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If you use the method below to delete WhatsApp backup from iCloud, all the WhatsApp data in iCloud will be deleted. And if you turn on this iCloud backup again, it still will be backed up: Open the Settings > Tap on [your name] > Click iCloud > Select Manage Storage. Find and tap on WhatsApp Messenger You can enable automatic, scheduled backups by tapping Auto Backup and choosing your backup frequency. This will back up your chats and media to your iCloud account. You can choose to include or exclude videos from the backup. The iCloud backup process can take a while to complete, depending on your Internet connection and backup size Open Settings app and tap on your name from the top to access Apple ID settings. Tap on iCloud option. Next tap on ' Manage Storage ' option and then from the next page tap on ' WhatsApp Messenger '. Finally tap on ' Edit ' button from top right corner of the screen and then hit ' Delete Data ' button

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If you choose to delete the old WhatsApp backup to save iCloud storage, just tap WhatsApp Messenger, and click Delete Data. It will warned This will delete all data for this app stored on this iPhone and in iCloud How can I delete my phone's WhatsApp backup data from iCloud without deleting it from my iPhone as well? If I go to the phone's Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > WhatsApp Messenger > Delete Data, I am warned this will delete all data for this app stored on this iPhone and in iCloud Before diving in, you'll have to verify that there is an iCloud backup for WhatsApp chat history. On WhatsApp, go to Settings > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup to verify there is a backup. Delete WhatsApp Messenger and reinstall it on iPhone. Verify your phone number, and tap Restore Chat History option to get WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup If you are recovering deleted WhatsApp messages from iTunes or iCloud backup, then you are recovering your WhatsApp messages as far back as your last backup. This might contain the messages months or years ago, and it's hard to find the messages you want To find your WhatsApp backup (s): Launch Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities folder) Type the following commands cd ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/ find *whatsapp* You should see all the files related to your WhatsApp backup (s)

If you don't use iCloud to backup your WhatsApp messages, you'll need it. The cheapest plan (after the free plan, which allows 5GB of iCloud storage) is 99ยข and provides you with 50GB of space,.. To resolve this, just go to your device's iCloud Storage > Backups and delete an existing backup from it. Check Network Settings Needless to say, in order to take WhatsApp backup to iCloud, your device should be connected to a stable internet connection To delete the already created WhatsApp backup from iCloud, you will need to open iCloud storage and remove it from there. If you are not sure where is that setting, let me show you. Open Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone and head over to the iCloud section. This section holds all the settings for your iCloud settings and Storage

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  1. Follow these steps to restore any data type from iCloud. Open your WhatsApp messenger and go to the Settings option. Select Chats and then the Chat Backup to confirm that there is a backup. If it's your old phone, delete the WhatsApp messenger and then reinstall it again
  2. Apart from restoring the lost and deleted content from your iPhone, you can also use Dr.Fone - Recover (iOS) to extract WhatsApp backup from iCloud as well. You can preview the extracted data from an iCloud backup and restore it selectively. It can also extract all the other major data types from an iCloud backup. Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS
  3. Apart from WhatsApp chat history backup recovery, another feasible local support in iPhone is to reformat your entire iPhone and then reinstate deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup if you regularly synced your data files previously. Step 1: Go for Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings
  4. dbac is a reliable tool for recovering more than 18 data types, including WhatsApp messages and media files if you do not regularly back up your device on iCloud or iTunes. dbac would also help you to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages without backup

How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Backups From iCloud

This wikiHow teaches you how to delete your WhatsApp backup from iCloud on an iPhone or iPad. Steps Download Article 1. Open your iPhone or iPad's Settings. It's the gray gear icon typically found on the home screen. 2. Tap your Apple ID. If you're using iOS 10.3 or later, you'll see it at the top of the screen. If you're using an earlier. As we all know, the alternative method of recovering deleted iCloud backup is via iTunes. If you have iTunes backup, you can also restore iPhone from your iTunes backup. Here we are going to list the steps as well. Step 1: First and foremost step will be of launching iTunes on your PC/Mac they are more than twice as likely to die between these ages. Among the less developed regions, the sex differential in 45q15 in Latin America and the Caribbean (1.9 in 2005-2010) was wider than the differentials in the other major areas and simil..

