of, the worst of, and the footage we just couldn't show you the first time around
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  4. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - Season 10. The Aluetian Islands are some of the most remote places in the world to hunt and they host the mighty reindeer, the largest antler-to-body animal in North America
  5. Hand of Man Museum is the creation of TV celebrity/outdoor writer/outfitter Jim Shockey. Photo by Jennifer Bain Article content. The walls, halls, rooms and cabinets of Hand of Man Museum are a meticulously ordered hodgepodge of everything from Siberian wedding blankets and African camel bags to North American fishing lures, First Nations quill baskets, woolly mammoth skeletons and taxidermied.
  6. The Jim Shockey Steel Eagle both feature the industry-leading Nitro Piston 2 powerplant with more speed, more power, more accuracy and reduced cocking force. The ergonomically designed Monte Carlo stocks have unique, custom-designed soft touch inserts and a smooth, two-stage Clean Break Trigger™ as well as sound suppression for fast, quiet.
  7. Jim Shockey has been a Guide and Outfitter for well over 25 years. Come behind the scenes of Jim Shockey's Pacific Rim Guide Outfitters, on Vancouver Island, Canada and see what goes on in a typical Coastal Black Bear hunting season in the spring

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Jim Shockey Unloads After Grizzly Kills Mother and Infant. Jim Shockey said this could have been prevented. A mother and 10-month old baby were killed when a grizzly bear broke into their cabin. Valerie Theoret and her infant daughter Adele Roesholt, were found dead Monday by Theoret's husband, Adele's father, near Einarson Lake in the Yukon Streaming Video Service Boasts 17 Seasons Worth of Legendary Content. DENVER (August 20, 2020) - For decades, Jim Shockey has traveled the world to bring viewers the best hunting adventures.Today, most of those amazing episodes are in Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, which is now available - all 17.. Just a click to MOTV, watch Shockey and crew go from the Alaskan Yukon, hunting with. Jim Shockeys Hunting Adventures - A Mountain Caribou Hunt with Jims Fav Hunting Buddy. Wildtv. 1:30. Jim Shockeys Hunting Adventures - Ethiopia Dimaro Region for Mountain Nyala Leopard. Wildtv. 25:41. According to Jim S02 - Ep01 The Importance of Being Jim HD Watch. Love Movies. 2:09 Jim Shockey 6 hrs · In Part 3 of Jim's chat with Creative Director, Editor and Cinematographer Jesse Reardon, Jesse and Jim go head to head in a best footage contest and explain some of the challenges of properly documenting and filming a hunting adventure

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Jim Shockey is an internationally renowned award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, naturalist, wilderness guide, and outfitter with decades of experience in the field. According to the man himself: I started my hunting career as a rifle hunter Celebrated hunter and conservationist Jim Shockey spoke with us on a number of subjects, ranging from Trump's elephant trophy ban decision to meat hunting.. Recently Jim Shockey, the man Outdoor Life magazine referred to as modern hunting's most influential celebrity, spoke with me over an hour-long, wide-ranging interview For the last few decades, Jim Shockey has been a staple of outdoor television, but like all good things, they must come to an end. Nothing lasts forever including iconic TV shows like Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures.. Jim announced via Facebook that his long-running tv show, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures will be ending after 17 seasons.He posted a touching trailer to the upcoming. This video features Jim Shockey hunting all over the world and taking game with Nosler bullets. From buffalo and polar bear to moose and deer, this video is full of exciting hunts. 60 Minutes

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  1. Jim has written three books and published more than 1,000 adventure articles for the largest outdoor magazines, including American Hunter, Outdoor Life and North American Hunter. He has produced over 50 DVDs and hosts Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey's Uncharted on the Outdoor Channel. Jim has been an award-winning outdoor.
  2. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures. 191 x 30'. Play video. Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you to the Alaska Yukon on a moose hunt, polar bear hunting by dogsled with the Inuit people in the Arctic, Cape Buffalo and crocodile hunting in Tanzania, gazelle and white bearded.
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  4. This brand NEW (factory sealed) DVDis titled Jim Shockey's Hilarious Hunts. This is the video footage Jim Shockey never wanted you to see. The not-fit-for-TV, how-did-I-miss, what-a-doofus, behavior that even strikes hunting celebrities. Enjoy the hunting thrills, spills, and all-out bone-headed blunders from some of the best in the business
  5. Jim Shockey is one of the most outstanding hunters in the world today. His reputation goes beyond the wilderness to other areas of life too. He is an accomplished author, who has written several acclaimed adventures and hunting books such as Ultimate Big Game Adventures, Wild Hunts Across North America and also two series, Ultimate Big Game Adventure Part 1 and 2 among others

