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Super Tag. Super Tag February; Super Tag October; Super Tag June; Super Tag Gear Popup; Super Tag January; Drawing Odds and Draw Results by Hunt Area Choice are available. Click the hunting year you wish to view. Wyoming Game & Fish Department Headquarters 5400 Bishop Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82006 ph: (307) 777-460 Wyoming's Super Tag raffle was created by Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Legislature in 2013. The raffle includes Wyoming's premier big game and trophy game species: bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, Rocky Mountain elk, mountain goat, mule deer or white-tailed deer, wild bison, pronghorn, mountain lion, gray wolf and black bear

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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Permits Drawing a Rocky Mountain or California Bighorn Sheep permit is a difficult task. With the poor success rates of guided hunts in Alberta and British Columbia, many hunters have decided to purchase a conservation or governor's type permit at various auctions Odds slim to draw big game tags in Wyoming. May 11, 2015. May 11, 2015 Updated May 13, 2015. 90% OFF! $3 for 3mos. unlimited digital. Wyoming's annual drawing for big-game licenses might not.

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The odds at any states super tag drawing are so mind blowing that even thinking you have a chance is like thinking you just bought the winning powerball ticket.I'm like the rest of you though and still got to try.I'm not up to date on the great units in Mt as I'll never draw one,but I think theres good unit around Helena if I remember correct When applying for tags in Wyoming, research draw odds, hunter access, and hunt specific regulations. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department website and regulations are the best resources for tag information. Oftentimes, the local biologists or wardens may also provide clarity on hunting information specific to a unit or general area. It's. Lotteries A pure lottery is exactly what the name suggests. Every hunter who applies for a tag has the exact same odds of drawing. For example, there are 100 resident bull elk tags in a particular unit and a thousand resident hunters apply. In that case, each applicant has a 10 percent chance of drawing that tag

Wyoming Elk Draw Odds, Drawing Expert, Wyoming Elk Draw Odds. Drawing Expert Menu. Home; DMCA; copyright; privacy policy; contact; sitemap; Wednesday, September 7, 2016. Wyoming Elk Draw Odds Team Gunwerks Draws Coveted Wyoming Grizzly Tag Worldwide. Interest In Wyoming Elk Hunting Continues To Increase. Guy S Top Wyoming Antelope Hunts 2018. ROCK SPRINGS - The Wyoming Game and Fish issued the following information in a question and answer format. There has been lots of interest and questions surrounding the new Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta raffles. The basic questions that keep coming up are listed below, with answers to help everyone take advantage of this new opportunity Draw Odds can be found in three places on INSIDER. 1. Our stand-alone draw odds experience that showcases your odds for whatever state/species/hunt you are interested in, plus application trends and tags drawn at each point level. 2. Draw odds is also a filter option in Filtering 2.0. 3. Draw odds are also incorporated in each season in Unit. Winning the Wyoming super tag raffle for Bighorn sheep would not have happened had it not been for my connection with Huntin' Fool and their team of professionals! Many thanks to them for always keeping me on the front lines and applying me for the best tags in the country! — Jeff C Super Tag and Multi Species Combo Lotteries. Nebraska offers two big game multi species lotteries for resident and nonresident hunters. One permit in each lottery is awarded annually. The application period for the 2021 lotteries runs from January 2, 2021 until July 2, 2021. Apply Now

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  1. g Game and Fish Department. Big Game Preference Points . The preference point system is designed to improve an applicant's odds of eventually drawing a license in a hard-to-draw hunt area. Preference points are utilized in conducting the resident and nonresident moose, resident and nonresident full price bighorn sheep, nonresident elk.
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  3. Idaho's Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo tags allow hunters to pursue world class big game in any open hunt in Idaho. Every year, 34 hunters win this special opportunity! Entry deadline for the 1st drawing is May 31 and August 10 for the 2nd drawing. 2021 1st Drawing Deer Elk Pronghorn Moose Combo Entries 47,132 35,159 7,015 16,020 9,553 Tags Drawn 8 8 8 1 1 2020 1st Drawing Deer Elk.
  4. A tag that drew out at 9 points last year with a max of 12 points, had a bunch of guys jump in at 15 points this year, driving the draw-out level to 12 points. Hoping a lot of former sideline sitters cashed in this year, but honestly not looking forward to draw odds in the years to come
  5. g. In 2020 alone, 102,495 tickets were sold, raising over $1.34 million
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From 4H clubs to hunter/angler advocacy organizations like this one, these tags help raise funds for charities and non-profits that ultimately work to give back to the Wyoming public. This year Commissioner Ladwid from Manville, WY gave WWF a Commissioner license to raffle until May 31, 2020 or until all 300 tickets for the tag are sold 2019-20 drawing odds. 2018-19 drawing odds. 2017-18 drawing odds and 2017-18 bonus point results. 2016-17 drawing odds and 2016-17 bonus point results. 2015-16 drawing odds and 2015-16 bonus point results. 2014-15 drawing odds and 2014-15 bonus point results. 2013-14 drawing odds and 2013-14 bonus point results User Account NEW 2/4/2021 - The first time you log in after 2/4/2021, you will need to create a User Name and Password. If you have done business with WGFD in the past, all of your information will be attached to your new User Name and Password