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Just like iTunes, you can also maintain a backup of our WhatsApp data on iCloud as well. In fact, the option is provided on the native interface of WhatsApp too. Though, when we restore an iCloud backup to our phone, it erases the existing data on it. To avoid this, you can use dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS) This video will guide you Step by step on How To Delete WhatsApp Backup From iPhone / iCloud with AudioPlease subscribe our channelKindly like and share the.

Selectively Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos From iCloud Backup; Bonus Tip: Backup WhatsApp Messages Along With Attachments. In order to avoid WhatsApp data loss it is highly recommended that you must backup your WhatsApp chat conversation along with attachment. You can keep back up of WhatsApp content in several ways. They are as follows Method 3: How to Recover WhatsApp History from WhatsApp Auto-Backup on iCloud This is yet another way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup, but in this one you need not to erase your device. Instead, you have to uninstall the WhatsApp app from your device and then reinstall and configure it If you are a WhatsApp user who wants to permanently delete WhatsApp backups from iCloud on iPhone, then you have come to the right place. Learn, How to Perma.. Delete an existing backup; Sometimes, a previously saved backup can also tamper with the WhatsApp backup on iCloud functioning. iCloud WhatsApp Backup: Everything You Need To Kno Part 5. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup. Similarly, you have chance to extract iCloud backup files to find your deleted WhatsApp messages. Compared to directly iCloud recovery from iPhone, this solution is relatively more reliable with 100% safe guarantee. Step 1 Select recovery typ

Step 3. Select the iCloud backup which contains your deleted WhatsApp messages and click Scan. It takes a few seconds for the software to extract files from the iCloud backup file and sort them into categories. Step 4. In the result window, you can see deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone Part 2. How to Restore WhatsApp Chats from iCloud. The other method to extract WhatsApp messages is using iPhone straightly. You can follow the steps here to learn how to check a backup and restore from iCloud. Note that you can only restore WhatsApp backup data to the same account and it is not available to restore from iOS to Android Plus, a bonus tip on how to back up and restore WhatsApp without iCloud is also offered in the final part. This is to prevent the problem can't back up or restore an iCloud backup from stopping you to back up your WhatsApp. Part 1. How to Back Up WhatsApp to iCloud. Technically, iCloud offers two options for you to back up WhatsApp messages After the iCloud backup has been downloaded, FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery will now extract the entire backup file and if you see a pop-up with all the files available for recovery choose WhatsApp messages for faster scanning and click 'Next'. When the scanning stops, you can see the display of all the WhatsApp conversations you had. 1. I backed up my Whatsapp on my iPhone 6. I have a new ipHone 12 and have installed Whatsapp. When I try to restore from my iCloud backup, there is an old backup there but not the latest one. I've tried gong back to my iPhone 6 and backing up again, and deleting and reinstalling Whatsapp on my iPhone 12 but the same, old, backup is there

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Inside WhatsApp, there's an option that lets WhatsApp create automatically a Backup of all the chats including WhatsApp videos and images as well on iCloud. If you ever think that you have mistakenly deleted some of your WhatsApp videos, then here is the guide on how to retrieve deleted videos on WhatsApp Share a convenient way with you guys: Don't like backup iPhone data via iCloud? Would like to do a selective restore from the backup file? * Get Syncios WhatsApp Transfer installed on your computer. This tool can also fully compatible with Android.. In terms of iPhone WhatsApp backup, here's a warm prompt for those unaware. WhatsApp officially claims that chat messages and the attachments you sync to iCloud are not protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. Thus, please think twice while choosing iCloud as the tool to back up your iPhone data. Related Articles

The iCloud backup process can take a while to complete, depending on your Internet connection and backup size. To recover your chat history from an iCloud backup, first verify that an iCloud backup exists in WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. If you can see when the last backup was performed, delete and reinstall the app from the App. When the WhatsApp media and chats are stored as a backup on iCloud Drive, they are not protected by the End-to-End encryption of WhatsApp. Deleted messages are also deleted from the back up and cannot be retrieved Step 2. Choose Chat Settings > Chat Backup. Step 3. Click on Back Up Now option and WhatsApp will start to backup all your WhatsApp chats to iCloud. Once the backup is complete, you can follow the steps below to restore WhatsApp backup to your Android phone from iCloud: Step 1. Install and run WhatsApp on your Android device

