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The Human Voice (Spanish: La voz humana) is a 2020 Spanish-American short drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, based upon the play of the same name by Jean Cocteau. It stars Tilda Swinton and it's Almodovar's first movie acted in English.. It had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2020. It was released in Spain on October 21, 2020, by Wanda Films and. The Human Voice unites Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton for a short film whose rich rewards are belied by its abbreviated length. Read critic reviews. Where to watch. Subscription The Human Voice, the new short film directed by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar and starring Tilda Swinton, is being released digitally exclusively on the streaming platform MUBI on July 23. It is. The Human Voice Almodóvar. Jean Cocteau wrote the play The Human Voice (La Voix Humaine) in 1928 and it premiered in 1930. Since then, it has been performed in numerous iterations. Famous examples are Anna Magnani's rendition in Rosselini's L'Amore (1948) and Ingrid Bergman's in 1965. Recently, there have been several adaptations. The Human Voice review - Tilda Swinton on the verge in Almodóvar's tale of despair Swinton plays a woman abandoned by her lover in a short, affecting drama that echoes the uncertainties of.

The first English-language film from the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar stars Tilda Swinton and adapts Jean Cocteau to sublime results. Tilda Swinton in The Human Voice. Credit.. brilliant movi A freshly minted English-language Almodóvar melodrama starring Tilda Swinton, The Human Voice would be one of the hottest tickets at the Venice Film Festival if it weren't for the small. The Human Voice (French: La Voix humaine) is a monodrama first staged at the Comédie-Française in 1930, written two years earlier by Jean Cocteau. It is set in Paris, where a still-quite-young woman is on the phone with her lover of the last five years. He is to marry another woman the next day, which causes her to despair

Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar on his new short film 'The Human Voice' which comes out March 12. He talks about life during lockdown, working with Tilda Swinton, Lucia Berlin, and Madres. The great joy of The Human Voice - his take on the much-adapted Jean Cocteau monodrama from 1930 - is that it plays in the best possible way like compressed, concentrated Almodóvar, minus any. This version of The Human Voice has received much more attention than most short films, partly because of the the unusual circumstances of its production and release during the pandemic but also because of the combination of Almodóvar and Swinton. In formal terms and in its production values, the film is a familiar production from El Deseo. The mode is melodrama and the glories that an.

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The Human Voice Available to own. Madness and melancholy intersect to thrilling effect as Almodóvar reimagines Jean Cocteau's short play The Human Voice for an era in which isolation has become a way of life. Laws of desire become the rules of the game as Tilda Swinton's unnamed woman paces and panics in a glorious Technicolor apartment. The Human Voice is a gift from the great Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. It comes in a very small box — a movie only half an hour in length — but it opens up into an absurdly rich. The Human Voice, available in India on BookMyShow Stream, masterfully condenses the Almodovar universe within a single apartment, which, as the camera reveals a few minutes into the film, is a set. Almodóvar's first short film in 11 years, and his first of any length to be made in English, The Human Voice outwardly seems like more of a departure for Spain's most celebrated living. Pedro Almodóvar's short film The Human Voice is the Spanish filmmaker's English-language debut, and stars Tilda Swinton as a woman who's waiting on the lover who left her to come pick.

The Human Voice is a short drama film written and directed by Almodóvar in his English language debut, starring the one and only, Tilda Swinton. The short is loosely based on Jean Cocteau's monodrama of the same name released in 1930. It focuses on a woman (Swinton) who watches the time pass by next to her ex-lover's suitcases, an ex-lover. The Human Voice is practically a one-hander, with Swinton playing an actress wandering her luxurious apartment and speaking through her AirPods to her lover of several years on the night before he leaves her to marry another woman. In Swinton, Almodóvar has found an English-language actor ideally attuned to his dual flair for everyday observation and heightened, blooming melodrama. The Human Voice is a recent high water mark for Almodóvar, a masterful exercise in depicting both interior and exterior surfaces. In the late 1920s, the French poet, filmmaker, novelist, and playwright Jean Cocteau wrote a new play and brought it to the stage in 1930. Cocteau admitted he conceived of this monodrama when some of his actresses confronted him and complained that his eccentric. Pedro Almodóvar's English-language debut The Human Voice is a short film adaptation of the Jean Cocteau stage play of the same name, but Almodóvar's sensory filmmaking and Tilda. Just as the Cannes film festival wrapped up last week, the Venice film festival - only six weeks away - stepped in to steal the spotlight, announcing to much excitement that it will open with Parallel Mothers, the new, Penelope Cruz-starring feature by Pedro Almodóvar. Almodóvar fans can consider themselves quite spoilt these days: [