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Wyoming has used this strategy to improve the odds in the special draw, working under the presumption that fewer applicants are willing to pay a higher price, thus increasing odds. As previously noted, once you draw the permit the regular and special licenses are exactly the same. 60% of the nonresident licenses for each hunt are given to the. Wyoming Gen. Elk Tag Draw Odds??? Elk. Contributors to this thread

Are there really nonresident antelope hunts that have those high of odds? Yes, so if the 1 permit for nonresidents wasn't drawn in the random drawing then there's a very small pool of nonresident tags that could even possibly be drawn, and the odds for a lot of those are super low anyway so it doesn't affect the others But drawing an antelope tag here requires monumental good luck, with many units featuring draw odds under 1 percent. Unit 10, on the Coconino Plateau, remains the best spot in the country for a 90-inch buck. Meat Hunt: Starting in mid-July, Wyoming starts selling $34 doe/fawn antelope permits, but the number depends on surveys of fawn production Guy's Top 10 Wyoming Antelope Picks (2020) The antelope outlook for this fall in Wyoming is shaping up to be very strong. With a very mild winter and a warm, dry spring our antelope are headed into summer in very, very good condition. We will however need a somewhat wet summer to finish

Best Value. We have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, allowing you to go on more hunts for less. We charge $50 per state for the first species and $10 for each additional species in that state. Family discounts are available. Please contact our team at 435-865-1020 with any questions regarding our License Application Service There could be more revenue loss than expected as nonres draw odds leap as 1/2 the high demand limited tags are gone! bison and sheep. You may be better off just investing in Super Tag raffle tickets. My Wyoming buddy took 20+ years to draw his resident sheep tag so things are tough everywhere. (I don't think anyone will ever hunt a grizzly.

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will tentatively make license draw results available for resident elk, deer and antelope, as well as nonresident deer and antelope, at 1 40% of all non-resident Elk, Deer, and Antelope tags are reserved for a special drawing with increased license fees. These special hunts typically have much easier drawing odds for an increased fee. Wyoming statute requires that 25% of Bighorn Sheep licenses are reserved for non-residents. In some areas there are not 4 licenses available

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Preference points purchased at the time of application are awarded prior to the drawing. Regardless, your chances are better than the odds state. Last year, the preference point 75% of the 17000 general elk tags had roughly 60% (or so) odds in the first pass. Then the LE permit pass happened, and many of those general tags were turned back What follows is a look at upcoming state application deadlines, other important tag dates and draw result dates for each Western state. New for 2021 in this article In order to accommodate how people want to view this giant amount of valuable information, this year I have incorporated a new table that allows you to filter out items you want to see NWhitney@mt.gov. (406) 444-2535. The winning bidder can hunt any male mule deer in any open hunting district across the state of Montana. You do not need to choose the district. This tag entitles the hunter to hunt any special or general season statewide; with a bow September 5 - October 18, 2020 and with a rifle October 24 - November 29, 2020 Wyoming Game & Fish Department License Draw and Preference Points. Inquiry for the 2021 Hunting Season. You can anticipate your refund on the credit card within 7 to 10 days after the draw results are posted. If the credit card was a pre-paid card, a refund check will be mailed in the name of the applicant.. Idaho's Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo tags allow hunters to pursue world class big game in any open hunt in Idaho. Every year, 34 hunters win this special opportunity! To win a Super Hunt tag, hunters need to enter the Super Hunt Drawings. There are several ways to enter the drawings..

