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The Virginia gubernatorial election was held on November 5, 2013 following a Democratic primary election on June 11, 2013 and a Republican statewide convention on May 17-18, 2013. Incumbent Bob McDonnell (R) was term limited from running for re-election in 2013 Virginia Elections Database » 2013 Governor General Election 2013 Governor General Election Candidates Vote Count 1,069,789 1,013,354 146,084 Terence Richard McAuliffe Kenneth Thomas Cuccinelli, II Robert Christopher Sarvis 0k 1,000k 250k 500k 750k 1,250 Detailed state-level election results in the state of Virginia for the 2013 Gubernatorial General Election

Live 2013 Virginia Governor Election Results and Map, includes 2013 races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and, and Mayoral Results Live results and maps for the 2013 Virginia Governor general election The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2013 took place on November 5, 2013, to elect the Governor of Virginia. The incumbent Governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, was not eligible to run for re-election due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution

Main article: 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election The incumbent governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, was not eligible to run for re-election due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution. Virginia is the only state that prohibits its governor from serving immediate successive terms The Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial election of 2013 took place on November 5, 2013, to elect the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The incumbent Lieutenant Governor, Republican Bill Bolling, had originally planned to run for Governor of Virginia in the 2013 gubernatorial election, but withdrew upon the entry of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Main article: 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election Governor Bob McDonnell was term-limited in 2013, as Governors of Virginia cannot serve consecutive terms. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the Republican nominee for Governor, after winning the nomination at Virginia's 2013 Republican Party convention The Election Day poll was based on questionnaires completed by 2,376 voters as they left 40 randomly chosen precincts across the state on Tuesday. The polls were conducted by Edison Research of.. Most public polls leading up to Election Day had Democrat Terry McAuliffe coasting to victory, some by double digits, in the Virginia governor's race. Instead he squeaked by, beating Republican Ken..

Virginia blame game begins. National Republicans agree on this much about the 2013 campaign in Virginia: It wasn't supposed to go like this. Well before the last votes are cast in the state's. 2005 Virginia Governor. Total votes cast: 1,983,778; Kaine (D): 1,025,942 (51.7 percent) Kilgore (R): 912,327 (46.0 percent) A couple of observations here: One, from 2009 to 2017, the GOP vote.

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Election 2013. Virginia Governor New Jersey Governor New Jersey Senate New York City Mayor Latest Election 2013 Polls. Election 2014. Latest Governor 2014 Polls Latest Senate 2014 Poll Virginia's 2013 Gubernatorial Race and Presidential Elections: A Comparison of News Coverage For decades, growing numbers of scholarly studies have criticized mass media coverage of election campaigns as generally unhelpful to voters 2013 →. The 2009 Virginia gubernatorial election was held on November 3, 2009, following a Democratic primary election on June 9, 2009 and a Republican statewide convention on May 30, 2009. Bob McDonnell (R) ran against Sen. Creigh Deeds (D) and won the election with 58.6% of the popular vote. Governor McDonnell was sworn in on January 16, 2010 The Virginia Gubernatorial Election. November 10, 2013 by Peter Lemieux. On Tuesday, the Democrats won the governorship in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Though Terry McAuliffe held a substantial lead in the polls over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli throughout most of the campaign, McAuliffe's actual margin of victory was just 2.5%. Map and live results for the Virginia governor's race, featuring Democrat Terry McAuliffe against Ken Cuccinelli; New Jersey governor, where Republican Chris Christie faces Barbara Buono; New York City mayor, featuring Democrat Bill de Blasio against Joe Lhota; and contests for Boston mayor, U.S. House, and Virginia lieutenant governor and attorney general

Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia governor's race, CNN projects What Christie's 2013 re-election bid tells us about 2016 Christie performed well with groups that normally cast ballots for. Map 1: Dot density map of 2013 Virginia election Note: Each dot represents 30 votes . McAuliffe's victory, while not as strong as Obama's roughly four-point win in 2012, was powered by the same areas: Check out all that blue in Northern Virginia, Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads, where about 70% of the state's votes are cast in any.

