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Also known as Irish Cobs, Gypsy Vanners are usually black and white but can also be a solid color. They were traditionally used to pull gypsy caravans GYPSY VANNER has been ranched on, Trick Horse, Place your bids at www.PlatinumEquineAuction.com beginner safe trail horse, big stout, been hauled to playdays and gentle for any rider on trails or around the ranch! Subcategory Gypsy Vanner. Gender Gelding. Age 6 yrs. Height 13.3 hands. Color Black. Location Maysville, KY 42653 Browse the latest Gypsy Vanner horses for sale or search by location, discipline or price on the #1 most trusted equine classifieds website online

2021 Black Gypsy Horse Colt. 15+ hands black Gypsy Vanner colt . $11,000 For Sale. Horse ID: 2198433. BRG Stroke of Midnight. Goodview, Virginia 24095 USA. 2021 Black Gypsy Horse Colt $11,000. 15+ hands black Gypsy Vanner colt . Horse ID: 2198433 • Photo Added/Renewed: 06-Jun-2021 10AM Gypsy Horses For Sale. The Gypsy Cob, also known as the Irish Cob, Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner, is a type or breed of domestic horse from the island of Ireland. It is a small, solidly-built horse of cob conformation and is often, but not always, piebald or skewbald; it is particularly associated with the Irish Traveller and Romani travelling.

PO Box 219, Morriston, FL 32668 Phone: 888-520-9777 Email: gvhs@vanners.or Gypsy Vanner Hotrses, Gypsy Mares, Gypsy Foals for sale, Buckskin Gypsy, Palomino Gypsy, Sillver Dapple, Chocolate Palomino,is. Lake Ridge Buddy. Beautiful black and white colt sired by. British Sterling and out of Gypsy Princess. Born July 7 2011. This is the cross that is. most requested. His sister Lake Ridge EquineNow listing of gypsy vanner for sale in minnesota. Luna is a GVHS registered silver dapple mare. She has been in my herd since she was a weanling EquineNow listing of gypsy vanner for sale in wisconsin. 3 year old Gypsy mare. Has been lightly started. Aprox 13 hands current on shots and coggins EquineNow listing of gypsy vanner for sale in pennsylvania. STL Ebony's Dream is a black filly that was born May 4 2021. She is a compact girl having a short back, short neck along with a great hip

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  2. EquineNow listing of gypsy vanner for sale in ohio. Amigo Acres - Casslyns Amazing Grace 6yr. Gypsy / Pony Cross Mare Casslyns Amazing Grace 6yr Gypsy / Pony Cross Mar
  3. Bay. Height (hh) N/A. Located in Oregon Gypsy Vanner geldings. Little Chief and Apache Outlaw gelding brothers that look a lot alike. A future possible driving team.. View Details. $9,750
  4. EquineNow listing of gypsy vanner for sale in arizona. 12 year old Gypsy Mare for sale. Keely is our go to horse, for young kids and new riders
  5. Horse ID: 2198086 • Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Jun-2021 12PM. For Sale. For Sale. Eduardo (Eddy) Atascadero, California 93422 USA. 2019 Black Gypsy Horse Gelding. Dream Gelding in the Making . . $15,000 For Sale. Horse ID: 2199019
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Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale. As America's first importers and breeders of the Gypsy Vanner Horse, Gypsy Gold may well have the deepest DNA verified Vanner breed genetics in North America. Because heritage is the window to a foal's future, we have framed these foals with photos of their DNA verified heritage Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale 31-45 of 61 Results Advanced Search: Ariana. Gypsy Mare For Sale. Ariana of MVP is a beautiful mare that is broke to ride. Registered. Arian.. Huntsville, Texas. Black. Gypsy Vanner. Mare. 13. Huntsville, TX. TX. $8,000. Slaney. Gypsy Show Horse Mare For Sale. Slaney is a registered Gypsy Mare. Started under saddle. Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale 1-15 of 61 Results Advanced Search: Birdy. Gorgeous Gypsy Vanner Filly. Blackfire Chrome Birdy BFF aka Birdy is a gorgeous 2 year old R.. Modesto, California. Black. Gypsy Vanner. Mare. 2. Modesto, CA. CA. $15,000. Dally. Dally Is a Beautiful Filly. Dally is our Beautiful Yearling Filly Born April 29, 2020. Dally. Gypsy Vanner Horses boast lavish manes, tails with unique feathering and a heavy bone structure. From the United Kingdom, these horses have a bonding nature, calm attitude and even temperament. Also known as Gypsy Cob, Tinker Horse, the Traveller's Horse and the Romany Horse, these stunning creatures make up some of the rarest breeds of. Lily of the South (Lily Bear) Citra, Florida 32113 USA. 2021 Buckskin Gypsy Horse Cross Filly. Vanner/ Quarter horse cross Filly . $4,500 For Sale. Horse ID: 2198635. Lily of the South (Lily Bear) Citra, Florida 32113 USA. 2021 Buckskin Gypsy Horse Cross Filly $4,500