Jim Shockey, the epitome of outdoor enthusiasts loves riding QuietKat electric mountain bikes. Jim has been an award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and wilderness guide for over 30 years. His job requires him to take on all types of terrain and to guide clients successfully on the route by his side for the entire journey Profile: Jim Shockey. For more than three decades, Jim Shockey has been a fixture of the outdoor world—first through his writing, then in the home-video market, and now on his groundbreaking TV show Uncharted. I recently spent some time with Shockey to talk about his success, the business of hunting, and the responsibilities that hunters have

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TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures anytime, anywhere Jim Shockey backs BookYourHunt.com with his impeccable reputation. This alone should convince you to prefer this online marketplace to any other form of booking hunting trips. Fortunately, there are other reasons why, the same reasons that convinced Jim Shockey and thousands of other hunters and outfitters in the future of BookYourHunt.co Shockey will guide viewers through his 'Hand of Man' museum over three seasons on MyOutdoorTV. Along the way, he shares personal stories and behind-the-scenes accounts of some of his most well-known trophies, all of which have been seen on either Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures or Jim Shockey's Uncharted To win the Weatherby Award, Jim Shockey had to hunt the most species in the most destinations. As we told you in the our first segment of our interview with Jim Shockey, his love of hunting and his lifetime pursuit of that simply has been a way of life for him without consideration for awards. Jim Shockey has taken a whopping 367 of the species recognized by Weatherby Foundation International Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you to the Alaska Yukon on a moose hunt, polar bea

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During an opening-bell interview at the 2017 ATA Show, Jim Shockey seemed to be a man in full command of things. Serving as an early-morning host for an Outdoor Channel live streaming appearance on Facebook, Shockey held court about several different subjects, all while appearing to be at total ease as he guided online viewers and answered questions, often withhis trademark smile and good humor Submit your question here and Jim will read them. He'll pick one question every month and respond to them with an exclusive video for our subscribers. Whoever submits the question he picks to answer will win an autographed piece of Jim Shockey swag Jim Shockey celebrates winning the 2018 Weatherby Award with his family. Below, Craig Boddington does the same at the 2017 event. February 12, 2019 By Lynn Burkhead. There's little doubt that Jim Shockey and Craig Boddington are two of the most influential hunters and wildlife conservationists to walk the planet in modern times

Hunting ambassador Jim Shockey and his cameraman were victims of a cougar attack on Vancouver Island. In early June 2018, veteran hunter and hunting ambassador Jim Shockey and his cameraman Taylor Smith were hunting black bears on Canada's famed Vancouver Island when an emaciated cougar jumped them.. Upon returning from their hunt, the two actually saw the big cat cross the trail in front of. The latest bowhunting how-to articles, archery product reviews, blogs, forums, free hunting videos and thousands of hunting products for sale. ScentBlocker Videos; Jim Shockey Waypoint Boots. June 4, 2010. Share this video: Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window Part Thoreau, part Indiana Jones and pure hunter Jim Shockey is without question one of, if not the most exemplary ambassadors the hunting industry has known for decades. Few hunters in history have been to as many countries and hunted as many species with such success yet such humility as Jim Shockey Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime. Season 1 - Episode 1. In this episode we meet the team who make up Jim Shockey's Yukon outfitters. A group of guides unparalleled in their ability to navigate the Yukon. Meet the team and enjoy the journey!

