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Welcome! Photographers Forum Camera Club of Nashua, gently pursues the art and science of photography, offering opportunities at all ability levels to enhance, refine, and just enjoy photography. What began over 40 years ago as a few people getting together to discuss photography techniques and film processing, has grown into a diverse group of photographers from beginner to advanced skill. Digital Photography: Taking the Photo, Editing the Photo, and the art! Beginner Photography Forum. 2309. Tips and Taking Photos. 1045. Editing and Presentation. 2665. Freelance Photography. 309 Image Sharing (Everything Else) & Discussion. Post your own images of other formats and types here for sharing and discussion. All roll film formats (rolls less than 4 wide) and medium-format digital formats belong here, regardless of camera used. Critiques should only be offered if requested by the original poster We provide support, education, and opportunity for film photographers worldwide. Join us and be a part of the world's premier analog photography community! We provide support, education, and opportunity for film photographers worldwide. Home Welcome About. Our Mission.

FPP Introduces LOVE 35mm BW Film! Paige Davis 01/30/2021. Show your love for film with Film Photography Project's new FILM LOVE BW! An News. Let It Snow! LTD Edition 35mm BW Film! Michael Raso 11/24/2020. The Film Photography Project is thrilled to announce a new, unique BW film fr. 10. Fred Miranda Forum. The Fred Miranda Forum has a strange name for a photography forum. But its a great place for all photographic knowledge. On the front page, you're presented with all kinds of photographic fields. These range from nature and wildlife to a sports photography corner Traditional film photography gear Cameraderie, a friendly photography forum, join now for free! Home. Forums. Photography Gear . Film Photography. Post thread Traditional film photography gear . Color Film Showcase. Threads 42 Messages 329. Threads 42 Messages 329. Film. In this forum, you'll be guided on so many different things, such as how to clean your lenses, to understanding your camera, to common photography terms, learning what lenses to use, and all the photography tips you need to become a better photographer. We hope you are learning a lot from this Beginner Photography Forum

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film and darkroom user - the developing forum. Welcome to the Film and Darkroom User Forum. FADU is the natural home for anyone with an interest in the use of film and the darkroom, whether you are an amateur or professional. On FADU you can show your work, exchange tips and techniques, and correspond with many like minded individuals Forum: Darkroom: Film, Processing & Printing Traditional film, film processing, lab processing, chemistry, paper, traditional printing processes and conservation Hello everyone, I'm 29 and have been taking pictures (digital) for about 15 years. I recently purchased from eBay a Nikon FE and a Nikon AI 50mm f/2. I just received my scans from my first roll (Kodak GOLD 200) and i'm pretty disappointed in the output. Most of the picture are blurry / out of.. Film Forum; Darkroom; Digital Post Processing Forum; This forum is dedicated to discussions about Leica and general discussions about photography. 379.9k posts. Advice on printing scene with heavy fog p.1 #12 · p.1 #12 · Film Photography in 2021: What Say Ye...? I think a lot of younger hobbyist photographers (myself included) are interested in film for two reasons. 1 - the process of shooting film is much more involved, and offers you tons of creative control

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Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums 14. Photo.net. Photo.net is a large community of enthusiast, beginner and pro photographers with a vast repository of content available for photographers. With a lot of articles, online courses for photography and active photography forums for beginners, Photo.net has something for anyone interested in photography. 15 Nature photography and conservation go hand in hand and I see a lot of new photographers who've taken their first steps in nature photography struggle to get names and other details. Google helps at times however a lot of content on google is not really India specific and one does tend to get confused

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The #BelieveInFilm interview is a series of informal discussions with artists creating inspiring work rooted in film photography. In this edition, we chat with mixed media artist Kent Hall who is doing really cool things with Instax mini film and the bottom of his trash can. Continue reading Forum Thread: How to Create a Low-Cost Green Screen Lighting Setup!. By Mathew Doughty; Film & Photography Lighting; I've been using these lights for about 9 months now. Check em Out! They work Great Photography articles and other info about learning how to take pictures. Forum Actions: Film SLR's. Discussion about the Nikon FM10, F6, F60, F100, F5, F4, etc. Forum Actions: Contains unread forum posts Contains no unread forum posts Forum is a category Forum is a Link