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Part 3: Restore Deleted iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup Step 1 Log in iCloud Account. When the program launches, choose the third recovery option: Recover from iCloud backup, a windows pops up asking you to enter the iCloud account information. Please rest assured that program will never record any of your information Way 4: Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Chat from iCloud Backup. From iCloud Backup directly. If you created a backup of your phone to iCloud, saving your WhatsApp messages before they were deleted, you can retrieve and extract these messages right here. Step 1. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Settings tab in bottom menu.. 2. From the Settings screen, go to Chats > Chat Backup > scroll down and tap on Auto Backup.. 3. On the next screen, select Daily, Weekly or Monthly WhatsApp Auto Backup option. After completing above steps, you will find your iPhone automatically backing up WhatsApp Messages and Photos to iCloud, whenever it is connected to a WiFi. Step 2: Download and Scan iCloud Backup Files. After log into iCloud account, all the backup files are listed. Select WhatsApp backup files and click Next to download this backup file. Step 3: Preview and Recover Lost WhatsApp Data. Select the WhatsApp files you need to recover and click Recover to save them on your Mac

Once your device successfully connected to the computer, click on Recover from iCloud Backup File to retrieve an iCloud backup. Enter Apple account detail such as iCloud ID and password. Step 3. After the successful , you have to mark on Whatsapp and WhatsApp Attachements checkbox and click on Next button Solution 1: Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages to iOS 14 Device without Any Backup. Syncios Data Recovery is a professional WhatsApp recovery tool that we developed to help when users try to restore deleted files on iOS device. If you do not own an advanced backup of WhatsApp, you need a professional data recovery tool to recover deleted data on your iOS 14 device without backup recover deleted messages from whatsapp chat icloud backup: 1- First of all, make sure that you have created a backup of all your WhatsApp chats and data on iCloud. In order to check that, go to the WhatsApp settings and check it on the Chat Backup present in the Chats 4. Restore deleted contacts from an iCloud backup file (risk of data loss) 1. Merge contacts in iCloud Backup to your iPhone. iCloud sync and backup is on by default if you have logged in to your Apple ID on your iPhone. So iCloud backup is the easiest form of recovery when it comes to recovering your contacts and other information from your. 3rd Way: Recover WhatsApp images from iCloud Backup files: If you have enabled the iCloud Backup files, then you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp photos on iPhone By enabling this backup option, you can backup almost all files on the iCloud

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Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone. WhatsApp supports automatic local backup only for Android and Windows-based phones. And the iOS version will not allow to backup WhatsApp to Google Drives. Hence, the above method won't work for iPhones. You need to rely either on iTunes or iCloud to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages on your. Backup of WhatsApp on iPhone is stored in iCloud.If you want to delete WhatsApp backup in iPhone and iCloud, follow the guidelines in this post. There can be multiple reasons to delete WhatsApp backup on iPhone. iCloud only offers 5GB of free data, and you will have to pay Rs 75/mo for 50GB Delete WhatsApp backup on iCloud: Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on your Apple ID. Choose Manage Storage, and you can see all the backed-up apps on iCloud. Find out and tap on WhatsApp Messenger. Tap on the Delete Data button, and you will see a pop-up warning Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from iCloud to Android with Email (50% Success Rate) You can also transfer WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Android via Email. Here are the steps you need to follow to restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud to Android easily. Open the WhatsApp on your device and look for the chats you want to restore

You will need a file manager to delete these files. To delete your backups: Launch your File Manager. Tap the WhatsApp folder, a list of all WhatsApp sub-folders will appear. Tap and hold the Databases file. Select Delete Summary: The iCloud backup comes as rescue in unfortunate incidents like data lost, deleted, or iPhone damaged or broken.This post shares how to recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, call history, messages, etc., from iCloud backup. Also, learn about the easiest and fastest tool - Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, to restore deleted data on your iPhone or iPad If you are taking a backup of your WhatsApp data, these are few things you should keep in mind: WhatsApp chat histories aren't stored on servers of WhatsApp. The backup media and messages aren't protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while the data stored in iCloud. WhatsApp can't retrieve any deleted messages for users Back up WhatsApp to PC and restore WhatsApp data from the backup Transfer WhatsApp chats and attachments from one iPhone to another Thus, if you are looking to back up your WhatsApp messages without iCloud, using such a tool will fulfill your needs perfectly Step 3. Choose iCloud Backup File. Once logged in, you will see the lists of all iCloud backup files made by your iPhone device. Choose the iCloud backup file that was made prior to the accidental deletion of your WhatsApp messages. Step 4. Select File Types. On the pop-up screen, you can select all the file types you want to extract