That was the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election between now-Gov. Terry McAuliffe (last seen under investigation for allegedly violating election law) and then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. November 6, 2013. Terry McAuliffe narrowly won the Virginia governor's race Tuesday, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli II by piling up votes in parts of the state hit hard by last month's.

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The off-off-year gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia are commonly viewed as bellwethers for gauging the off-year congressional races that will follow. These two elections can claim. 2013 - Virginia Governor - Cuccinelli vs. McAuliff So far, almost every external event in the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial race — the federal investigation of a sitting governor and the selection of an over-the-top activist as the GOP lieutenant. Oct. 30, 2013 Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) was in Roanoke on Wednesday as he crisscrosses the state with former president Bill Clinton, less than a week before Election Da

The other governor's race this year, besides the one in New Jersey, will be in Virginia. Before discussing that race, just to follow up on some comments regarding the New Jersey race: As someone mentioned, if anyone thinks Christie's embrace of Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy cost Romney the election, they are mistaken Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election 4 found (14 total) Tareq Salahi (5,075 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article candidacy as a Republican for Governor of Virginia in the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election.When making his announcement, Salahi stated that his candidac

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  1. Detailed state-level election results in the state of Virginia for the 2013 Gubernatorial General Election Election. Home 2020 Election Results Election Info Weblog Forum Wiki Search Email Login Site Info Stor
  2. Virginia gubernatorial hopefuls key on 'election integrity' in major post-Trump contest for how they would change Virginia's election rules. in-person convention in 2013 to win the.
  3. In nine of the state's last 10 gubernatorial races, the party in the White House has lost the contest in Virginia. McAuliffe bucked that trend when he narrowly won his first term in 2013
  4. In an off year, Virginia is not a blue state: It leans Republican. In Virginia's 2009 gubernatorial election, non-whites represented 22 percent of the electorate—down 8 points from 2008, while.
  5. ee when he was elected in 2013. He won by like 2 points. Northam won by something like 7 points in 2017
  6. ee Terry McAuliffe the election. Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli's campaign had relentlessly attacked Sarvis during the last three or four weeks leading to November 5, and may have carved off enough Sarvis supporters to give McAuliffe the edge he needed to win
  7. Every four years, the Virginia gubernatorial election is one of the first major statewide elections following the presidential election. Since 1977, the state has elected a governor from the opposite party of the president in every election except for 2013 when McAuliffe was elected governor following Barack Obama's (D) re-election

The Republican Party selected its statewide ticket at a convention in May 2013. On May 18, 2013, Cuccinelli won the Republican Party's gubernatorial nomination at the state party convention. At the 2013 state Republican convention he became the Republican nominee in the 2013 election for Attorney General of Virginia Virginia has received a decent dose of negative publicity over the past couple of months because of Governor Bob McDonnell's acceptance of gifts and loans from a wealthy supporter, Jonnie Williams. [2] Worse, perhaps, for McDonnell and his family is that reports have trickled out slowly over a couple of months Meanwhile, Democrats are hoping that their nominee will do what McAuliffe pulled off in 2013, when he became the first candidate from the president's party to win a Virginia gubernatorial.

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Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign, 2013‎ (5 C, 17 F) Media in category Virginia gubernatorial election, 2013 The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total Legendary fundraiser will face super-rich self-funder in Virginia governor's race on financial disclosure forms filed when he ran for governor in 2013. Virginia primary election. Show More November 6, 2013. Voters headed to the polls Tuesday for an off-year election day and elected Terry McAuliffe (D) over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) in the Virginia gubernatorial race. (Even the one exception here—McAuliffe's victory after Barack Obama's re-election victory in 2013—was only 2.5 percentage points.) So as Biden campaigns with McAuliffe in Northern Virginia at 7:45 p.m. today, remember that voting will be crucial in deciding the Virginia governor's race