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ELSWelcome. • Apply for licenses and permits issued through drawings. • Purchase preference points. • Apply for Super Tag licenses issued through drawings. This Online Electronic Application Service is for resident and nonresident Adult, Youth, Pioneer and Pioneer Heritage licenses only. For information on Landowner licenses, click here I just did a quick look on INSIDER and pulled up the standalone draw odds for New Mexico mule deer. As a nonresident, there are 235 hunts you can apply for. As I drag the minimum draw odds filter over to 25% for kicks, and I can see of the 235 hunts, there are 134 that have 25% or better odds of drawing a tag Results of the antelope license draw will be posted online Thursday morning. harvest odds from past years and more have been updated. Hunters also can still apply for the Wyoming Super Tag.

Wyoming Game & Fish launches inaugural super tag and super tag trifecta raffles Chance to win big game hunting tags by Wyoming Game & Fish December 23, 2013. Imagine having the opportunity to select any license, for any big game, trophy game or wild bison, for any hunt area in Wyoming for 2014 Hunters also can still apply for the Wyoming Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta until July 1, Game and Fish add. For questions about the draw, license information or how to use the online tools, contact Game and Fish at (307) 777-4600 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT Demand Report - Non-Resident Elk State of Wyoming Date: 2/20/2019 . NR Reg Random Draw Wyoming Game and Fish Time: 10:29:12 AM . Fiscal Division Page: 36 . Hunt Hunt Total First Choice Second Choice Third Choice . Area Type Description Quota Applicants Applicants Applicants.

Montana Draw Odds & Information. Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting and Western Big Game Hunting. Forums, Articles, Photos, Tips, Information. Guides, Outfitters, Hunts, Tags From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. CHEYENNE, WYOMING (June 17, 2020) — For hunters, one of the most exciting days of the year is approaching.The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will tentatively make draw results available for resident elk, deer, antelope, as well as nonresident deer and antelope on Thursday, June 18, at 10 a.m., MT NV Dream Tags fund is a charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. CFWN, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization was established to strengthen the region through leadership and philanthropy. Your direct charitable donation to the NV Dream Tags fund may be tax deductible under federal law Tickets must be purchased by 6 p.m., June 10, 2021 to be considered for the June 11, 2021 drawing. The bag limit for these hunts is one fork-antlered deer. The season dates are: Sept. 1, 2021-Jan. 31, 2022. 2021 New Mexico Governor Deer Tag Ticket Order For

Wyoming Elk Draw Results are Now Available If you applied for an elk tag in Wyoming this year, you can now look to see if you were successful in the drawing! For those of you who drew, congratulations! We hope you're looking forward to an outstanding hunt in 2017 Mule Deer - $25. Turkey - $10. Optics - $10. New Mexico Elk Hunt - $20 each or 6 for $100. Alaska Dream Hunt - $20 each or 6 for $100. You may purchase as many individual tickets as you like (Void where prohibited. Click HERE for complete rules). Buy an All Eleven package for $160 and receive a free entry for the New. From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. CHEYENNE, WYOMING (June 16, 2020) — For hunters, one of the most exciting days of the year is approaching. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will tentatively make draw results available for resident elk, deer, and antelope as well as nonresident deer and antelope on June 18 at 10 a.m. Mountain Time Wyoming Either sex tag: $577 Antlerless: $288 Non-resident special- 40% of non-resident tags get allotted for this draw, with the assumption that less people would put in for the higher price tag, therefore increasing draw odds. Not always the case. Bull tag: $1,057. There's a lot to digest with each state's licensing procedures but this gives.

