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Shall be 10 ft. from side property line Shall be 6 ft. from rear property line Shall have a 3 ft. walk space between wall of pool and fence or barrier wall Shall have a 4 ft. safety fence or barrier wal How Much Clearance? Allow 1 to 3 feet of open horizontal space next to intake grilles of the outdoor unit to allow optimum air intake. To avoid excessive heat buildup inside the condenser coil and..

South Carolina Property Line and Fence Laws at a Glance. The chart below provides a summary of state laws related to property lines and fence laws in South Carolina, including links to important code sections. Statutes. Estray Definition: S.C. Code Ann. 47-7-10. Penalties for Appropriating Estrays: S.C. Code Ann. 47-7-40 Case Law. Boundary Fences: 1 Florida Jurisprudence, 2d, Adjoining Landowners, Section 60 Spite Fences: Mickel v. Norton, Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2d 2011; Tree Trimming: 1 Florida Jurisprudence, 2d, Adjoining Landowners, Section 8 Boundary Fences. There is no legal obligation to erect a boundary fence

Things are definitely out of wack with current scheme First paint the columns white (all white) -currently these look terrible ( too contrived) and do nothing to help the house ( the panel moulding will provide a nice shadow line detail) porch base ( brick ) darker color white shows all dirt splashed on by rain use the same color( grey green) as the house and carriage board trim at porch edge. The Minimum Distance A 30-inch minimum distance between the condenser and the wall must be maintained for effective cooling of the unit. If this minimum distance is not adhered to, unless the.. Property Line Setbacks. The minimum required distance between any structure and a specified line such as a lot, public or private right-of-way, easement, future street right-of-way as identified through an official control or buffer line that is required to remain free of structures

passageway provided between the outer wall of the pool and the side and rear property lines, or any fence or wall. Where a swimming pool is located in an inner court or yard in conjunction with multiple-family dwellings or apartments, the minimum distance between the outer edge of the pool and the exterior wall of th Under permitted development your gate, wall or fence can be up to 2 metres in height, as long as: it's not facing a road it does not come any further forward than the 'principal elevation' (the front of your house) or the side elevation (the side of your house) it's not within or on the boundary of the grounds of a listed buildin The light angle is measured between a vertical line from ground at the front (or back) fence and a line joining the highest point of the eaves (or parapet) to the same point at ground level. The distance to front and back fences should be a minimum of 1/3 the height of the building. The road width has to be added if a road runs between the.

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  1. imum of 2(horizontal) or 1 1/2 (vertical) drain pipe size, with a
  2. ) Left to Right the
  3. pipe and chain fences. 1800mm timber paling fences (hardwood or CCA-treated softwood). For timber fences, the preferred specifications are: for timber fence: at least 100mm x 75mm used on edge. for hardwood rails: checked in 35mm or bolted to the posts. where posts are centred 1800-2400mm apart: rails to be at least 75mm x 50mm or 100mm x 38mm
  4. imum distance which a building or other structure must be set back from a street or road, a river or other stream, a shore or flood plain, or any other place which is deemed to need protection.Depending on the jurisdiction, other things like fences, landscaping, septic tanks, and various potential hazards or nuisances might be regulated and prohibited by.
  5. A good rule of thumb is to position the pool at least 1000mm from the boundary. Homeowners usually choose to landscape within this boundary area to enhance the overall space. For pools in confined spaces, there is a much greater need to echo the overall style of the adjoining home. Choose materials for the coping, decking and connecting.

Any shed must be built at least 2.5m away from the main house. It's advisable to be able to walk round all four sides, or however many you choose. This gives you access for decorating and repair. Butting your shed right against a garden fence doesn't allow the shed room to 'breathe' and is an invitation for damp to set in b. Minimum 45 inches spacing of horizontal members when placed on the outside of the fence. c. Maximum 4 inch spacing of vertical members. d. Decorative cutouts shall not exceed 1.75 inches wide. e. Maximum 2 inch vertical clearance between the bottom of the fence and ground. f

A setback is the required minimum horizontal distance between the front, sides, and rear of the lot to the building. What is Lot Coverage? Lot coverage is the percentage of the overall area of the site that the building occupies (building area under roof at ground level/total lot area = lot coverage percentage) Distance (min) Clearance in front of the transformer. 3.0 Meter. Between Two pad mounted transformers (including Cooling fin) 2.1 Meter. Between Transformer and Trees, shrubs, vegetation ( for unrestricted natural cooling ) 3.0 Meter. The edge of the concrete transformer pad to nearest the building. 4.2 Meter