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  1. Shenandoah Gypsy Vanner Horses Welcome Meet our Gypsy horses. Offering horses for sale Stallion Breedings Mare embryo available. Choosing to produce only a few foals a year, we take pride in breeding our Champion Mares to our Champion Stallion to produce the world class quality and caliber you have come to expect from Shenandoah. We have watched them grow into outstanding show horses competing.
  2. Fizzle is one unique dude! Hes a gypsy vanner/quarter horse cross. Hes a good made, sturdy designed little horse with a heart of gold! He is 8 yrs old and 13.3/14h tall. Fizzle was raised in Missouri and was formally trained by his breeder to be used in therapeutic riding for soldiers returning from war with PTSD and other disabilities
  3. Access to miles and miles of desert trails. Lessons and training available. Beginners-Advanced. Our website needs updating and will be updated soon. Leases also available, wide variety of horses. Trainer will travel within reasonable distance to give lessons or training. Friesian sport horses available for sale. visit our websit
  4. To watch a Gypsy Vanner Horse floating across the field is a vision of pure dreams, however, to ride or drive one is an experience that can only be truly enjoyed by doing. There are no words to describe the feel of their movement and the 'gentlemanly' or 'ladylike' behavior under saddle or harness. 760-810-8955
  5. Gypsy Vanner & Drum Horses Currently For Sale! For Sale at Chestnut Oak Farm. Welcome to Chestnut Oak Farm! We are a family owned and operated facility that specializes in breeding and sales of unique and traditional colored top quality Gypsy Vanner and Drum Horses for show, recreation, and companionship
  6. Horse For Sale: Lysian '21 Colt (Registered with GVHS) Location: Ohio: Primary Breed: Gypsy Vanner: Color: Cream: Other breed: Gypsy Horses: Date Foaled: June, 2021: Gender: Stallion Buckskin Sabino Colt - TERMS AVAIL!!! Price: $10000: You aren't logged in! Logging in will turn on more features when you view ads. Compact stunning colt

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  1. The Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage was also created so our customers could have all of the assistance they need with caring for and managing a new Gypsy MVP horse. With your new Gypsy Vanner, you'll join an elite group of aficionados that has grown to love this breed. Our Gypsy Vanners are docile, athletic, colorful, strong, and intelligent
  2. 2012 Black Gypsy Horse Gelding. Dreamy 2012 Gypsy Vanner Registered, Black-n-White gelding . $25,000 For Sale. Horse ID: 2198949. Rock Ranch Heartbreaker (Rocky) Roy, Washington 98580 USA. 2012 Black Gypsy Horse Gelding. Dreamy 2012 Gypsy Vanner Registered, Black-n-White gelding . $25,000 For Sale
  3. The Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, Tinker, Travelers Horse, and various other names are used to describe what has become known as the Gypsy Horse in the United States. After several hundred years of selective breeding, the Gypsy Horse has evolved into a strong bodied work horse with incredible endurance, and a demeanor unmatched by any.
  4. o, Registered Gypsy Vanner/Tennessee Walker Cross, Gelding.