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  1. Big Game Drawings. To help Nebraska's big game hunters apply for draw permits, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission provides information on the previous year's draw results. Download the report below for information on how many applicants applied for each draw unit, draw success rates and relevant preference and bonus point information
  2. Super Raffle Mega Muley-- What a super tag that Donnie scored on!He made the absolute most of it and took himself a real mega muley. Nevada Backcountry Slug Buck-- Sarah set out on a backcountry solo backpack deer hunt and scored on a great, 193-inch trophy in Nevada.Cool adventure..... The Elk Hunting Pursuit of Swords-- This amazing hunt that included family and great friends ended with.
  3. g Lottery Winners WyoLotto. Travel Details: $200 at Pilot Travel Center #141 Evanston, WY 6/17/2021 Lucky for Life. $150 at TA Operating LLC Burns, WY 6/17/2021 Lucky for Life. $100 at Dell Range LLC Casper, WY 6/17/2021 Cowboy Draw. $1,000 at Mini Mart, Inc. Lander, WY 6/17/2021 Cowboy Draw. $1,000 at Kum & Go LC Rock Springs, WY 6/17/2021 Cowboy Draw. $100 at Rocky Mountain wyo
  4. g Game and Fish Department will make draw results available for resident elk, deer and antelope as well as non-resident deer and antelope on June 21 at 10 a.m. Mountain Time
  5. 2019 - haven't seen the general draw odd calcs, but there were applicants that did not draw with 1 point. 2020 - will depend on point creep, but you should have fairly good odds. FYI -Montana allocates 25% of tags for those with no preference points. So last year in MT it was possible to draw a general tag with zero points and not draw with one.
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A winning Pass Odds bet on a Point total of 6 or 8 pays 6 to 5, 5 or 9 pays 3 to 2 and 4 or 10 pays at 2 to 1. Your Odds Bet can be as much as your Pass Line bet. All casinos offer at least this much. Your Odds Bet can be twice as much as your Pass Line bet. Full Double Odds In this original version of iconic game show Family Feud, actor Richard Dawson plays host to two teams, each comprised of five family members, who try to match the answers given to survey questions asked to groups of people (typically 100 people in the group) I donated the tag to the Wyoming G&F disabled veterans program, so some deserving individual got to use it. I put in THIS year for the hardest to draw tags in the state (again) and after drawing that sought after Antelope tag last year I figured I blew my wad, I'm not lucky anyway Without it I might never draw the tag I want while someone who is a brand new hunter does. This year my daughters and I should have enough points to draw the pronghorn tag that we want and get to hunt together. Without points one of us might draw but the odds of all 3 of us would be astronomical. And if we do, we will start building points again 05-May-21. Amazing (and kind of gut-wrenching) how the NR random draw odds continue to skyrocket, even with the crazy-high point fees, license fees, and app fees. Looks like a bull bison tag (at 4400.00) even with the relatively poor success rates the past few years, still had a robust 413 NR applicants

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I hunted wilderness here,give out one tag bad odds,been at it my whole life no draw.Took 28 years for first moose.Goats white ,duh,easy to spot,youll find one.Friend of mine out of shape and new that I know area well drew,for him I said I could take you,but he physically wasnt up to task,told him a good outfitter.He barely made the final. New Mexico. The application period for the 2021-2022 big-game limited draw hunts in New Mexico is January 13 - March 17. Big game species include Barbary sheep, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, ibex, javelina, pronghorn and oryx.New Mexico allocates a special quota for non-resident hunters who have a contract with an outfitter - 10% of all tags for a certain year (non-residents without a contract. I wasn't real impressed when checking out their new female (cow, doe, etc) draw odds. The particular WY unit I am interested in has Type-4, Type-6 and Type-9 tags, but it has three lines with different draw odds when you look at it for that unit and it doesn't specify for which type of tag Here is a rough breakdown of drawing odds for the 20% of licenses issued through the preference-point draw, Munig continued. For units 1, 9, 10 and 23, it takes 22 to 27 bonus points for general early bull, 19 to 25 bonus points for muzzleloader early bull, and 15 to 22 bonus points for early archery bull To be eligible to win, you must be a Super Slam Drawing member of Grand Slam Club/Ovis. You can contact GSCO at (205) 674-0101 to inquire about your membership status. Regular GSCO membership is $75/year. Super Slam Drawing membership is $100/month with a 12 month commitment from join date. For your convenience, you have the option of paying.