Welcome to Photography Forum. Our photography community! Photography-forum is dedicated to those who have passion, desire and love of photography and want to improve their photographic technique. It doesn't matter what you photograph, landscapes, weddings, portraits or your photographic experience, it's about learning and loving what we do 110 Film Photography. Always tagged as an amateur film format, the 110 pocket film cartridge has garnered little respect over the years. Gen X'ers certainly think of it as the film their parents used. Unknown to the masses, Pentax made an unbelievably small SLR camera system for the 110 format called the Pentax Auto 110 Specialties: Cameras, lenses, lighting equipment for photographers, with expert instruction and competitive pricing since 1972. Foto Forum is in central Phoenix, with easy freeway access. Our experienced staff will help you choose the best equipment for your picture taking, and be sure you know how to get the best results from it. Established in 1972. Established in 1972, Foto Forum is a full. Photography and digital camera forums on PhotographyREVIEW.com. Music, food, culture - anything that isn't related to photography or we're just tired of looking at Photography of food production genetic diversity, sustainability and food independence for indigenous communities. Film, Platinum, Polaroid & other Analog media. Herein is the foundation of any photograph, for Art, Entertainment, News, Documentation and Memories. Private Forum for Portrait and People Photography outside North America to.

Black and White Candid. Misty Morning at the Lakes. Latest: Bozzie. Yesterday at 4:54 PM. Post Your Film Photographs. Seven Sisters. Latest: K mann. Yesterday at 3:11 PM. Black and White Landscapes & Seascapes The GetDPI Photography Forum. The GetDPI Photography Forum. Great to see you here. Join our insightful photographic forum today and start tapping into a huge wealth of photographic knowledge. Completing our simple registration process will allow you to gain access to exclusive content, add your own topics and posts, share your work and connect. This is a collective resource forum which concentrates on monochromatic photography. This also covers enhanced type of photography that is achieved not only by computer based actions but by way of the wet darkroom. Many styles of photography are on display at this site but we do have rules for posting on this forum

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Sub-Forums: RFF News, Image Processing: Darkroom / Lightroom / Film, Film vs Digital, Film / Developing / Chemistry, Scanners / Scanner Software, Analog DarkRoom / Printing, Photo Software, Digital Printers / Inks / Papers etc, Hardware / Computers / Drives / etc, Rangefinder Photography Discussion, Photography General Interest, RFF Polls. PentaxForums.com is the premier community for Pentax camera users! We feature a friendly forum, in-depth reviews, Pentax news, lens reviews, and more Developing film can be pricey, but analog gear often comes cheap—you can easily pick up a decent SLR from brands like Pentax or Minolta for under $100 on eBay. And with companies like Impossible Project and Lomography reviving instant film photography, there are more and more options out there for shooting analog

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  1. Film Photography. Welcome to NikonForums.com. Register now to gain access to all of our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more
  2. Some Views Whilst On My Way Home From Walking Locally. Alan Jones. Sunday at 10:29 AM. Replies. 16. Views. 125. Monday at 11:34 PM. Joanna Carter
  3. Location: Luxembourg. Photos: Gallery. Posts: 6,316. More than 10 films per year and I process all my films 135 and 120 at home (b&W, C-41 and E-6). I scan all my films and ink print some and enlarge print some. When I visit somewhere I have at least two cameras (one digital and one or two analog)
  4. Photography-on-the.net Digital Photography Forums is the website for photographers and all who love great photos, camera and post processing techniques, gear talk, discussion and sharing. Professionals, hobbyists, newbies and those who don't even own a camera -- all are welcome regardless of skill, favourite brand, gear, gender or age
  5. 2Posting guidelines. Only post analog/film derived photos. To post images, upload them directly to the group rather than share them. Shared posts will be removed. 3. All questions are welcome! Please use the search function to see if your question was answered in the past. If you cant find what you are looking for, please ask
  6. Forums - Recent Activity. Recent Activity in the photography forums - discuss digital photography, film photography, photographers, Photoshop, techniques, cameras, lenses and equipment, along with.

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Help/Feedback Forum. Tom Abrahamsson Bill Pierce Jason Schneider Jim Lager back alley Chris Crawford Simon Says Helen Hill Brian Sweeney Roger Hicks Street Photography Canon Rangefinders Nikon Hist Society. Image Processing Film vs Digital Film Scanners Darkoom Photo Software Digital Printing Hardware. Leica News/General Leica M Lenses Leica. The FSC journal is the best source for information about analog photography techniques, film camera reviews, and film based photo essays from around the world. Film Photographer Interviews, Analog Camera Reviews, and More! Featured. Spring 2021 Polaroid Week Roundup | Urizen Freaza Forum: Replies: Last Post: New to photography and pentax film cameras: DavesDogma: Welcomes and Introductions: 13: 14 Hours Ago 08:50 PM: New to Pentax film cameras, but not new to shooting film and digital: s4ducati: Welcomes and Introductions: 6: 01-04-2021 06:51 PM Why We Shoot Film - cool mini doco about film photography resurgence.

