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  1. Ghost mannequin photography is a special style of product photography that allows a customer to view a clothing item in a 3D environment. A mannequin, which is usually used by tailors, is used in ghost product photography industry to feature a clothing garment in a way of how it can be seen on a real person
  2. Use our ghost mannequin photography service to help your shoppers choose you. Any level of complexity. Let's make you perfect ghost mannequin photography. Doesn't matter how unusual or complex your designs are! Consistency from product to product. Maintain the same quality, angle, and retouching from shoot to shoot..
  3. Ghost mannequin, sometimes called invisible mannequin photography, is to give a 3D or hollow man effect by various attire brands and retailers. This kind of photography does offer significance importance, especially in the fashion industries, online shops, and stores as well as product photography
  4. Partnering with a reliable photo editing service like Offshore Clipping Path is essential. Our invisible mannequin effects help e-commerce sites to present their products in the best manner. For the most fashion-conscious shoppers, displaying ghost mannequin photography is an absolute necessity
  5. What Is Neck Joint Service? Ghost Mannequin solution enables you to capture a pic of your attire on a dummy and later combine the photo to erase the figure in the editing process. The editing effect, also defined as the invisible/3D mannequin or hollow man effect. Any ghost mannequin photo is a blend of pairs of images
  6. Professional Ghost Mannequin Service Provider. Tech Cloud Limited is a global ITES company, specially trained graphic designers for post-production Image services. Ghost Mannequin Services and Neck Joint Services allow to take several images of a product on a model or mannequin and then merge the photographs to delete the model or mannequin in the phase of post production

Ghost mannequin retouching is built in to our photo editing service: all it takes to enable is clicking a button. Just follow these steps to set up ghost mannequin retouching and submit an order. Create a Ghost Mannequin specification. First, create a specification that has Ghost Mannequin enabled Ghost mannequin, which is also called the undetectable mannequin, is a sort of undertaking in Photoshop where a mannequin is expelled from a unique bit of pieces of clothing shirts, pants, shirts, tops, etc. Sometimes, the image of a model is likewise expelled from a specific dress under the service. To be succinct, the service of undetectable.

A mannequin, on the other hand, is a smart one-time investment. But you don't want to showcase the mannequin. That's when the ghost mannequin comes in. Whether you need the entire mannequin or just a neck or a joint, professionally edited ghost mannequins will give your product depth As real model photography is getting expensive, the ghost mannequin effect can be the perfect alternative. You need to capture your products using a dummy or mannequin and send the images to the photo fix. Then, we will remove the form and create the ghost mannequin effect for your product to get a 3D look and grab consumers' attention Ghost Mannequin Photography. With our Ghost Mannequin styling option (also known as Invisible Mannequin), all traces of mannequins or models are removed from the photos. Unlike the Flat styling option, each item is shaped the way it would be on a person. We pride ourselves on creating great Ghost Mannequin photos that don't look. What is Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services? An apparition mannequin impact is probably the best technique for introducing attire in indexes, sites, and advertising materials. The impact consolidates different pictures of a bit of attire laying on a mannequin while evacuating the genuine mannequin itself. Thus, The final product is a picture.

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Ghost mannequin is an excellent image editing service, which allows you to join the photographs captured from various angles to a produce an image, especially the rear and front side, provides an extensive 3D model by using different Photoshop tools Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips. Mannequins are being used widely in the clothing industry for several years. It requires skilled hands to pick the photographs wisely so that they create an appeal to the customers. In these circumstances, we come with some of the essential tips for ghost mannequin photography. Choose Appropriate Mannequins

Types of ghost mannequin service: 3D ghost mannequin You may require making a 3D effect of the product for animation video or online show. A photo editor needs an image of the product from completely different angles and photos with the missing part Best Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services. Ghost Mannequin service, improve product image quality and scale-up online apparel business Get Free Trial For various catalogs and e-commerce sites, mannequins are used instead of a human figure to create the 3D effect of various garment items like shirts, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swimsuits, lingerie, etc. and often pieces of jewelry Ghost Mannequin Service inspires customers to think of themselves with a specific piece of clothing.It is for dress brands and dealers to give their objects an empty man impact and a 3D look. A few men appraise this service like an Invisible Mannequin, others an undetectable life-sized model.Standard and constancy matter a lot in this service since it is long-term work The best way to present apparel photography is Ghost Mannequin Service.Photos that bring your products to life are essential to increasing sales. For fashion retailers or apparel sellers especially need to use ghost mannequin service so that people can be attracted to your lifelike products

If you prefer to hire our ghost mannequin photography studio, this option is now available. Prices start at £85p/h which includes One ghost mannequin, 2 lights, White background, Professional camera and a technician to help you operate the equipment get in touch if you require this service The service that provides that type of image editing is called ghost mannequin effect or neck joint image editing service. It is also known as the invisible mannequin photography service. Customers want to look at a dress online and try to imagine how they would look or the way it would fit on them Ghost Mannequin Photography South Florida. Ghost Mannequin Photography has grown in popularity with the emergence of ecommerce platforms. It offers designers and retailers a cost-effective option in promoting their product. The cost, timeframe and logistics of hiring a model is streamlined