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The Gypsy Vanner Horse is surprisingly athletic, smart, willing, affectionate and retains training very well. In addition, the Vanner has an almost unflappable demeanor. The combination of ability, brains and calm temperament make the Vanner a candidate for any number of equestrian pursuits such as driving, english and western riding, jumping. Discover Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale in Indiana on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks.co Serenity FARM GYSPY HORSES is a Family run farm, who not only adore each of their horses, but is proud to breed and show a small quality herd of outstanding Gypsy Horses. Our broodmares are not just broodmares. They, along with their foals, benefit greatly from experiences, are trained to ride drive and show, and do so often Welcome to Horners Gypsy Vanners! Discover the gentle nature of the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed horse. Husband/wife team, professional breeders in Ohio. Striving to produce well conformed hairy Gypsy Vanners. Click now to browse stallions and mares for sale

Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale 16-30 of 61 Results Advanced Search: Gypsy Vanner Stallion. Blue Eyed Gypsy Stallion for Stu... 2 Bright Blue Eyes & you couldnt ask for a better Temperament on a horse!. Brooksville, Florida. Gypsy Vanner. Stallion-Brooksville, FL. FL. $1,500. Merrylegs. Gypsy Cob For Sale. Merrylegs is for sale. 11 year old. Visit our Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale page and our Gypsy Vanner Horses Sold page. We are a small breeding operation in north-central Arkansas with proven champion bloodlines, including our champion Gypsy Vanner Mare Oakfield Dinah. Oakfield Miss Minnie (a Tom Price mare) was our first Gypsy Vanner import in 2003 The Gypsy Vanner is an amazing breed of horse. They are also known as Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Horses, Irish Cobs, and Tinker Horses in this country. These small, hardy draft type horses are imported from England from the true Gypsy families that raise them. As a companion, their incredible, gentle nature is unbelievable

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Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale & stud. Gypsy Vanner Stallion Services. Blue Eyed Gypsy. GVHS. Silver Dapple, Blagdon, Sabino Gypsy Vanner F Atascadero, California 93422 USA. 2019 Black Gypsy Horse Gelding $15,000. Dream Gelding in the Making . . Horse ID: 2199019 • Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Jun-2021 12PM. For Sale. For Sale. LA Queen (Queen) Auburn, California 95603 USA. 2014 Piebald Gypsy Horse Mare Proud members of the Gypsy Horse Registry of America and the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. If you have any questions or are interested in a particular Gypsy Horse , please call us at 760.703.1322 , or feel free to email us at bolivianllamas@yahoo.com. Thank-you! from Dennis Thompson. The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European Gypsies. These shire-type horses have been selectively bred for the past 50 years to be the perfect caravan horse. Their genetic origins are Shire, Clydesdale, Friesian, and Dale Pony. Gypsy refers to the European travelers All of our Gypsy Vanner Horses are registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse society, (GVHS), a registry created in 1996. The Gypsy Vanner horses have been selectively bred over many years by British and Irish gypsies to develop a horse with a strong body, incrediblle endurance, a docile and friendly demeanor and a willingness to perform many disciplines

Gypsy Vanner Horses | Mini Horse Breeders | Miniature Donkeys for Sale. ph: 229 268 7331. or 229 942 8638. PO BOX 284 | 6967 U S Hwy 41 | Vienna, GA 31092. Home Hello and welcome to our website! We are thrilled you are interested in Gypsy horses - they are truly an enchanting. and magical breed. We are using the term American Gypsy Horse as a collective term for any gypsy horse here in the. U.S. and Canada. This breed has many names - Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, etc. They are all one and the 3920 Yancy Ave. New Germany, MN 55367. EMAIL: info@lakeridgegypsy.com. Phone: 320-485-4144. Beautiful registered purebred Gypsy Cobs and Gypsy Vanners bred in Minnesota. Gypsies are training for dressage, trail riding and carriage driving. Gypsy Horses available for sale at all times. Our imported Gypsy Vanner Horses are selected from hundred. Horse: OMF's Lasting Impression Breed: Gypsy Vanner, Registered Date of Birth: June 16 , 2007 Height: Should Mature around 15-15.1 hands. Gender: Gelding Color: Blue Blagdon / Max Sabino Sire: Cobalt (By Bob the Blagdon out of the Blue Blagdon Mare, now deceased). Dam: Bonny (By Tom). Training: Leads, ties, loads, stands for farrier and to be clipped.. Lineag Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale in Colorado Here at May Day Acres, we are pleased to breed and sell gypsy vanner horses, otherwise known as gypsy cob horses. We have been operating our horse ranch since 2011, with breeding experience tracing back to 2009