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imageopolis News:. Now send an iogram Photo E-Card from the site to your friends.Click on the iogram button below the image, fill out the form and hit send.; Scroll down and check out the new Blast From The Past section of the home page. Here you will find the older award winning images that we have not seen for a while Color film was one of the most popular photography products in the pre-digital era. If you were born before the early 2000s, chances are the images that you associate with your family memories were all shot on color film. The best film comes in a variety of speeds and formats and selecting the best.

A film stock long favored by first year photography students, Ilford HP5+ is extremely easy to work with and gives beginners lots of leeway with their exposures. It's on the grainier side and is a great film for learning the basics of how light and shadow interact to make a picture Many film photographers don't like light leaks because they can ruin photos. If used correctly, however, they can enhance your analogue photos. Light leaks are unpredictable. Even if you're a professional, you won't know how your photos will turn out until you develop them.This can help you embrace candid photography and be more open to failure.. Since the introduction of color film in 1958, black and white photography has taken on a classic, nostalgic feel.It's a universal way for present-day photographers to create a retro look. It's not an easy style to work with, however Foto Forum AZ, Phoenix, Arizona. 956 likes · 9 talking about this · 167 were here. Serving Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas since 1972. Foto Forum is a full service camera store The GetDPI Photography Forum. Great to see you here. Join our insightful photographic forum today and start tapping into a huge wealth of photographic knowledge. With expired chrome E6 film I set the base ISO about 1 stop less, for a 50 film I set 25 and so on. Then I use AE mode and use exposure correction deliberately, with lots of sky in.

Film generally has a greater dynamic range than digital, especially black and white film. Film also differs from digital in terms of resolution. Most 35mm films cannot compete against most modern digital cameras in terms of resolution, but I will talking about medium format or 120 film which can hold up to some of the best digital cameras A solid design let down by a few small handling quirks. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II: a long-term review. Andy Westlake looks back on using this camera for six years. Benro Filter Holder Kit Magnetic FH100M3 review. A clever design that enables precise adjustment of filters. Tamron 17-70mm F/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD review 35mmc is free to read. It is funded by adverts. If you don't like the adverts you can subscibe here and they will disapear.. Alternatively, for as little as $1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of 35mmc and get access to exclusive content over on Patreon.Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi THE ARTISTS FORUM PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION, part of our juried arts programming, is open to photographers of all levels seeking to gain exposure in the New York City and international arts and media market. Its mission is to provide an accessible platform for photographers to present their best work for juried selection, increase artist. anybody here into the obsolete artform? the main reason i bought an iPhone is because of hipstamatic. i used a Holga prior to the iPhone....but now am finding myself wanting to go back to film. i just got a Canonflex 35mm SLR. it has much more options than the holga, and is much cheaper to develop the film. anybody else in the same boat

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Kodak 880 6465 Portra 400 Professional ISO 400, 4 x 5 Inches, 10 Sheets, Color Negative Film (Yellow) 4.9 out of 5 stars. 24. Electronics Film: The Photographer's Dilemma in The Lounge. Approve the Cookies This website uses cookies to improve your user experience New Old Film Challenge no 158: Down. We often forget about looking down. So, what have you got that's inspired by down? Maybe literally what's down there, or perhaps looking down, or any other kind of down? Must have been taken, developed and scanned prior to the start date Talk Film & Conventional. A forum to discuss all traditional photography equipment and techniques. Ranging from all film and dedicated equipment, through to darkroom practices. 1. 2