Hey guys, I would be super happy to explain how the draw system works in Wyoming anytime. Call me (307-654-0000). Also part of booking a hunt with us, we will help you with the application process if you would like. In short, 80 percent of the non resident elk tags issued in Wyoming are in the general license 67. Jun 13, 2021. #21. I've always wondered about age and trophy potential of B&C pronghorn bucks. It's been an eye-opener once I started looking into this in more detail. Similar to what Buzz and JM have said I always thought that it took 4 to 6+ years to produce B&C pronghorn bucks but it's been a shocker to learn how quickly antelope buck. The hardest tags in the US to draw in general are desert bighorns. Free range bison tags are really tough too. If you play the odds and the draw game you can draw really good tags. Utah is so expensive and not worth it I'm thinking about quitting, but that sheep tag! I did quit MT a while back, but will do an unlimited with a tag at some point The special elk tags account for 40% of all nonresident elk tags. The theory behind the special draw is that higher price basically buys you better odds of drawing; however, in most of the blue-chip units your odds of drawing very low, even when paying a higher price. Preference Point

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Draw results will be out this Thursday, JUNE 17, for everybody to see. The leftover tag list will be out this Friday, JUNE 18, for everybody to see including you. Leftover tag results will be out Thursday, JULY 8. You can do what you want, but on Thurdsday at 10:00 Wyoming time, me and about 30,000 others are going to get our Antelope results Deadline to apply for elk draw licenses is . March 17, 2021. Up to four hunters may apply per application for a public-land elk draw license. Nonresidents are ineligible. for any hunts held exclusively on WMAs or any antlerless (A) elk draw licenses. Successful applicants will be mailed an elk draw license/tag, unless the E-Tag option is chosen. You do have a chance of drawing a tag to hunt the Kaibab [units 12A and 12B] — especially if you're a bowhunter. In 2014, 550 archery tags were distributed for this area, with a season that runs from late August to mid-September. The odds of drawing with zero points were 25 percent for 2014, and with just three points you were guaranteed to.

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There are also raffles/drawing for an Idaho Super tag. This is more of a raffle than a drawing and applicants can purchase chances to draw these hunts. The odds are pretty long, but these are exceptional hunts. Super tags for OIL species can be obtained by anyone, even applicants who have already harvested that OIL species Contest Photos! 2021 Muley Scouting Photo Contest Share photos for a chance to WIN a nice daypack! Photos of the Year Photo Contest Let's see some of your Hunting Photos of the Year for 2020. Of all the pictures you took in 2020, which... Cheater Buck Photo Contest If you love seeing big bucks with kickers, you'll want to take a look at all the photos in this thread Maybe if you took more time reading the Wyoming regs and understanding the draw instead of on the internet acting like a know it all. You would understand that it is indeed 100% odds for the tag his nephew drew The neat thing about him is he has outfitting areas in both Wyoming and Idaho, with his lodge sitting in the middle of the two areas and right on the border. That means, you can put in for Wyoming (90% draw odds with no points), and if by chance you don't draw he has outfitter tags that can get you on his exclusive unit in Idaho that is NON. The Idaho Hunt Planner provides all information the hunter needs for a successful Idaho hunt: regulations, seasons, drawing odds, harvest statistics, and hunt boundaries in one location

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  1. Between the screw-ups and reducing disable veterans tags i am little bitter! But still waiting my 3 controlled hunts, all low odds obviously. Good luck guys, duck slayer hope you draw your unlimited
  2. The biggest game changer for my application strategies in western states has been the use of Toprut's industry leading draw odds tool. I have been able to successfully increase my chances to draw several tags by using their super accurate odds to help me decide which units to apply for
  3. The cumulative probability of drawing while applying for hunts for 20 years, outweighs the chances of drawing a tag in year 21 by 10-15x, in most cases. If you wait years, accumulating points without applying for the actual hunts, you run the serious risk of never drawing a sheep, goat, or moose tag in Colorado. How the weighted draw works
  4. Winners in the second Idaho Super Hunt drawing have been picked. Of the 38,177 total entries, 9,913 were for two deer tags, 11,822 were for two elk tags, 3,404 were for two pronghorn tags, 7,765 were for one moose tag, and 5,273 entries were for one Super Hunt Combo, which includes a tag for each of the four species. Super Hunt winners by species, number drawn and state were
  5. Idaho's Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo tags allow hunters to pursue world class big game in any open hunt in Idaho. Every year, 34 hunters win this special opportunity! To win a Super Hunt tag, hunters need to enter the Super Hunt Drawings. There are several ways to enter the drawings. Online with a credit card. At license vendors with a credit card. By phone 1-800-554-8685 with a credit.
  6. Winners in the first of two Idaho Super Hunt drawings were picked June 15. Applications were drawn by Idaho Fish and Game Director Steve Huffaker and Commissioner John Watts with assistance from one of the crowd of hunters in attendance in the Trophy Room at Fish and Game headquarters at 600 S. Walnut in Boise. One Super Hunt Combo application was drawn that entitles th
  7. Deer, turkey, bighorn sheep, elk, moose, pronghorn and tundra swan licenses are all distributed via lottery. Licenses left over after a lottery has been run may be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. To hunt in North Dakota you must have a hunter education certificate or apprentice hunting license if you were born after 1961