Ten days before Pedro Almodóvar's first English-language film arrives in theaters, Sony Pictures Classics has a released a new trailer for The Human Voice. Watch it above. Clocking in at an. The Human Voice is the third film from Almodóvar to take inspiration from Jean Cocteau's 1930 stage play of the same name. The text by Cocteau on which the script of this human voice is freely based is an old acquaintance of mine, which had already served as inspiration for me on other occasions, he recounts in his director's statement THE HUMAN VOICE. Pedro Almodóvar. Spain 2020. 30min A woman watches time passing next to the suitcases of her ex-lover (who is supposed to come pick them up, but never arrives) and a restless dog who doesn't understand that his master has abandoned him. Two living beings facing abandonment

The Human Voice, in cinemas May 19th. Synopsis. Madness and melancholy intersect to thrilling effect as Almodóvar reimagines Jean Cocteau's short play The Human Voice for an era in which isolation has become a way of life Almodóvar used many of his frequent collaborators, including cinematographer José Luis Alcaine and composer Alberto Iglesias, for this impeccably designed yet combustible adaptation of Jean Cocteau's 1930 play The Human Voice. A Sony Pictures Classics release. Watch the Q&A below

Almodovar's English-language The Human Voice Streaming Now on HBO Max (Review) Posted by Matt Shiverdecker May 21, 2021 May 21, 2021 Posted in Art , Film , Reviews Tags: hbo max , Pedro Almodovar , Sony Pictures Classics , Tilda Swinto The Human Voice is the new short film by Pedro Almodovar, presented out of competition on the occasion of the 77th Venice International Film Festival, and which will soon arrive at Italian cinemas, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice Has Two Stars: Tilda Swinton and a Vibrant Set-Within-a-Set. The filmmaker uses furniture to tell the story in his first English-language film Is The Human Voice streaming? Find out where to watch online amongst 45+ services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video Then I watched Almodóvar's latest (and his first English-language) undertaking, The Human Voice, which debuts in the States on March 12th and stars Tilda Swinton as a woman on the verge of.

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Pedro Almodóvar's intoxicating English-language debut, the thirty-minute short film The Human Voice, is freely based on the play by Jean Cocteau that was first staged in Paris in 1930, which the filmmaker previously referenced in 1987's Law of Desire, and initially inspired him to write 1988's Women On the Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown A glamourous one-woman show with a dark streak, The Human Voice is a masterfully crafted piece of short filmmaking. Starring—and only starring—Tilda Swinton, the one-room drama takes viewers through a roller coaster of emotions in only thirty minutes.Directed by Pedro Almodóvar and based on the play by Jean Cocteau, The Human Voice is inventively filmed with style and precision

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  1. The Human Voice is rife with references to Almodóvar's past work, particularly his 1995 film The Flower of My Secret, which seems to directly share a scene where the protagonist's heartbreak.
  2. ute short feel as emotionally fulfilling as any feature film
  3. A great pairing of actor and director. There's something almost fitting about the fact that The Human Voice, director Pedro Almodóvar 's English language debut, was filmed in the middle of.
  4. ation
  5. Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice is full of ghosts. Metaphorical ones. Tilda Swinton is a woman carrying the ghosts of a relationship which has just ended. Haunting her are its remnants.

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Home » Film Festivals » 'The Human Voice' review; Dir. Pedro Almodóvar (2020) 'The Human Voice' review; Dir. Pedro Almodóvar (2020) Sep 25, 2020 by Awais Irfa During the Human Voice press conference, Swinton explained she had been entirely besotted by Almodovar's movies since seeing Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (which takes its. Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar makes his English-language debut with the 30-minute short, The Human Voice, adapted from a play by Jean Cocteau. Tilda Swinton plays a woman grappling with.