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Jim Shockey hunts in the Yukon. Jim Shockey To take a white-tailed deer in the Mexican state of Jalisco, on the Pacific coast, Jim Shockey sat with a group of hunters from that country all day long Created by Todd Forsbloom, Dan Minsky, Branlin Shockey. With Jim Shockey. Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime

Jim Shockey returns with old friends as they begin a new adventure into the untamed mountains of the Yukon on a mission to find a Native American legend. Error: please try again. The second phase of the Yukon adventure. Jim and Rich continue to the Lost Mountains in search of the incredibly elusive mountain sheep while Wojo and Donnie head into. Papua New Guinea - Meet Jim Shockey and Corey Knowlton, two contrasting characters who nevertheless share the same passion to explore and hunt the most remote and uncharted areas on planet earth. Fist stop: Papua New Guinea. S1, Ep2. 9 Jul. 2014 Location. Idaho Falls, Idaho. Jan 14, 2020. #24. Jim's hunting shows are very good all the way around. The filming & photography are amazing. My wife even likes his shows. It really surprises me that he went with Christensen. I hunt very rough country & I was looking at a Christensen the other day Jim Shockey Net Worth. The net worth of Jim Shockey is $2 million as of July 2021. The writer earns his net worth through hosting and producing television shows, writing, and hunting activate. Shockey is known for producing his shows on the Outdoor channel. The Host has launched his compound bow named Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon Bow

Jim Shockey on Border Closure. but the price of hunts in Canada has vastly outpaced inflation for 10 years now, and if guys like Jim are crying broke selling $30k moose and $65k stone sheep hunts, I have questions about their ability to run a business. Except brown bear hunting, AK has much better brown bear hunting and anyone. Eva Shockey (far right) enjoyed a successful all-girls hunting trip on Umnak Island in the Aleutians, one of many adventures the TV personality shares in her new book, Taking Aim. (SHOCKEY ENTERPRISES) BY EVA SHOCKEY (WITH A.J. GREGORY) I n spring 2013, I caught Dan Goodenow, my boss for about two years now, at just the right moment. He.

Jim Shockey's Uncharted (TV Series 2014- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more The professional guide and outfitter won't stop his services, but won't be taking anyone but family and close friends hunting anymore.. The Safari Club International Convention held one of its many dinner and auction events Wednesday, but little did we know it'd be the last place anyone could buy a guided hunt with Jim Shockey.. One of the 20-some odd auctioned items at Wednesday evening's.

After Jim Shockey came to my house (see Day 3) and watched 3 hours of video featuring trophy bucks I'd filmed in the wild and saw the video of the 198-inch whitetail, he asked me to video for him for the next 30 days.While we were in the blind together those 30 days, Jim shared with me his dream of one day having his own hunting TV show on North American big-game hunting on the new American. Hunting the most remote locations in the world requires equipment you can depend on no matter the situation. When Havalon set out to make the Jim Shockey Signature Series knife it was clear this needed to be a knife unlike any other. A knife built for Jim Shockey has to be able to do it all - and it does Crosman Legacy Jim Shockey Signature Series, .22. Crosman Legacy Jim Shockey Signature Series, .22:Features patented Nitro Piston power plantBarrel integrated, sound suppression systemCenterPoint 3-9x40mm scope with adjustable objective and range-estimating reticle21 foot lbs of energy (fpe) mor

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world For further information on the partnership agreement with Jim Shockey, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors Precision Optics, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the.

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The versatile Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen 3 Jim Shockey Tall Tripod works for standing, sitting or kneeling in all kinds of terrain.Primos Hunting designed these Tripods with adjustable legs that lock in place for more stability and clearer target acquisition with a gun, optic device, or camera.With smoother panning action, the Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen 3 Tall Tripod makes aiming. There are several such TV shows, but the two that most often come to my mind are both Jim Shockey productions, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Uncharted. On Hunting Adventures, the destination is often the Yukon where either Shockey or his clients hunt moose, caribou or bear The devastating physical impacts associated with COVID-19 are familiar to everyone who has lived through the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. The disease has claimed roughly 600,000 lives in the U.S. alone and has had long-term health impacts on thousands more who survived. But physical impacts aren't. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures Father. 8 years ago. Shockey Productions. Episode 6 2012 JSHA Hal and Len Edition. Hal Hunting moose in the Yukon

Jim Shockey's Uncharted: Yukon chronicles the triumphs and trials of elite guides for the legendary Rogue River Outfitters deep in the harsh and unforgiving wildlands of the Yukon, run by non-other than Jim Shockey In this clip from Outdoor Channel's Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Jim Shockey guides SCI Member and hunt winner Dennis Milleron a wild bear chase on Victoria Island in Canada. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventure's can be seen only on Outdoor Channel. Visit *****www.outdoorchannel**** for more video Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Season 17 Episode 17, is available to watch and stream on Outdoor Channel. You can also buy, rent Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on demand at Amazon Prime online Jim Shockey's Favorite Center-Fire Bullets. Jim Shockey is a TV host and Canadian guide who has carried hundreds of hunters in his bear camps and on other adventures. You can bet that the best bullet to use on his hunts is a common topic of discussion. Shockey speaks strongly to the subject and recommends Nosler Partition bullets, a. From: Jim Shockey. Fourth incredible day here in Newfoundland. Weather was calling for ugly hurricane force wind, 80 miles per hour and rain for afternoon so we went out early. We hiked into the timber because we figured with the weather to be in the timber. Sat down on a perfect spot in the timer