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The Gypsy Vanner Horse possesses the large bone and foot of its draft horse ancestors. It is a short-coupled horse with tremendous strength and stamina for its size. In England, it is typical for a Gypsy Horse to trot all day pulling the family's heavy living wagon The Gypsy Vanner Horse was first brought to the United States by Dennis and Cindy Thompson. In 1996 the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society was started and along with it the breed standard was set. Gypsy Vanner's are thought to be descended from a combination of Shires, Clydesdales, Friesians, and Dale Ponies ZYDECO MOON - 6 YEAR OLD GYPSY VANNER MARE. Out of our champion Oakfield Dinah mare & Boktalo. Zydeco just under 14 hands & registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society GV02885 (born 5/5/2012). She's got a very pretty head, super loving & has enough get up an go to make a great riding/driving mare North Fork Gypsy Cobs is one of the leading Gypsy Cob Breeders in Canada with fully registered breeds from the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. As the Gypsy Cob (also known as the Gypsy Vanner) is still considered rare in North America, we also promote this amazing breed across Canada and North America with our continuing involvement in shows.

Magic Gypsy Ranch - Sweet and loving natured gypsy horses, cob horses, gypsy vanners and painted horses. | Some of the top gypsy horse bloodlines in the Worl Breed: GYPSY VANNER GENDER: Colt Date of Birth: 05/25/2021 Registration: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (pending) Height: Should reach 15.1hh Color: Black & White Tovero with two blue eyes (E/?, a/a, ?/T) Sire: Rosewater Cassidy SID of Chestnut Oak (BSG Taliesin x Clononeen Sinead) Dam: SWF Blue Iris (VV Deja Blue x Harkaway Poppy) TRAINING: Leads, ties, trailers, baths, stands for farrier.

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  1. Welcome to Westmoreland Farm, breeder of top quality Gypsy Vanner Horses. We take pride on breeding only the best Gypsy Vanner Mares to National Caliber Gypsy Vanner Stallions to produce the finest Gypsy Horses in the nation. We offer a wide selection of premium Gypsy Horses for Sale ranging from young show prospects to proven Gypsy Vanner herd.
  2. The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society's mission is to bring honor, recognition, and a better understanding to these horses which the Gypsy people love so dearly. This registry was established to protect a vision that was born over half a century ago to create the perfect horse to pull their colorful caravans. A perfect caravan horse is strong.
  3. To showcase the beautiful new breed of the Gypsy Vanner, and to help further the understanding of them and the Gypsies who love them. Gypsy Vanners by Location Horses are listed alphabetically by location and then farm to make things a little easier to find
  4. Gypsy Gift 2019 - Winning Equine Therapy Centers. September 16, 2019 Gypsy Gift / Gypsy Horse News / Gypsy Vanner. Congratulations to the following 17 winning Gypsy Gift Centers! 1 - 9,738 Votes ~ Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Therapy 2 - 8,952 Votes ~ Kemmerer Village 3 - 7,752 Votes ~ Rocking Horse Ranch Therapeutic Riding Program 4.
  5. Discover Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale in Florida, FL on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks.co
  6. Laoise enjoys learning and loves to try new things. She is for sale for $10,000. Like all of our horses, she is negative for PSSM1 and is registered with the GVHS. WBF Carrick of the High Kings - Sold. This amazing young man was born June 7, 2019 and is another GREAT example of the Gypsy Vanner Horses
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Sale Pending! We are offering for your consideration our Drum filly, Wildfire's Starlight Queen. She was foaled on June 25, 2021. She is out of Shire mare FH Dakota Queen and by the registered Gypsy Vanner stallion Wildfire's Whole Lotta Chrome Visit us online: http://www.gypsymvp.com or call Jennifer at 281-389-3356 for info.Very few people will ever own a stallion or breed their mares to a better.. Visit us online: http://www.gypsymvp.com or call Jennifer at 281-389-3356 for info.This very rare colored Gypsy Vanner has everything from a hug you all ove.. Prior Gypsy Vanner Mare Sales. Comes with 30 days of free training with the trainer of your choice. In foal to VV Caymus for an April 2016 foal. Currently being bred back to Dazzle Dance for a 2017 foal. Ridden in parades and trail rides for years and gets ridden in walk trot and canter every week by my nephew and nieces

Horse For Sale: Mocha '21 Colt (Registered with GVHS) Location: Ohio: Primary Breed: Gypsy Vanner: Color: Bay: Other breed: Gypsy Horses: Date Foaled: June, 2021: Gender: Stallion BAY PEARL Colt - TERMS AVAIL Price: $7000: You aren't logged in! Logging in will turn on more features when you view ads. Bay Pearl Colt - Ee/Aa/nPrl - Neg Pssm1/FI Discover Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale right now, on the UK's #1 equestrian marketplace today - Browse Horses, or place a FREE advert