The Human Voice is many things. It is an adaptation of a Jean Cocteau play first performed in 1930, designed as a monologue of a person gone mad with grief. It is a showcase for the 60-year-old actor, a highlight in a career that includes winning an Oscar, doing two movies with Bong Joon-Ho and transforming into David Bowie The Human Voice may well be one of the premier highlights of NYFF, and serves as a reminder that Almodóvar remains a filmmaking force — even with a career now entering its fifth decade. Final Takeaway: The Human Voice, like all Almodóvar films, brings with it many Almodóvar trademarks, including his signature use of color, his love of strong women, and the themes he most often embraces. Writers can learn from his fastidiousness to detail, and his thought into symbolism and theme with every aspect of the production

In Almodóvar's film, and to adjust to today, it's an iPhone and AirPods, not phones with cords to wrap around your neck. With The Human Voice, Almodovar modernized the suffering of a woman. In the live-action shorts category, the highest-profile film is The Human Voice, Pedro Almodóvar's adaptation of a Jean Cocteau short play, which stars Tilda Swinton. Other shortlisted films include The Letter Room, a prison comedy starring Oscar Isaac and Alia Shawkat; Two Distant Strangers, a time-loop drama about a Black. Forbes - The Human Voice, the new short film directed by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar and starring Tilda Swinton, is being released digitally exclusively on the streaming platform MUBI on July 23. It is a fantastically flamboyant adaptation of the 1930 play written by French artist Jean Cocteau. Tilda Streaming: Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice and other A-list shorts. Just as the Cannes film festival wrapped up last week, the Venice film festival - only six weeks away - stepped in to steal the spotlight, announcing to much excitement that it will open with Parallel Mothers, the new, Penelope Cruz-starring feature by Pedro Almodóvar

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The Spanish auteur's joyous half-hour film The Human Voice, now on Mubi, makes you wish that more top directors would occasionally keep it brie The Guardian - Just as the Cannes film festival wrapped up last week, the Venice film festival - only six weeks away - stepped in to steal the spotlight, announcing to much excitement that it will open with Parallel Mothers, the new, Penelope Cruz-starring feature by Pedro Almodóvar. Almodóvar fans can consider Hawkhurst Almodovar: The Human Voice plus Q and A (15) 76mins. We are thrilled to bring the new short film, The Human Voice, directed by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar and starring Tilda Swinton, as a special Event Screening, accompanied by a pre-recorded Q&A with Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton hosted by the film critic Mark Kermode The Human Voice is many things. It is an adaptation of a Jean Cocteau play first performed in 1930, designed as a monologue of a person gone mad with grief. It is a showcase for the 60-year-old. ARCHIVO - El director español Pedro Almodóvar posa en la alfombra roja de los Premios Goya en Málaga, España, el 25 de enero de 2020. La película The Human Voice protagonizada por Tilda Swinton, el primer filme hablado en inglés de Pedro Almodóvar, tendrá su premiere en la 58ª edición del Festival de Cine de Nueva York

Two names are all you need to know that The Human Voice is a must-see short film.Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton.One is a director that is in the discussion as the very best in the entire world, while the other is an actress that always makes interesting choices but never fails to impress no matter the film Watch a trailer for The Human Voice. Related: Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton: 'I love the idea of the woman on the edge of the abyss' Alone throughout on screen, but taking up all its space in a parade of iridescent haute couture, Swinton plays a nameless, recently dumped woman, trying to talk her ex into reconciliation over the course of an increasingly frenzied phone call

Pedro Almodóvar's THE HUMAN VOICE Starring Tilda Swinton Opening theatrically Friday, April 2 Strong text: Playing with WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Theatrical ticketing only - not available in Virtual Cinema Synopsis text: An elegant wraithlike woman (the inimitable Tilda Swinton), a fidgety dog, a chicly furnished apartment, an ax Swinton is the centrepiece - the human voice of this witty, teasing movie and the human pulse as well. - Danny Leigh, Financial Times Almodóvar's sense of cinema design - the décor simulates a luxe apartment and lays it bare as a soundstage illusion - is acutely keyed to Swinton's performance here, which projects mercurial emotion with. THE HUMAN VOICE, in all its delicious absurdity and kitsch extravagance, ties into the concerns of emotional abandonment and disrupted communication that have long run through his [Almodóvar's] more ostensibly serious works. Guy Lodge Variet Pedro Almodóvar, The Human Voice, 2021, film still. Courtesy: El Deseo D.A. S.L.U.; photograph: Iglesias Mas. Knives do play a part in Almodóvar's portrait of his leading lady's nervous breakdown, as does a literal axe that ends up used not in the Chekovian third act, but in the first, before the telephone has even begun ringing Future historians seeking a Covid-era time capsule should set aside half an hour for Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice.It isn't just that the film — shot during the pandemic — is a model.