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Before I worked with Jim Shockey or got into the outdoor television business, my goal in life was to make a hunting video, put it on the market, buy a full-page ad in Big Buck, a magazine in Canada, and release my own hunting video for whitetails and mule deer in Canada Her dad, Jim Shockey, is about as well-known as they come in the larger part of the outdoor industry, and it was on his Outdoor Channel show Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures that Eva personally experienced hunting for the first time. Since then, it's become an important part of who she is and what she does. Along the journey, Eva met her husband, former professional hockey player Tim Brent. Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime. Season 1 - Episode 10: In the Season 1 finale of Uncharted Yukon, Steve fails to find Sara and Shad a moose, so Wojo hands his clients over to a new guide Known for her charismatic charm as co-host of father Jim Shockey's popular hunting show on the Outdoor Channel, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Eva has evolved into a passionate hunter who is a vocal advocate for the positives of living a hunting - and outdoor-based - lifestyle

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Without any hint of nerves, Shockey hit the first question tossed his way out of the park as he was asked about his travels and hunting during the recently departed calendar year. 2016 was a blur of travel all around the world for me, said Shockey, the host of UNCHARTED, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey's The Professionals Watch Jim Shockey's The Professionals. 2010. 4 Seasons. This series follows Jim Shockey as he travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world to go hunting. He heads to the mountains of Nepal as well as the Congo in hopes of getting a chance at some big game. Full Episodes Details

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jim has been an award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, naturalist, wilderness guide and outfitter for nearly 30 years. He owns several exclusive outfitting territories in the wild lands of Canada, including the renowned Pacific Rim Guide Territory on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the famed 12,000 square mile. Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you on a moose hunt, cape buffalo hunting and muskox hunting Jim Shockey's influence on the world of hunting has been two-fold. First, and most important, he's made adventure hunting in far-off places for exotic species palatable (and at times even inspirational) to average outdoorsmen and women. Second, he's been a prodigious promotor of brands and products Jim Shockey Sets The Haters Straight. Jim Shockey is a popular target for anti-hunters, being one of the most prominent hunters in the USA. This week he shared a response to one of the many hateful messages that he receives. Jim Shockey facebook page. This will be a long one For part one of this interview with Jim Shockey, go here. Let's get right to it. I mentioned that the popular narrative that allegedly accepts meat hunting over trophy hunting has seemed to creep into the hunting ranks. Often, when online discussions center on a grip and grin type of image, some hunters will inevitably declare that they hunt.

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Welcome to the Yukon - 2019 S6, E1: After being skunked twice last hunting season, guide Steve is determined to find success with his clients this year. Meanwhile, Jim and his new set of young assistant guides welcome Jim's co-father-in-law, Chet, before setting off on a sheep hunt Saskatchewan. Hunting. It's not hyperbole to say Jim Shockey is a living legend. He has traveled to the wildest, most remote, and beautiful reaches of North America. He has hunted in over 40 countries and on six continents, where he has taken over 300 species. Shockey is a modern‐day explorer, anthropologist, and lover of all things wild

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Jim Shockey was attacked by a cougar last week while bear hunting on Vancouver island. Jim and his cameraman saw the cougar cross in front of them on a old logging road. As they passed the spot where they saw the animal it leaped out of the bushes and tried to attack them. Jim fired at the cat from the hip, disabling the cat and ended the attack Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures (JSHA) is from Victoria, Canada, and joined Guidefitter 9 years ago. Join Guidefitter to connect with Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures (JSHA) and be part of a growing community of sportspeople and hunting outfitters who share your love of the hunt Hunting big bull moose in the Yukon in an episode of Uncharted with Jim Shockey! From Danger TV: Uncharted: Yukon hosted by Jim Shockey follows those brave enough to be guide's in the vast Alaskan Wilderness known as the Yukon! Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a.