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Virginia and New Jersey are the only two states that elect governors in the year after a presidential election, so Virginia's contest often is seen as an indicator of a new president's. (CNN) - Polls have closed in Virginia but the race for governor there between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli is too close to call. Here are results of CNN's early exit polls conducted on Tuesday in Virginia: McAuliffe capturing moderates, women McAuliffe is doing well with key voting blocs in Virginia Governors' races individually can be misleading (for example, Democrats winning the 2013 Virginia governor's race before getting trounced in the 2014 midterms), and they're best examined as a whole

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  1. The survey, conducted June 22 to June 30, reached 600 women in Virginia who either voted in 2008 or 2012 but did not vote in 2009, or who registered since the 2009 gubernatorial election and voted.
  2. ation. Virginia, the two states holding elections in this off-year (along with a gubernatorial recall in California). And there were no real.
  3. Virginia Department of Elections results for past governor races, registration data and turnout statistics. Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections for past presidential. Virginia.
  4. The Democratic National Committee announced Thursday that it plans to spend at least $5 million in Virginia ahead of the key off-year elections in the commonwealth, a significant investment that.
  5. Source for Popular Vote data: Virginia State Board of Elections. 2009 Election Results Reports - November General Officials Results, Virginia State Board of Elections ( ) (accessed 28 Oct 2010) Source for Population data: U.S. Census Bureau. Results for and Individual County

The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2013 took place on November 5, 2013, to elect the governor of Virginia. Not eligible to run for re-election due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution. Wikipedi Virginia Governor Election Results by County, 2013.svg 343 × 166; 147 KB Virginia gubernatorial election results by county 2017.svg 343 × 166; 143 KB Virginia Gubernatorial Election Results by County, 2009.svg 342 × 183; 75 K The 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election will be held on November 2, 2021, to elect the next governor of Virginia. Unable to run for reelection, as the Constitution of Virginia prohibits the officeholder from serving consecutive terms

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  1. But it's shallow, bush-league stuff — the kind that makes even the low, dishonest 2013 gubernatorial race between McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli II look like a Lincoln-Douglas rematch
  2. The 2021 Virginia House of Delegates election will be held on November 2, 2021. The elections for the Senate of Virginia will also be held on the same day. All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for election.. Retirements. Five incumbents are not going to run; one Democrat and five Republican's, including previous speaker and previous majority leader, Kirk Cox
  3. Gubernatorial Contests, 2013. New Jersey and Virginia held gubernatorial elections in 2013. Candidates in these elections raised $91.9 million, which is 21 percent less than the $116 million raised in 2009 and 33 percent less than the $137 million raised in 2005
  4. One of, if not the, highest profile election this year is the Virginia gubernatorial race. Things are beginning to heat up as we enter the final two month stretch before the election on November 5th and NORML thought it was worth looking at how the issue of marijuana law reform has come into play

In nine of the state's last 10 gubernatorial races, the party in the White House has lost the contest in Virginia. McAuliffe bucked that trend when he narrowly won his first term in 2013 Even before yesterday's election, Republicans were ready to blame Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's looming defeat to Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis. A Vote for Sarvis is a Vote for McAuliffe argued one Cuccinelli supporter. With the final count in, expect Republican anger at the Libertarian spoiler to grow exponentially Often, when the media are discussing upcoming elections, candidates are referred to as extreme on abortion. Almost always that label is unfairly applied to the pro-life candidate, even when the pro-abortion candidate holds positions on abortion way outside the mainstream. Gubernatorial elections will be held in Virginia and New Jersey on November 5. Pro-life Attorney [ The leading factor: Since 1977, with one exception, the incumbent president's party loses the Virginia gubernatorial election the next year. Just as voters typically turn out many of the. The Virginia gubernatorial race has been in the news quite a bit recently, but this week in particular, with a fact-checked ad being one such source for news. While there were some hiccups--to put.