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General requirements Building and planning approvals are generally not required for a proposed front, side or rear boundary fence, if the fence is: associated with a dwelling house (or other residential use) less than two metres hig A minimum distance of ten (10) feet shall be required between all main residential buildings. B. Distance Between Main and Accessory Buildings. With the exception of patio covers, and except where a greater distance is required by this code, a minimum distance of six (6) feet shall be required between any main residential building and an.

1. The minimum horizontal distance is measured from the projection line of the outermost power line, to the projection line of the outermost portion of any overhang, balcony, deck, or fire escape. 2. To ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulations, a minimum horizontal distance (setback) of 4.8m is required. 3 Dividing fences. The Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) combines with local government by-laws to regulate the erection and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia. The Act provides a process for sharing costs between neighbours, the determination of boundaries and a mechanism for courts to deal with disputes over dividing fences

The minimum development width is the distance from one side of a tract to the opposing side of a tract measured at edge of the right of way. 30-7-1.2 Separation Distances A. Property Property separation is measured as the horizontal distance between property lines, measured along the shortest line that can be drawn between the subject property. For fences less than 1800mm high, climbable objects must be at least 900mm away from the pool barrier on the outside and, where the verticals are more than 10mm apart, 300mm on the inside. For fences at least 1800mm high, the 900mm non-climbable zone may be on the inside of the fence and must be measured from the top of the inside encircle a house, fences need careful planning and construction for efficient usefulness, long life and Fence height for perimeter cattle fences should be a minimum of 54 inches. The distance or spac-ing between horizontal line wires may vary from as close as 1 1/2 inches at the bottom for smal

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  1. imum distance indicated in the above paragraphs (a) and (b). Note: On most residential lots there is a ten (10) foot right of way (fro
  2. imum horizontal distance between the front property line and the outside wall of the main building. Lot, Corner - a lot which has at least two (2) adjacent sides abutting for their full lengths on a street, provided that the interior angle at the intersection of such two (2) sides i
  3. imum opening 16' height and 12' width. Public Utility Company Exception. 601.2.12 Fences complying with 1111.5 are a permitted use in Rural Zoning Districts
  4. imum distance of four feet between the outer surfaces of the wall. The outermost point of each curve shall have intervals no greater than 80 feet; c. Vertical pilasters with a
  5. imum distance specified in the Local Plan. Check with your council's planning department to see what applies in your area. Fred99 is correct - if there is non
  6. imum distance between the back of my house and the two car garage? I have a 10' building line for the house and a 5' building line for the garage. The garage has to remain perpendicualr to.
  7. imum height is four (4) feet and that the said fence consists of a

Does anyone know if there is a minimum? We've got 2.4m between our house and neighbour which is currently a car port. We'd like to extend to the side but need to retain access to the garden 4) Any fence or wall up to eight feet high shall be located at least two feet from the property line along the collector street or local street. This area shall be planted and maintained with landscaping. 5) This subdivision contains one or more shared driveways that have not been dedicated to or accepte Verify that the fence layout is square. From an outside corner, measure 3 feet along one line, and make a mark on the string. Measure 4 feet along the other line, and make a mark on the string. Measure the diagonal distance between the two marks and adjust the stakes as needed so the distance is 5 feet. Repeat the squaring process at all fence.

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members and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches (1143 mm), the horizontal members shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 1 3/ 4 inches (44 mm) in width. Where there are decorative cutouts within vertical members Minimum Lot Width 100' 80' 65' 60' 60'n 20' 20' 100' 80' 80' * The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (MHNO) is an overlay of the R-6 zone. Please read Sec. 8.7 of the ordinance for full details (In other words, if the distance from the ground to the top of the deck is more than 30 inches.) Decks must be built according to the International Residential Code. For a drawing, click here. A deck must have a guardrail when the difference in distance between the deck and the ground plan is greater than 30 inches