Gelding Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale 7 results. Create email alert. Sort by 13 photos, 1 video. A very unique Gypsy cross gelding . He is the complete package of beauty, brains, and brawn. Brick has proven himself to us to be very consistent and dependable out on the ranch. Whether you ride him to move cows, check fence or, simply enjoy taking. Gypsy Vanner Horses are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world. At gypsy MVP you will find only the finest quality colts of this breed. Gypsy Vanner Colts for Sale. No listings at this time . Prior Gypsy Vanner Colt Sales . Beau: SOLD 06/09/2016: Robinhood: SOLD 04/25/2016: Titus. GV04314. SOLD 04/06/2016: Dazzle Mi: SOLD 02/06. Miniature, Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale. Find horses of all breeds and disciplines for sale across the country! Showing 1-24 of 325 Results, Page 1 of 14. $25,000 Bandera Dublin Balladeer-14.0HH, 2016, Black and White, Gypsy Vanner, Gelding. Dallas, TX. $22,500 RSS Caprice-14.0hh, 2017, Palomino/White, Gypsy Vanner, Mare. Category Archives: Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale. MMV's Sharp Dressed Man On Jan, 19, 2020 Mary Beth Wherry; Black & White Colt Foaled May 8, 2019 | RAF | FOR SALE MMV's Sharp Dressed Man aka Ziggy is an 8 month old son of GG Versace and Reserve National Champion BB King daughter The King's Morning Glory. Ziggy is one of only two colts.

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Brightwater Danena is an exceptional rising 4 mare and a new generation of breeding with homebred stallions that are everything the breed strives to re-create in the gypsy vanner. Brightwater Bootleg has proven himself as an exceptional prepotent stallion that reminds me of the Old Horse of Wales (now deceased 2009) in conformation and type Quality Gypsy Horses For Sale. Welcome to the Gypsy Horse For Sale Home Page. This site is dedicated to helping buyers purchase, and sellers sell, Gypsy Horses, Gypsy Cobs, Irish Cobs, and Gypsy Vanners ®. Our mission at GypsyHorseForSale.com is twofold For Sale - Mare. 3 y/o Purebred, Registered Gypsy Vanner Mare, GV05960, for sale. She has been in training and can be ridden. Foundation bloodlines including the Lion King, Roadsweeper (UK), Sligo, the Coal Horse, and Fred Walker's Mare to name a few. Asking price $15,000

Discover Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale in Louisiana on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks.co Bandera Gypsy Ranch is a small gypsy horse breeding ranch with both family and show horses. We raise high-quality Gypsy horses with outstanding looks and gentle, loving temperaments. Our goal is to breed horses with personality, color, conformation, and hair. To us, the true value. of this breed is their incredible disposition Our Vanners. We breed a handful of babies each year to be offered for sale. It is our goal to produce horses of outstanding conformation, exceptional temperament, as well as tons of hair. It is a real pleasure to work with these beautiful horses! View all our Vanners Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale in North Carolina 3 results. Create email alert. Sort by 1 photo. Black and white tobiano . Subcategory Gypsy Vanner. Gender Filly. Age 1 mth. Height 14.3 hands. Color Tabiano. Location Lawndale, NC 28090. Very spunky filly! Has one partial blue eye. $ 9,500. 4 photos. 14 year old Gypsy/Stockhorse.

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Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale in Texas Post Free Ad Advanced Search: LOR Sugar Rush. Gypsy Vanner Filly. Great gypsy filly, leads, loads, and picks up her feet. She is homozygous d.. Helotes, Texas. Tobiano. Gypsy Vanner. Mare. 1. Helotes, TX. TX. $8,000. LOR Clyde. Gypsy Vanner Stallion At Stud. Clyde is a 2014 Gypsy Vanner Stud out of MGRVV. with us and discover the Gypsy Vanner Horse! E-mail us at wjricci@aol.com We would love to hear from you. To contact us about our Gypsy Vanner Horses please call (954) 540 5582. Request permission before copying Gypsy Vanner photos. E-mail . wjricci@aol.com. Many photos of the Gypsy Vanner Horses are Mark J. Barrett copyright Discover Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale in Pennsylvania on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks.co Starfire Gypsy Horses. The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire Horses available from Gypsy Vanner horse breeders, and Gypsy Vanner horses for sale at large costs are no different or better than a Gypsy Vanner horse for adoption at rescues. With care almost any horse has the potential to become an enriching companion. Please don't buy a Gypsy Vanner horse before looking into adoption