It has now been more than a decade since a Republican won statewide office in its former Southern stronghold of Virginia. Gov. Bob F. McDonnell, who later left office indicted on federal corruption charges, was the last to claim the state for the GOP, coasting to a victory in the Nov. 2009 election to succeed now-Sen. Tim M. Kaine (D-Va.) as governor of about 8.5 million people Virginia Gubernatorial Election: Motivating the base. October 3, 2013 by Allie Jane. Research studies on the 1978 New Hampshire and 2005 Virginia gubernatorial elections focus on the communication around the elections. Through Dunn's research on the Agenda Setting Theory and Moore's research on the Knowledge-Gap Hypothesis, we develop a. The two main Virginia gubernatorial candidates, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D), debated User Created Clips from This Video October 24, 2013

Spoiler candidate alert: Libertarian Robert Sarvis is a third-party candidate in the 2013 Virginia governor's race. Although polling reveals that it is unlikely for him to win, will he split votes away from Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the process?. Election day is less than 60 days away, and Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are in crunch time Jeff Schapiro spoke by telephone to preview that evening's final Virginia gubernatorial debate before the November 5, 2013, election. Report Video Issue Javascript must be enabled in order to.

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  1. Map of Virginia counties and cities It's election day in a number of places around the country; as is always the case in a year after a presidential election, the main events are the gubernatorial..
  2. The Virginia gubernatorial election will capture national attention, as Virginia and New Jersey are the only two states to hold such contests in the year after a presidential election. The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted January 4-7, with 1,134 registered voters in Virginia questioned by telephone
  3. The Virginia gubernatorial election this year will be the first test of whether Republicans can improve their standing among suburban voters with former President Donald Trump out of office

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  1. Virginia Gubernatorial debates July 21, 2013: Debate sponsored by the Virginia Bar Association and held at the landmark Omni Homestead Resort in western Virginia, broadcast live. 7/21/13: Coverage of debate by Richmond Times-Dispatch and Washington Post PolitiFact.com coverage, Jan. 13, Jan. 28, and March 7, 2013
  2. He added that this election could be decided by how much Donald Trump's influence among Republicans has subsided since he left the presidency this year. In Holsworth's eyes, Trump ''has been a millstone around the neck of Virginia Republicans. They lost a governor's race by 2 points in 2013 and a Senate race by less than 1 point in 2014
  3. Election Day 2013: Virginia governor race still too close to call. The acrimonious campaign for Virginia governor neared its end Tuesday, capping a race driven by negative ads, unrelenting accusations of dodgy behavior and a deep rancor between rivals Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli. Skip to next paragraph
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  5. (CNN) - With less than four weeks to go until Election Day in Virginia, a new poll indicates Democrat Terry McAuliffe holds a slight eight percentage point lead over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in the battle for governor. According to a Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday morning, 47% of likely voters in Virginia's November 5 election say they back McAuliffe, a.
  6. ations were decided..
  7. Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe speaks to the crowd during an election night event, November 5, 2013 in Tysons Corner, Virginia. McAuliffe... Democratic Virginia Lt. Governor candidate Ralph Northam, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner , Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and..

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is skipping one of the debates in his race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, citing a moderator's past donation to a charity associated with. Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, appointed New Jersey's Attorney General, Jefferey Chiesa, to fill his seat, and called a special election for October the 16th to determine who would fill out the rest of the term. New Jersey, along with Virginia, is one of two states that holds is gubernatorial election one year after presidential. Election Night 2013 Generated by IJG JPEG Library (L-R) U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) celebrate after. Menu Elections > 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial. Share. Wednesday November 3, 2021. As of July 2013, nearly 4% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is produced by wind turbines. By installing wind turbines on their properties farmers can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in tax credits. Since 2008 these tax credits have. Election night 2013 is nearly upon us. On Tuesday, political junkies will be watching a trio of marquee races: for Virginia governor, New Jersey governor and New York City mayor