All electric fences will be posted with permanent signs a minimum of 36 square inches in area at intervals of 15 feet stating that the fence is electrified. Electric fences sold as a complete and assembled unit can be installed by an owner if the controlling elements of the installation are certified by an A.N.S.I.-approved testing agency • A fence may be constructed up to 4½ feet in height within the front yard setback (front yard setback distance is determined by your property's zoning/land use), • A fence may be constructed up to 6 feet in height anywhere else on the lot, • Corner lots are restricted to 18 inches in height at the corner of the 30-foot visibility. The first paragraph, quoted below, controls the bulk of a wall or fence (when coupled with height control), insures a minimum passageway between a fence that parallels a building on a lot, and provides for enclosed spaces, such as a patio, by allowing a wall or fence to be attached to a building

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  1. House Setback Requirements Setback: distance between structure and property line Mature Neighbourhood Overlay RF1, RF2, RF3, RF4 Zones No Overlay RF1, RF2, RF3, RF4, RSL Zones RPL Zone Front Setback Minimum 18.0 m (60 feet) 18.0 m (60 feet) 18.0 m (60 feet) Side Setback Minimum 0.6 m (2 feet) 0.6 m (2 feet) 0.6m (2 feet
  2. imum of 5 metres between the wires connecting your house to the power system and any part of the pool, spa or related equipment (platform, slide, diving board, ladder.
  3. imum distance between buildings) Section 23-881 (Minimum distance between lot lines and building walls in lower density growth management areas) Section 24-012 (Exceptions to the bulk regulations of this Chapter) Section 24-04 (Modification.
  4. Read about the standards for pool fences and safety barriers in Queensland. If you are building a new pool (including spas), check the safety laws of pools. Find out your responsibilities, including how to get a pool safety certificate. For more information, contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on 139 333
  5. 00:57. 00:57. The North American Bluebird Society's general guideline for the distance between western bluebird houses is about 150 yards, 125 to 150 yards for eastern bluebirds, and 200 to 300 yards for mountain bluebirds. You can try putting the houses closer together if there is something between them that would prevent the birds from seeing.
  6. Boundaries and fences If you and your neighbour want to do fencing work, but you disagree about where the common boundary between your properties is, or do not know where it is, there are some steps you can take to define the boundary

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The Fence Bylaw sets standards for fences in Toronto and includes rules for fence height, material, and structure. These rules vary depending on whether the fence is on residential or non-residential property, where the fence is located on the property and whether the fence encloses a pool. If you have a swimming pool, you must [ Deer may be able to jump high, but not both high and over a distance. So a fence may not be as high, perhaps six feet, but slanted outward. The deer will try walking under the fence and meet resistance. Such a slanted fence should be at a 45-degree angle, and may consist of fencing with a few strands of additional wire on top for extra height.. shall be a minimum horizontal distance of 4 feet from the inside wall of the pool (unless separated by a so lid wall, fence, or other permanent barrier). (CEC 680.24), • At least one GFCI receptacle shall be located between 6 feet and 20 feet from the inside wall of the pool. The receptacle shall be a maximum of 6 feet 6 inches abov The Row House on the Lot. As mentioned previously, restricted width is the greatest defect of older row house dwelling units. In the words of The Community Builders' Handbook: l. A twenty-foot width should be the minimum for today's open planning. Any width less than 16 feet is obsolete What is the minimum radius allowed for the driveway approach? The lot is on a hillside. 208: I'm trying to find the property use code, is this property solely a residential use, or mixed use/commercial use? 209: My house and the house next door share the approach to our driveways which is also shared by a house in the canyon below us

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  1. A dividing fence is a 'sufficient fence' that separates the land of different owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or in a line other than the common boundary. If you are seeking to construct a dividing fence you must meet the obligations defined in the Dividing Fences Act 1961 prior to construction. The City of.
  2. A fence is a barrier that encloses an area or divides all or parts of a property. It can include a hedge, a wall, and/or posts connected by wood, chain link or wrought iron. Hamilton's Fence By-law No.10-142 (PDF, 365 KB) provides the requirements for fences on residential, commercial and industrial zoned properties. You do not need a Building Permit to construct a fence
  3. A: Local governments do provide services to aid in boundary protection, including zoning by-laws and fence viewers. Zoning by-laws cover issues such as how close to a property line a house or other structure may be built. Fence viewers have prescribed procedures for assessing the costs and aesthetics of new fences when neighbours are in dispute
  4. Yards, pools, fences and landscaping. Find information about installing a pool or spa, building a fence or retaining wall, undertaking landscaping and installing lighting and rainwater tanks in outdoor spaces in residential areas in Brisbane. This section includes preferred locations for your project, plus any constraints, exemptions or other.
  5. imum 300 mm diameter. Note: For poor soil conditions or higher fences, professional advice should be obtained. RECOMMENDED PRACTICE // MARCH 2014 RESIDENTIAL TIMBER FENCES TECHNICAL DATA SHEET ISSUED BY TIMBER QUEENSLAND 2
  6. g to their own agreement about a fence, for example that one owner will pay the whole cost, or co