A forum covering traditional 35mm, medium and large format, and digital photography. Acts as a gateway with the rec.photo newsgroups Owen Y. 3. 121. by Owen Y. Jun 30, 2020 at 3:48am. From Capa to Leibovitz -10 Free Photography & Photojournalism Documentaries to watch during Lockdown. Owen Y. 1 Check here to discover and discuss all the latest SmugMug Releases. 132. 2.7K. Gallery search in the photostream view. Allen • October 3, 2020 in SmugMug Product News. Expand for more options Ilford Photo has re-established its primary position in the global photographic market and has led the worldwide resurgence of black-and-white photography. It is now the only manufacturer that provides a full range of film, paper and photo chemicals. Check out our selection Read all the latest camera gear reviews and find great deals on used photo gear in our classified forum. We cover all models including the X100, X10, X-Pro1, X-E1, X20, X-M1, X-A1, X100T, X-T1 and X-A3. Photographers of all types and skill levels are welcome! Login or create an account to join in the discussions

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My dad's old Russian tank a.k.a Zenit 12XP. Brand: Zenit Model: 12xp Format: 35mm Manufacturing: U.R.S.S ISO: 16 to 500 Speed: 1 / 30, 1 / 60, 1 / 125, 1 / 250, 1 / 500 and Bulb mod MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA F Nikon Z Cameras Nikon Df Nikon D6/D5/D4/D3/D2/D1 Nikon D850, D810, D800 Nikon D780/D750/D700 Nikon D500 Nikon D7000 Series Nikon D610 and D600 Nikon D5000/D3000 series Nikon D300/D200/D100 Nikon D90/D80/D70 Nikon D60/D50/D40 Nikon Coolpix Cameras Nikon 1 Compact Cameras Nikon F6/F5/F4 Nikon F100 Nikon Autofocus Film. We absolutely love creative photography. Discover a huge range of cameras, lenses, accessories and films to experiment with. Become part of our fun community, share your fantastic photos with friends and read the latest photography tips, news and features Northwest Film Forum and affiliates may take photos or film during workshops and events to use on its website or in other marketing materials. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please email education@nwfilmforum.org prior to attending the workshop. Email education (at) nwfilmforum.org with questions relating to workshop cancellation

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Showcase your photographs. The best images will be considered for publication in EOS magazine. Photo challenges for forum members. This is the place to talk about anything photographic not covered by the categories below. A place to chat with friends about topics non-photographic Photography. Photography is a timeless hobby for most, and a professional skill for many; one that allows for the preservation of life's moments, both digitally and in print. From film to DSLR to Mirrorless, its innovations and creative energy have continued to evolve. Capture the perfect shot and take your skills to the next level with the. Dan, Todd Kopriva says this over at Adobe: The Film Dissolve transition is new in Premiere Pro CS5.5.It's a dissolve transition that blends in a linear color space (gamma = 1.0). In simple terms, that means that it blends in a more realistic way; basically, dissolves look the way that they should /r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography. This is not a good place to simply share cool photos or promote your work, but rather a place to discuss photography as an art and post things that would be of interest to other photographers Nikon SLR Lens Talk. Welcome to the Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum, the place to discuss Nikon SLR lenses. Community moderators: TOF guy and ltcdata . New thread Subscribe. NEW: Press the above Subscribe button to get notified about new threads in this forum! All threads Discussions Questions User reviews Photos Polls Filter by product

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  1. Learn photography with us! This site contains photography tutorials and courses for you to study at your own pace. We are building a community of both student and expert photographers. To get started, all you need is a camera, whether it be the latest digital camera or a traditional film-based apparatus! Our articles here span the photography.
  2. This Forum has been helpful to me so I wanted to contribute my experience: In the past month, I have auditioned two filmscanners on my XP Media Center PC; the Plustek Opticfilm 7200i SE and, the VuPoint FS-V1-CP. I had difficulty installing the Plustek but eventually scanned about 30 slides successfully, then it crashed
  3. Youth Summer Camps. Every summer, Northwest Film Forum offers camps for youth to get hands-on with the art and craft of film and media making and to develop their creativity and voice. Summer Youth Filmmaking Camps and Programs will be offered online and in person in 2021. Summer camps will begin June 21st and run through August

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Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Bruce Springsteen, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, and Jodie Foster are among the many figures in the film industry who have sent their family members to study at the New York Film Academy. We are honored to be the film and acting school of choice of these other luminaries including Kevin Kline, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Bono. Landscape Photography. Landscapes typically call for slow films and tripods. For color, the classic choice since the discontinuation of Kodachrome is Fujifilm's brilliantly vivid Velvia 50.Try. Say Hello & Introduce Yourself to the UK Large Format Photography Forum. Threads 179 Messages 1.6K. Threads 179 Messages 1.6