Special hunt permits and raffles. Special hunt permits, big-game auctions and raffle permit hunts offer a chance to participate in a coveted hunt while directly supporting conservation and management in Washington. Special hunting permit applications are available for deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, moose, wild turkey, and bear Nevada Dream Tag. Buy Dream Tag Raffle Tickets . The Nevada Dream Tags Program is a raffle that allows resident and nonresident sportsmen a chance at the hunt of a lifetime while also contributing to Nevada's wildlife habitat. The tags are similar to other western states' raffle tags and hunt of a lifetime tags Sure, some hunters view over-the-counter tags as last resort options, but that shouldn't be the case. It is true that some areas with over-the-counter tags have tougher hunting due to less animals and more pressure, but this isn't always the case. In fact, in many places over-the-counter tags provide outstanding opportunities If I don't draw my Bull tag this year I'll be hunting Cows instead. Another big thing happening this year is I'm applying in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon for Mountain Goat and Bighorn Sheep which takes A LOT of research, and I spent most of January focusing on Units, Draw Odds, and Harvest Stats Drawing results: Drawing results dates are listed in the guidebooks. On or before that date, you will be sent an email with your drawing results. If you didn't list an email in your application, you can check your results online or by calling 800-221-0659, or contacting us after the result date

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  1. Available tags will be based on the number of tags not purchased by the 1st drawing deadline (August 1, 2021, 11:59pm MTN). A valid Idaho hunting license is required in order to apply
  2. Smith River State Park. Experience a multi-day float trip on the Smith River if you are lucky enough to draw a permit in the annual lottery. Noted for its spectacular scenery and renowned trout fishing, the Smith River is unique with only one public put-in and take-out site for the entire 59 miles
  3. Tough Tags: Montana's 5 hardest elk permits to draw. SUBSCRIBE NOW $1*/mo. for 6 months! Every year thousands of elk hunters throw their names in the hat for a special permit with dreams of.
  4. Deer Draw Licenses . The deadline to apply for deer draw licenses is . March 17, 2021. Up to four hunters may apply per application for a deer draw license. Successful applicants will be mailed a deer draw license/ tag, unless the E-Tag option is chosen. Th
  5. Resident Cost: $10. Nonresident Cost: $15. Carcass Tag and/or License for the species you are hunting. Bow and Arrow (Archery) A Bow and Arrow license, plus the proper hunting licenses, is required during an Archery-only season for any species or to archery hunt in an Archery-only area or hunting district
  6. g are all of us, anyone who has bought or applied for a Wyo
  7. g allows compound bows or crossbows during archery season

Silver State. The Silver State Tag is similar to the state's Heritage Tags, sometimes called governors tags or bid tags, and will provide lucky recipients with the opportunity to hunt a specific big game animal statewide in those hunt units where there is an established season for the species specified on the tag.But unlike the Heritage Tags which generally sell at auction for thousands. Still Some Hope for 2021. In this episode we talk about some of the chances you still have to get your hands on the tag of a lifetime. There are still a few open raffles that provide incredible opportunities to the tag holders. These include the Wyoming Super Tags and The Nevada Dream Tags Lookup Your ALS Number. You can find your ALS number located at the top of any previous license/permit. The number is identified by your date of birth, followed by a dash and up to three digits. If you can't find your ALS number, please enter the search criteria below and then press the Search button Jul 7, 2020. Messages. 47. Im entering my senior year of high school and for a graduation present, my mom and I have been discussing a western hunt in 2021. I live in south Florida so and have been hunting tiny deer in the swamp and have no experience in western states. I have put in a good bit of research and decided on Mule Deer in Arizona The Iowa nonresident deer hunting application period is now open. Applications close June 6 at midnight, so get a head start and apply today! As a reminder, preference point purchases and applications are no longer available by phone and will only be accessible online

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