Brochures and By-laws. The following brochures and booklets provide information on the building regulations required for legal construction in Winnipeg. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in these publications. However, in the event of a discrepancy between these brochures and the governing City of. This limit is the percentage of your lot that can be covered by a house and other buildings, such as garages. In single-family zones, your fence height is limited to 6 feet, with an additional 2 feet of architectural features such as trellises. On a sloping site, your fence can be 8 feet high, if the average height between posts is 6 feet The Fences Act also provides that where a municipal council or other body or person owns or manages land for the purposes of a public park or reserve, then they are not considered to be an 'owner' under the Fences Act and so do not have to contribute to fencing works for a dividing fence between that land and privately owned land barrier between house and pool meeting Section R4501.17.1.15 of the 201 FBC-R, window/door 7 alarms meeting UL 2017 and Section R4501.17.1.9 of the 2017 FBC-R, or window alarms with doors meeting self-closing, self-latching requirements of Section R4501.17.1.9 of the 201 FBC-R or

The Fence By-law sets out minimum standards for the installation, maintenance and repair of fences and institutes a good neighbour policy where the more attractive side of the fence must face toward the neighbouring property and street. For more information, please visit the Fence By-law web page The minimum grade of pipe that may be used from the house to the lagoon is SDR 35. The The minimum distance from the outlet to a property line shall be 100 feet. Another method is to construct a terraced swale - the overland flow minimum distance then becomes fence shall be welded, woven or chain link material with no smaller than 14. An energizer must be properly grounded to realize its full potential. The larger the output of a charger, the more grounding rods will be needed. A general rule is to install a minimum of 3 feet of ground rod per joule of output capacity. A 15 joule fence charger will require a minimum of 45 feet of ground rod 4. Where the barrier is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches (1143 mm), the horizontal members shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 1.75 inches (44 mm) in width

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a house. The existing grade elevation over the easement or underground service cable is not to be raised or lowered by more than 15 cm (6 in). A fence along the edge of an easement is permitted. Please check your property survey to determine if there . Minimum distance between underground cables : and the inside walls of a pool Direct buried The legal framework provides more information on the background to these responsibilities.. Siting of the tank. There should be a minimum distance (called the separation distance) between the tank and any building, boundary line or fixed source of ignition. This should have been checked when the tank was first installed and the supplier will know what the distance should be if you are unsure The distance between any pool and spa must be at least six feet. Three-inch minimum depth markers on both sides at break in slope, minimum and maximum depths and ends. If the pool is over 20-feet wide, the pool must have corresponding slip-resistant depth markers in pool deck around perimeter, not more than 25 feet apart Solid fences have a 10' front setback with the following exceptions; Maximum height of 30 within the 10' front setback for solid fences. Maximum height of 72 for open fences such as chain link or wrought iron within the 10' front setback. Maximum 6' height for fences within the remainder of the front setback R-20.1, R-10.1, R-10, R-10A, R-10B minimum distance to property line is three (3) All other zones the minimum distance to side and rear property lines is 10-feet. Follow manufacturer's guidelines for footing or foundation; Cannot be placed in front; Height over 10-feet, accessory structure setbacks for each zone applies and requires a UCC.

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fences and walls along roadways, including alleys, shall conform with the sight distance requirements of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), City of Aurora Traffic Standards, and with subsection 2 of this subsection. Rear property line At least the minimum required house rear setback Never less than. As we were moving in we discovered that one of the side yards is so narrow, between the fence and the wall of the house, that you can't even roll a trash can through. The city says there's supposed to be at least 5 feet for fire safety reasons. So we started snooping around and it looks to us like the fence starts way too close to our house.