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Fstoppers is a community based photography news website featuring gear reviews, tutorials, industry news, and original articles from professional photographers, videographers, and other creatives. Filters. 127 BW Film - ReraPan 400. Regular price. $1399. $13.99. 127 Color Slide Film - ReraPan 100. Regular price. $1399

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Produced in the DigiPak format, the DVD package is an elegantly designed collectible production, including a 36 page booklet featuring many of Ken's pictures, the making of the film, and Fred Gandolfi's own description of camera making. Plus a lot more besides. Excellent value at a RRP of £15.95 including VAT. The DVD can be ordered or. One of the most intimidating aspects of working with film today is accessibility and availability of resources for processing. With professional labs becoming rarer and rarer in most parts of the world, except for major urban centers, one of the remaining options for the photographer pining to shoot film is to develop one's own. The good news is, however, that developing film at home is. 100 Things I've Learned About Photography. 10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo. 11 Tips for Beginner Photographers. Using Fill Flash. How to Get Better Photos in Low Light Without Using a Flash. How to Take Sharp Digital Images. How to Use Focal Lock. Shooting with an In Camera Flash Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Thank you for visiting the UAV Coach Community Forum! The forum is a great place to ask questions, share information, and become a part of the drone community. Create an account today to join thousands of drone enthusiasts in discussing various topics. - The UAV Coach Team

Photography website with camera, lens and smartphone news, reviews, photography techniques, plus a photography gallery and forums, with photo competitions, blogs and buyers guides The Art of Photography is my channel and I produce photography videos to provide a 360 degree look into the world of making images. Lets do this together! I make videos covering famous. George Eastman, the company's founder, recognised this when he pivoted Kodak's core business from dry-plates to film, and from black and white to colour, despite hitting profitable product lines in the short-term. Decades later, Kodak blew its chance to lead the digital photography revolution. not the World Economic Forum. UpLink - Take. Photography. 4,167,691. members. 3,975. groups. Meet fellow shutterbugs near you! Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, share your images and stories -- and have fun doing it! Join Photography groups

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Introduction Irving Penn Beyond Beauty Merry Foresta, Exhibition Curator // Irving Penn: A New Language for Fashion Photography Nancy Hall-Duncan, independen.. The 6 Best 35mm Film Cameras. The Best Nikon Coolpix Cameras & Buyer's Guide. The 8 Best Cameras for Street Photography. Sony A6300 vs. A6500. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II vs. Sony RX100V - High-End Compact Cameras. Canon 80D vs. 70D Comparison and Buying Guide. The 5 Best Budget Cameras for Video 17th May - 5th September 2021. Following the successful 3D virtual presentation of FORMAT21 International Photography Festival, selected exhibitions are being shown across Derby in the city's cultural institutions and retail spaces. If you are in or visiting Derby come and enjoy the face to face experience of seeing some amazing photography I love how everybody thinks that the whole fast and furious camera shaking style is cool. It gives me a headace. Plus, this video was so werid- the car they're showing has the 6 speed gearbox, but ALSO has the steering mounted paddle shifters :S WTF

Scholarships for FilmMaking students film-making-scholarships FilmMaking scholarships are available to pursue a degree that provides you with lots of lucrative opportunities to accomplish your career objectives in Film Making. These scholarships range from filmmaking scholarships for international students, film fellowships, cinematography scholarships and a lot more. About FilmMaking Film. An Introduction to Holga Photography. The Holga is a camera, first manufactured in China in 1981, made almost entirely of plastic, some even have plastic lenses. It was an invention intended for the Chinese consumer as a low-budget, everyday kind of camera for capturing family photos and portraits, but has since gathered a cult following Digital photography uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors to produce images focused by a lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film.The captured images are digitized and stored as a computer file ready for further digital processing, viewing, electronic publishing, or digital printing.. Until the advent of such technology, photographs were made by exposing light. New Star Wars movie to be shot with 35mm film in Photography Industry News New Star Wars movie to be shot with 35mm film -- Photography Industry News in photography-on-the.net forums Approve the Cookie Download this stock image: Make It pop 221 arriving Nickelodeon's 2016 KidsÕ Choice Awards at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles. March 12, 2016.Make It pop 221 Event in Hollywood Life - California, Red Carpet Event, USA, Film Industry, Celebrities, Photography, Bestof, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Topix Celebrities fashion, Best of, Hollywood Life, Event in Hollywood Life - California.

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Ben Eine on his new creative studio and what it feels likeRaquel Welch | Romanian postcard by Casa Filmului Acin, no