2021 Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial election. The 2021 Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial election will be held on November 2, 2021. Incumbent lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax was eligible to run for a second term, but instead ran for governor But McAuliffe, also a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has already been elected governor of Virginia before. In 2013 he broke the so-called Virginia curse of candidates losing the commonwealth's off-year gubernatorial race if they had the same party affiliation as the current occupant of the White House Along with Virgina, New Jersey is one of two states to hold their gubernatorial elections the year after the presidential election.And just as with Virginia, this makes New Jersey's elections a portent of political trends. In 2009, the initial honeymoon period of Barack Obama's presidential victory was wearing off, and the first stirrings of the Tea Party were forming One previous trend would have been in the GOP's favor: Since the 1970s, the winner of Virginia's off-year gubernatorial election always came from the opposite party of the previous year's. Virginia race, coming a year after Biden won on a wave of anti-Trump sentiment, will test the parties' strength ahead of the 2022 midterm election. Virginia governor's race shaping up as a key.

Virginia's gubernatorial race, coming a year after the presidential election, historically has served as a barometer of the public's mood. It also provides a preview of arguments Democrats and Republicans are likely to make in next year's midterm elections Virginia polling was fine, excepting Mark Warner's massive disapproving lead in 2014, for the 2012/2016/2018/2020 cycles, but it's been consistently 4-5 points off of reality the past few gubernatorial cycles: the RCP average in 2017 was Northam+4 (compare result Northam+9), in 2013 was McAuliffe+7 (compare result McAuliffe+3), in 2009 was.

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While Woodruff has not yet been announced as a moderator—or even that she is in consideration for the job—for an upcoming Virginia Bar Association (VBA) debate between McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin, she has moderated VBA-hosted debates the last two election cycles in Virginia in 2017 and 2013.. McAuliffe, the former Virginia governor, is now the Democrat nominee for his old job. McAuliffe, who served as governor of Virginia from 2014-2018, won the Democratic party's statewide primary to become his party's nominee on Tuesday, coming out on top of a field of five. Last month, Virginia completed its most progressive General Assembly session in history, with legislation setting a path for legalizing marijuana, abolishing the death penalty, expanding voting access and allowing state health care plans to cover abortion. In the state's gubernatorial election this fall — the first major election in the Biden era — Virginians will decide whether they. Exit Polls for Virigina Governor's Race. 1. Convicted Fort Hood killer Hasan forcibly shaved in prison » 2. Family reportedly ejected from Universal Studios due to father's police shir

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The 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election was held on November 2, 2021, to elect the next governor of Virginia. Incumbent Democratic Governor Ralph Northam was unable to run for reelection, as the Constitution of Virginia prohibits the officeholder from serving consecutive terms. The Democratic party selected former Governor Terry McAuliffe on a. Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that the 46th President will take a hop across the Potomac this upcoming Friday. According to an event page released by Governor McAuliffe's campaign, President Joe Biden will be coming to Arlington, Virginia on July 23 to campaign for McAuliffe. The former governor is locked in a tight race between himself and former Carlyle Group CEO and. The election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and all 100 House of Delegates seats will be held on November 2nd. Early voting in Virginia begins on September 17. - - - Matt Colt Hall is a reporter for The Virginia Star and the Star News Network. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattColtHall on Twitter The 1997 Virginia gubernatorial election was held on November 4, 1997. The incumbent Governor, George Allen, was barred from seeking a second term due to Virginia's unique term limits law.The Republican candidate was Jim Gilmore, the Attorney General of Virginia.The Democratic nominee was Don Beyer, the Lieutenant Governor Tuesday 2 November 2021 - General Election. Polling hours 6:00a-7:00p EDT (1000-2300 UTC). Virginia law states that there will be no primary in races when less than two candidates declare [Code of Virginia §24.2-526]. The Democratic and Republican parties may choose to nominate by convention or primary election

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The first year of the Biden Presidency will be marked by two Gubernatorial Elections, one in Virginia, where the incumbent Governor can't run for a second term, and New Jersey, where Governor Murphy (D-NJ) is running for re-election. These two electoral races could give us a clue as to what will happen in the 2022 midterms. Both contests are scheduled to happen on November, 2

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