Minimum distance required between Boundary Flags and Transmitter: 15 feet: Maximum distance allowed between Boundary Flags and Transmitter: 90 feet: Spacing between Boundary Flags located within 30 feet of the Transmitter: Space Boundary Flags 3 feet apart: Spacing between Boundary Flags located between 30-70 feet or the Transmitte Building Codes. The Texas statutes, administrative rules, and local ordinances occasionally adopt, incorporate, or refer to technical codes published by independent organizations. These codes describe scientific and safety standards for structures and discuss specifications for construction practices, electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, fire. If the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is more than 45 inches high, the horizontal members can be located on the exterior side of the fence. The spacing between vertical members should not exceed 4 inches. This size is based on the head breadth and chest depth of a young child and is Figure 3 Figure 4 1¾ 1¾ Less than 45. • The minimum paper size is 18 x 24. • Plans must be complete, legible, accurate and drawn to scale. • Provide three (3) sets of plans with each submittal. • Address and owner information must be on plans. • Signatures on the site plan from all neighbors where walls/fences are being constructed on or within 5' of property lines

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  1. imum. requirements for the construction of fences. PERMIT REQUIREMENTS . A building permit is required for any fence . except the following
  2. imum distance of eight feet between houses on adjacent lots. The front yard of a new home must be at least 10 feet deep and, to promote a unified streetscape, it must be at least as deep as an adjacent front yard but need not exceed a depth of 20 feet
  3. (A) If there is evidence that a partition fence previously existed between the adjoining properties of two owners, one of the owners, or both, may file an affidavit with the applicable county recorder to be placed in the partition fence record established under section 971.15 of the Revised Code stating that a partition fence existed between the adjoining properties within two years prior to.
  4. Distance between the main dwelling and accessory structures Minimum setback to pool/spa fence enclosure: 4 feet Size Restrictions. Built-in pools, spas and accessory structures altogether may have a maximum rear Doors of house walls that are part of an enclosure

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vertical members and the distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches (1143 mm), the horizontal members shall be located on the swimming pool side of the fence. Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 1 ¾ inches (44 mm) in width. Where there are decorative cutouts within vertical members, spacing within th home's minimum front yard setback is the average of the two adjoining front yard setbacks. If there is a house on only ONE adjoining lot and the other adjoining lot is vacant, then the new home's minimum front yard setback is the average of the front yard setback of the house on the adjoining lot and the required front yard setback Show distance between pool and house and other structures. spas and hot tubs may have a lockable cover capable of supporting a minimum of one hundred- • If split rail fence is used, show spacing between rails. Spacing can be no more than 4 sphere can pass between pickets

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Texas Administrative Code. (a) Type of construction. Longitudinal lines on the right of way shall be limited to single pole construction. Where an existing or proposed utility is supported by H frames, the same type structures may be utilized for the crossing provided all other requirements of this subchapter are met. (b) Vertical clearance The distance between a lot line and the nearest main wall of any building or structure. 312. Setback, Road: The shortest horizontal dimension between a street line and the nearest part of any main building or structure on a lot, and includes the width or depth of any exterior yard as defined herein. 313. Setback, Waterbod

And for that fence to be compliant, it has to have a minimum height, a minimum length between top and bottom rails and a minimum distance between pickets. That said, metal fencing works well to keep kids safe around pools 100 foot (ft) run of silt fence may hold 50 tons of sediment in place. Most construction sites today do have silt fences. But many do not work effectively because they are not well designed, installed, or maintained. The focus of this fact sheet is—how to make silt fences work. Minimum Measure. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control. Fences are regulated by the City of Ottawa's Fence By-law. The By-law states that no person may erect a fence taller than 1 metre in a front yard and 2.13 metres in any other yard in a residential property. There are also regulations that govern the size of gates, archways and decorative caps. For non-residential properties, the height limit.