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Gypsy Vanner Geldings for Sale. Jack Sparrow. $12,000. Please click the horse's photo or name for more information Proving his versatility, and speed, Cash is a level one mounted shooting horse, and he is the anchor Barrel Racing horse for Team Gypsy Vanner. Cash is also a competitive trail horse, and drives single and team, and is the lead horse in both Unicorn, and Tandem hitches Gypsy Vanner Stallions for Sale . No Listings Currently Prior Gypsy Vanner Stallion Sales . Dazzle Dance . MVP Says Breed to me! See majestic video footage . GVHS GV00216 . Retired . Chewbacca: SOLD 05/09/2016 . Notes. Horse. Photo. Color. Height. Year Foaled. Price. SOLD 12/23/2013. Dragon Fire: Palomino & White: 15.2 hh: 2006: SOLD: SOLD 12.

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Gypsy Vanner Horses of Circle G Ranch. The Gypsy Vanner horse is powerfully built with heavy bone, a short back and thick mane, tail and feathering. Our Gypsy Vanner filly Bakalo is two years old in this picture and already exhibits the traits most sought after in Gypsy horses! We have selected our mares with traditional qualities, good. O'Malley is a 2021 Dun gypsy cross stud colt with Fjord blood. Eligible for registration with GHA as a cross, this heads up, pretty colored stud colt displays a dorsal stripe and will probably have white legs. Sire is a beautiful buckskin registered gypsy. Should make a sharp, under saddle, gypsy cross with his golden color and chrome. Shipping can be arrange at buyer's expense Lexlin Gypsy Ranch, Rockwood, TN. 121,134 likes · 18 talking about this · 1,135 were here. Gypsy Vanner Horses at Stud, For Sale & Lease : www.gogypsy.com Follow us on twitter:..

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Horse For Sale: Remington Smoke (Registered with GVHS) Location: Ohio: Primary Breed: Gypsy Vanner: Color: Cream: Other breed: Gypsy Horses: Date Foaled: March, 2021: Gender: Stallion Smoky Black Colt - TERMS AVAIL Price: $7000: You aren't logged in! Logging in will turn on more features when you view ads. Incredible Smoky Black colt available Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale In Michigan. Become a Partner. Red Riding Broodmare. Prices start at : 13000 USD. She has been inspected by the GVHS and is a high 4 Star mare. WW The Phoenixx, aka Penny, is a sweet mare that has had 90 days of under saddle work and has had a gorgeous foal. She loves people

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Big Sky Gypsy and Drum Horses is your source for purebred registered Gypsy Vanner and Drum Horses. Stallion service from our homozygous Gypsy Stallion Taliesin and horses for sale at all times. 1-406-210-247 Brightwater Gypsy Vanners is again offering spectacular wedding hire on the upper North Island. Make your wedding day special with our magnificent Gypsy Vanner, Mr. Beau Jangles and our unique 100 year old one of a kind antique cart. Please enquire for more information at info@bgvanners.com More photos here For Sale In Utero. Since we are a premiere breeder of these rare Gypsy Vanner horses, we frequently enjoy a waiting list of buyers hoping for a foal of foundation breeding for their programs. A select collection of our foals are available for purchase while in utero. Foals for sale in utero are sold with our LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE Lex Lin Gypsy Ranch | Stallions For Sale - Lex Lin Gypsy Ranch. LexLin's Illusive Phantom Fever Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Age: 4 Sale Price: $11,000. LexLin's Jager Bomb Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Age: 5 Sale Price: Contact Us. Thomas' Bay Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Age: 17 Sale Price: $28,000. Clononeen's TN Honey of LexLin Gypsy Vanner Stallion. Our Adirondack Gypsy Vanner & Drum Horse family go above and beyond to ensure that the Gypsy Vanners and Drum Horses bred in our program exemplify the breed standards. Our goal is to produce broad-chested horses with heavy, rounded hips, short back, thick bone structure, strong, ample hooves, an abundance of silky feather, a thick, flowing mane.

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