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Break the illusion of the decor. Cocteau's work has haunted Almodovar since the 1970s, when he discovered Rosselini's film adaptation of it, Amore (1948), with Anna Magnani. But, for the Spanish filmmaker, The human voice was not to stretch on a feature film. In addition, concerned about the moral autonomy of the heroine, neglected and deceived, he wanted to find a way out. Review. The Human Voice. Grade: A. Director: Pedro Almodovar. Cast: Tilda Swinton. Rated: R (for some drug content and nude images). Running Time: 30 minutes. Now Showing: Ross Media Arts Center. As The Human Voice - Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar's glorious new 30-minute film - opens, an unnamed woman (Tilda Swinton) steps onto a soundstage wearing a full-skirted, Jezebel-red. The Human Voice. December 23, 2020 ·. Tilda Swinton stars in Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice. 66. 5 Shares. Like Comment Share

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Pedro Almodóvar's first English film The Human Voice, starring Tilda Swinton, opens nationwide on Friday, March 12, 2021.The short film screens in New York City at Film Forum in Hudson Square on Friday, April 2, 2021.Tickets are on sale through Thursday, April 29, 2021 extended to Thursday, May 13, 2021 Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz. A short film of 30 minutes that's written and directed by the always interesting Spanish director of international note Pedro Almodóvar (Talk to Her/Bad Education), that's based loosely on the 1930 monologue play by Jean Cocteau. This is the auteur's first film in English, and is a curious choice. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?: Almodovar Finds a Talking Cure in Lavish Short. In more ways than one, Pedro Almodóvar tackling an adaptation of Jean Cocteau's famous 1930 monologue play The Human Voice as the instrument for his English language debut marks a fascinating union of queer aesthetics. That Tilda Swinton is the well-heeled ganglion of raw nerves in this showcase of a woman who. The Human Voice does communicate a narrative story (kind of), but just as Almodóvar makes a point of regularly reminding us that the apartment is in fact a set within a soundstage, and the actor alone within it all, the film should really be watched and appreciated for what it is: an exercise in filmmaking where the audience gets the rare. The film is followed by a recorded Q&A with Tilda Swinton and Pedro Almodóvar hosted by Mark Kermode. Tagged with: Cinema New releases. Spain 2020 Dir Pedro Almodóvar 30min (not including Q&A) Total programme run time 76 min. From 17 May (and unless guidance changes) six people or two households of any size can visit together as a group

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The DVD version of The Human Voice comes with a 45-minute interview with Tilda Swinton and Pedro Almodóvar. It's in a way quite funny to have an interview that is actually a lot longer than the feature film, but it's also interesting to see what the idea and concept behind this creative piece was The Human Voice is no different in that regard. The difference between this film and all of Almodovar's others is that it is mainly in the English language, as to where all his previous films were in Spanish. The Human Voice is a short film, coming in right at 30 minutes. But that does not matter because it is an extremely impactful half hour

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The Human Voice is the first time the two have worked together. Swinton said a friend of hers, a Benedictine monk in Scotland, prayed that she would work with Almodovar. I thought it was. Sony Pictures Classics recently bought The Human Voice, an absolutely pretentious and uninvolving short film directed by the usually great Pedro Almodóvar and starring Tilda Swinton. This was one of the more disappointing works of my fall festival season. I had great hopes for this 30-minute film, but, ultimately, the material rang too hollow and familiar for me to fully embrace its in.

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  1. Join Soundtrack Stream to Research the article 'The Human Voice': Tilda Swinton, Pedro Almodóvar and Pure Cinephile Bliss There she is, stepping out from behind a screen and seen in glorious close-up: the vibrant red dress, the half-shadowed face, the untamed tangle of ginger hair. (We Stan an icon.) For the next half-hour, 'The Human Voice': Tilda Swinton, Pedro.
  2. ute film, but, ultimately, the material rang too hollow and familiar for me to fully embrace its in-your-face nature
  3. utes. But Almodóvar's own poetic spirit consistently matches that of the old master. Hardly surprising. The human voice Weighted R for language
  4. ute short features Swinton at her most magnetic - sweeping around a magnificent apartment in a Balenciaga gown while her.