(1) The maximum distance to a fire hydrant from the closest point on the building shall not exceed 600 ft (122183 m). (2) The maximum distance between fire hydrants shall not exceed 800 ft (244 m). 7. Revise 18.5.3 by deleting '(76 m)' and replacing it with '(122 m)' as follows County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURE AND SAFETY FEATURE REQUIREMENTS BUILDING DIVISION 5510 OVERLAND AVE, SUITE 110, SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (858) 565-5920 (888) 336-7553 HTTP://WWW.SDCPDS.OR 60.2 Minimum compliance with floodplain management criteria 60.3 Floodplain management criteria for floodprone areas (a) When there is no floodplain map (b) When there is a map, but not flood elevations (c) When there are flood elevations (d) When there is a floodway mapped (e) When there is a map with coastal high hazard area Minimum Distances Between Parallel and Adjacent Railroad Tracks In accordance with Section 339, a distance of at least 14 feet from the center line of each railroad track must be maintained between parallel railroad tracks or adjacent sidetracks, unless authorized by written approval from MDOT's Office of Rail

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fence or of an equivalent open-fence construction for at least 2.4 metres from the lot line at which the driveway begins so as not to obstruct the view of the boulevard or highway; and (2) In the case of a parking lot, any fence shall be an open mesh chain-link fence or o A fence being built between neighbouring properties should be located on a property boundary. Many existing fences are not located exactly on a boundary. This does not change the position of the boundary or the legal rights to ownership of the land, even if you and your neighbour agree to the fence position The General Permitted Development Order Part - 2 Q & A DCP Section 4.34. 30 December 2011. This section deals with the interpretation of the principal provisions of the Statutory Instrument entitled Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 - as amended. It also covers the equivalent legislation in Scotland and Wales.

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Curb cuts for dwellings shall be no greater than 18 feet for two-car access at the curbline. For corner property, the minimum distance permitted between any curb cut and the property line forming the adjoining street extended to the curbline shall be 25 feet. A minimum distance of 24 inches from side property lines shall be maintained at the. Include a stair detail at a minimum scale ⅜=1'-0. Vinyl Products: Submit the ICC-ES Reports for all proposed vinyl rails and decking. Additional Requirements. Decks must be self-supporting and freestanding and not rely upon fastening to the house for support. Posts must be attached to or embedded in the concrete footings

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The legal framework provides more information on the background to these responsibilities.. Siting of the tank. There should be a minimum distance (called the separation distance) between the tank and any building, boundary line or fixed source of ignition. This should have been checked when the tank was first installed and the supplier will know what the distance should be if you are unsure enters grade. Where a fence is located on top of a retaining wall, the height to the fence shall include the height of the retaining wall measured from the finished grade. 1.2 Projections into Required Yards Fences are permitted in all required yards and can be placed up to the property line. 1.3 Prohibited Materials Fences shall Property line disputes are disagreements between neighbors about the location of their property line and whether structures have been built on or over that line. While we do not become involved in private disputes, our land use and building codes do regulate where you can build a structure, such as a shed or deck on your property Ch. Art. Div. 14 2 3 5 San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 14: General Regulations (1-2016) (2) Open Fences (A) Standard, all metal chain link fences located on the front or street side property line shall not exceed 3 feet in height. Other open fences are permitted up to 6 feet in height. (B) The height of an open fence located in a required yard ma Find out when you do and don't need approval for building work related to your residential project, including fencing, decks, retaining walls and garden sheds. Learn about private building certifiers and swimming pool fencing. If you are thinking about using your house for more than a simple family unit, learn about the different types of.

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There the barrier is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the distance between each of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches, the horizontal members shall be located on the swimming pool, spa or hot tub side of the fence and the spacing between each vertical member shall not exceed 1-3/4 inches Equipment traveling on a construction site with a load is governed by subsections (2), (4), (6), and (7) of this section, whichever is appropriate, and WAC 296-155-53400 (35). (b) You must ensure that: (i) The boom/mast and boom/mast support system are lowered sufficiently to meet the requirements of this section Fence & Gate Barriers . Please refer to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, Section 305.4, for more detailed information. 4' minimum * A pool must be surrounded by a permanent barrier. * If the house is part of the barrier, the doors and windows leading from the house to the pool must have an alarm. 4' minimum . 8/19 . 50. Boundaries separate your house (and garden if you have one) from your neighbour's. Boundaries aren't always clear and can take many different forms. For example, you may have a fence or hedge separating your house from your neighbour's or there may be a path between you Without digging through the bushes you would not even know it was there. Now the interesting part Bloor Homes have now implied that I am responsible for the area between the fence they erected and the wire fence! I would estimate there is between a 1-2 metre gap between the 2 fences that I have no access to. When I bought the house nothing was.