And if you want a faster way to backup all WhatsApp data on iOS device, or restore iTunes backup and iCloud to iOS device without overwriting, get help from Syncios Data Transfer. Most important, if you want for a tool to transfer WhatsApp from Android/iPhone/iTunes, all sources in one way, then Syncios WhatsApp Transfer is a wise option Sign in to iCloud. If multiple backups are available from iTunes or iCloud, select the one containing your WhatsApp messages from the list of backups shown on the left-hand side of the app. If you have an encrypted iPhone backup, you'll be prompted to enter your backup password now. Step 3. Recover your WhatsApp messages Some iOS users still have no idea on how to back up and restore WhatsApp messages with iCloud as Apple made it very challenging to download or access the files stored in an iCloud backup. So we write this tutorial for you to back up and recover your WhatsApp Messages via iCloud. Part 1. Back up & Restore WhatsApp to iCloud on iPhone; Part 2 How to backup WhatsApp messages to computer through Email? iCloud can backup WhatsApp history (chats, messages, conversations, photos, documents and other data). However the backups will be uploaded to Apple iCloud servers. If you like to backup WhatsApp to computer, you can simply email the WhatsApp chats or conversations to yourself

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That's where iPhone Backup Extractor comes in: we'll show you how to save all your data stored in your iCloud backup, directly on your computer. iPhone Backup Extractor gets back data from iCloud and iCloud backups, and can download your texts, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, calendar data, texts, recordings, voicemails, notes, application. Google will no longer automatically back up images and videos from social that you want to back up; At the top, enable Backup and sync. How to back up your messages and media from WhatsApp on WhatsApp uses iCloud to backup your chats to the cloud. next to Include videos to toggle whether or not to backup video messages Today, we will discuss how to recover deleted WhatsApp chats from iCloud backup. Many iPhone user like to back up data to iCloud since it does not require a computer, Apple provides 5GB free storage space for each account. You can turn on iCloud backup for WhatsApp on iPhone and sync your data from iPhone to Apple iCloud server over Wi-Fi

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With the help of iOS Data Recovery, you can:. Selectively recover deleted/disappeared/lost iPhone notes from iCloud backup. Retrieve notes as well as other data types like contacts, videos, photos, audios, call history, SMS, WhatsApp chats, voice recordings, voice memos, calendar, documents and more Tip 3: How to Delete WhatsApp Backup in iCloud. If you want to clear the WhatsApp message backup in iCloud to free up the iCloud storage space, just simple follow the steps below: Step 1: Open the Settings on iPhone > tap Apple ID > iCloud > select Manage Storage They said me to make back up, I did one and it stopped at 99%(in just a few minutes), then they say me to free up more space than the whatsapp weighs itself. Ok, I bought more storage icloud plan. But now after I have more fffffffing space, the backup speed is so ffffing low and sometimes the download goes down (from 6% to 5%) More About the iOS Data Recovery iOS Data Recovery is a professional yet all-in-one data recovery software. You can effectively and completely restore you lost or deleted data such as photos, contacts, SMS, call history, calendar, notes, voice memo, Safari bookmarks, and more from your iPhone, iPad or iPod directly, or extract to recover from your iTunes or iCloud backup files, triple. Restore WhatsApp from iCloud Backup. Of course, if you have made an iCloud backup before the deletion of your iPhone WhatsApp chat history and you are sure the deleted items are stored on it, you also can use the Recover from iCloud Backup File module to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