Read full review. The Human Voice is all about the muddied lines between the fabricated and the genuine, and about how much a performance can be divorced from the sincere feelings that might be undergirding it. Read full review. The Human Voice's images tend to call out in vain; not an utterance is heard Human Voice will be paired with a new restoration of the fizzy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, so this is an ideal time to catch up on his films. Almodóvar led the. With the Spanish auteur Almodóvar writing and directing in his English-language debut and freely taking inspiration from the play by Jean Cocteau, The Human Voice is a vivid study of grief and. Spain's master filmmaker Pedro Almodovar's first English-language film, The Human Voice, is akin to a Douglas Sirk fevered-dream. An unnamed woman (Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton) has been.

Pedro Almodóvar's The Human Voice. Pathé have announced the film will be released in select UK cinemas from 19th May. The film will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with Almodóvar and Swinton hoste But then, The Human Voice wouldn't have taken up too much room in Swinton's schedule, given its key distinction from the rest of Almodóvar's recent oeuvre: it's a half-hour short, returning to a format that most directors of his standing leave behind in their formative youth. Thirty minutes of Almodóvar, however, contains more life and verve than most directors can cram into two hours The Human Voice is streaming on HBO Max btw I have found something to like in literally every Almodovar film (and his track record still holds up if I amend my statement to all of his features), but the Human Voice is a stunning failure and the majority of the blame lies with Tilda Swinton and Almodovar for not directing her to do something. Pedro Almodóvar makes The Human Voice a comment on artifice and theatricality: Swinton's glances break the fourth wall and the woman's technicolour flat, it transpires, is a soundstage in a.

The actress discussed what she had learned during the coronavirus pandemic and how that had informed her new movie, The Human Voice, directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Tilda Swinton in Venice on. Tilda Swinton: the new The Human Voice and 4 other films to be reviewed. There is no category capable of containing Tilda Swinton: free from labels, this ethereal 60-year-old Londoner has won every recognition (the last, in chronological order, is the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the International Film Festival of Venice).Transformer by vocation, activist by nature, mother by choice. The Human Voice, running approximately 30 minutes, is a very free adaptation of the original stage play by Jean Cocteau, with which Pedro Almodóvar has been dreaming of for decades. It tells the story of a desperate woman (Tilda Swinton), who waits for the phone call of the lover who has just abandoned her En la semana del 17 de mayo llegó a los cines de Italia The Human Voice de Pedro Almodóvar, una obra de cineasta con 60 años. Como madrileño nacido en 1980, me crié viendo películas de Pedro Almodóvar a edades que a día de hoy parecerían escandalosas e ilegales At just 30 minutes, it may be easy to dismiss The Human Voice as a curio in the largely essential filmography of legendary auteur Pedro Almodovar. Particularly when you look at cinephilia as a world that largely ignores short films, even though it comes from the mind of an iconic filmmaker, it's short runtime may make it seem like a skippable venture


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  1. ute short film suffuses its bite-sized runtime with the same brand of lacerating pathos found in the Spanish auteur's feature-length filmography. From its candied sets and wardrobe to Tilda.
  2. The Human Voice, Almodóvar's first work in English, is freely based on a French play.French artist, playwright and film director Jean Cocteau wrote the one act play, La voix humaine, and it was first staged by Berthe Bovy at the Comédie-Française in Paris in 1930.The play tells the story of a woman, alone in a room, on the phone to her lover who has just left her for another woman
  3. d. A short, sharp shot of distilled.
  4. The Human Voice is een korte film van Pedro Almodóvar, gebaseerd op het beroemde toneelstuk 'La voix humaine' van Jean Cocteau. In Tilda Swinton vond Almodóvar de ideale vertolker van het personage dat hem al decennia inspireert: een verlaten en ontredderde vrouw

The Human Voice (2020) 6.9 2,385 2,38 《人聲》香港今日上映 購票請往:https://bit.ly/3rasjhC #艾慕杜華 Pedro Almodóvar 首部英語電影 英國女星 #蒂達史雲頓 Tilda Swinton 獨.

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