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Wait until the restoration completes, and get your deleted WhatsApp messages back, immediately.. How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone using iCloud backup file. This method works excellently only if you have previously turned on auto backup. Using the iCloud backup file is a simple and intelligent way to recover deleted messages on. My backup was taken mid-2014 and I've been trying to restore recently. I see the 40Mb used up on iCloud for WhatsApp but the application can't seem to find any data to restore. So far I've been putting it down to one of two problems. 1. I'm now using a different phone number than when my backup was taken

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Requirements for the WhatsApp iCloud backup: Users must be signed in with the Apple ID you use to access the iCloud recovery. iOS 7 or later and iCloud Drive must be turned on for iOS 8 and later: WhatsApp backup on iCloud is a good and secured option that makes it easy to restore data using your Apple ID. For backup WhatsApp on iCloud, follow these steps: Turn on the iCloud drive: Go to Settings; Tap on your name; Go to iCloud; On the 'Apps Using iCloud' list look for WhatsApp and turn on its toggle. How To Backup WhatsApp on iCloud Apart from directly scanning iPhone for deleted WhatsApp chat history, dr.fone - recover also allows you to view and access your iTunes and iCloud backup files in your computer and manually select specific deleted WhatsApp messages for recovery

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Just like the Android version, WhatsApp for iOS can make standalone backups as well. These are stored in iCloud drive. WhatsApp standalone backups in iCloud Drive are also encrypted. The protection is similar to backups in Google Drive. EXWA supports these backups as well, see Extract and Decrypt WhatsApp Backups from iCloud Provided that you've taken a backup using iCloud in the past, Dr.Fone is able to download the backup, extract your WhatsApp data, and restore it. dr.fone - iOS Recover Before we go ahead and show you an alternative option, here are some of the other features that dr.fone - iOS Recover offers Then, select WhatsApp in the pop-up interface and the Next button. Except other files, the program will download WhatsApp only. When downloading, keep your computer online. And wait patiently. Step 3 Preview and Restore WhatsApp Backup from iCloud When all the items are downloaded, click WhatsApp at the left side. All the chat messages will be. Then, recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone from backup. Step 1 Remove the entire app from your iPhone. Step 2 Reinstall WhatsApp from App Store and launch this app. Step 3 Follow the onscreen steps until reaching Restore from iCloud interface. Step 4 Tap on Restore Chat History

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Method 3. Restore your iPhone to iCloud Backup to Recover WhatsApp Messages. 1. Restore deleted WhatsApp chat history from WhatsApp iCloud Backup feature. Fortunately, WhatsApp provides automatic daily backup for iPhone users which call WhatsApp iCloud Backup feature, you can select to back up WhatsApp messages and attachments to your iCloud Click the Cog icon on the upper-right panel and select Settings . Click Manage Apps. Click Manage Apps on the left menu column. Then drag the slider to find WhatsApp Messenger. Click Options. Click Options and choose Disconnect from Drive or Delete hidden app Data . Confirm your operation. Click Delete to continue 2. Get Deleted Call Logs from iCloud on iPhone. iCloud backup is a file that contains all content on your iPhone so that you can recover the mistakenly lost or deleted call history from it. However, this is an All or Nothing operation. That means you have to restore all data from iCloud backup rather than only the deleted call history iCloud is the official but not the only option to backup WhatsApp on iPhone. Read on to find out some alternatives to backup your WhatsApp conversations without iCloud. Option 1: Export WhatsApp chats from iPhone through email. If you want to back up a single or several WhatsApp conversations, it's recommended to email them to your mail account

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If you have previously backed up your iPhone using iCloud and are quite sure the lost data is included in the backups, you may be able to retrieve deleted WhatsApp chat history by restoring your iPhone from backup. Here is a guide to WhatsApp recover chat history iPhone crash issues. Step 1. In the first place, you should verify that an iCloud. Go to the App Store and re-install the WhatsApp app on your iPhone by tapping the download button. Once it has been reloaded, launch WhatsApp, tap on Settings, tap on Chat Backup, and then tap Restore from iCloud. On the screen that appears, tap Restore Chat History, and all of your chats are restored from the iCloud Backup Method 1: How to Restore WhatsApp from iCloud. Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Now, tap on the 'settings' icon. Step 2: Tap on the 'chats' and go to 'Chat backup' option. If your last backup date is visible, delete and reinstall the WhatsApp. Now, you have to verified your phone number, follow the prompts to restore your.

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