Our large studio space allows us to develop superior imagery in model, ghost mannequin, flat lay and product photography. We are not just studio based our talented team do location photo shots. Our in-house editing expertise can take your photos to the next level with our re-touching service. Whilst partnering with various high profile. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing. Ghost Mannequin Service helps your product maintain its shape, resulting in a more professional and consistent impact on your product images. What is Ghost Mannequin Photography. Ghost Mannequin Service is essential to generating sales by promoting your height quality product images.. Ghost mannequin/ neck joint service will give your product a 3D look. This gives your consumer a trustworthy feeling towards your product and improve sales. Whether you are an e-commerce business owner or you have a photography studio ghost mannequin service will always save you from tough situation. Situation where you pay more get less for. Ghost mannequin photography service involves merging two or more pictures to get the desired high-quality picture with perfection and excellence. During the editing process, unwanted mannequins background is also removed to give pictures a professional touch. Removing mannequins from the background actually enhances the color of the fashion.

Ghost mannequin photography is a rather complex technique for beginners as it requires advanced shooting and retouching skills, but I described all the stages of creating this type of product images, starting from the studio setup and ending with the final product image Ghost mannequin, or invisible mannequin, is an industry standard method of photographing clothing on a (usually) white background. It is designed to show garments in a clear and attractive way, with the focus on the clothing. Ghost/ invisible mannequin photography is both a highly effective and low cost way to create a set of aesthetically. GHOST MANNEQUIN OR NECK JOINT SERVICE: Ghost Mannequin Effect is so much significant to the e-commerce, magazine business owners, and professional photographers. From our company, you can get the neck-joint effect on clothing. Using mannequins for your product images is a proficient and cost-effective way to promote your products

Ghost mannequin shoots made simple. Whether you have a one-off item or need to photograph thousands of garments before a retail deadline, Uniquecapture's ghost mannequin photography service can accommodate your requirements. Our 2400 square foot facility in Buckinghamshire is easily in reach of London, Cambridge, Birmingham, and Oxford and. Cheap Ghost Mannequin Photography Service in USA. A trendy display on white or a display of your choice, we can photograph your apparel in the best way. We will make your apparel justify its looks with our strobe lights and HDR composite techniques. The apparel photos are available for printing as well as for use on website Ghost Mannequin Photo. Raster to Vector for snapshots of any size Choose a Service** Your Email** Get Quote. About Us. Photo Editind USA is a global of photo beauty-improving business enterprise with a set of photograph specialists wherein they're constantly online to attend to your graphics...

Ghost mannequin product photography. Our latest ghost mannequin product photography made for ecommerce and digital brands. Get inspired by these ghost mannequin photos of t-shirts, dresses, and pants, and let us know if you need to make your apparel look this beautiful. See pricing Boutique ghost mannequin photography service. Use mannequin showcases to show clients what an outfit resembles when it is on, yet in addition fulfill the requirements of their subliminal that control whether they purchase. Customers today are barraged by pictures, advertisements, outfits and shows that are satisfying to the eye Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Mannequins are used instead of human figures to create a 3D effect of various garments such as shirts, pants, jacket, cardigan, swimwear, lingerie, etc. But, in the end result, you need to remove the background along with the mannequin and give it a hollow or ghostly look

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Ghost mannequin photography, also known as invisible mannequin photography, has become the industry standard for e-commerce websites where images of just garments are needed. Using a specially designed e-commerce mannequin, the ghost mannequin is made up of a series of pieces which can be removed depending on the items being photographed At the same time using a ghost mannequin take very simple and quick steps in style shoot and edit. Read the following discussion to find out the top tips about invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin photography. Select the Accurate Mannequin. There are various types of mannequins available in the market to capture ghost mannequin photography Every photo studio claims they do ghost mannequin photos. Also known as hollow body, ghost mannequin photo techniques still remain elusive for most studios, but not Space and Light! The Space and Light team is a leader in the unique skills and techniques that ghost mannequin and hollow body photos demand Ghost OR Invisible mannequin effect. Ghost mannequin, also known as the Invisible mannequin effect means a task where editors remove a mannequin or doll from an apparel product by combining and joining multiple product images. The main goal of the mannequin editing service is to display both the inner and outer parts of the garment

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Ghost Mannequin Photography is known as combined photo manipulation. You will only take body parts of the Mannequin. You will only take body parts of the Mannequin. If you want to highlight a feature, such as a special sticker or company logo, you'll need to capture more images Photoshop ghost mannequin or neck-joint service allows your products to explain they are in proper shape for photography post-production. Any e-commerce store or professional clothing photography or garments company had strongly needed this service to eye-catching target customers around the world The ghost mannequin photography service is a photography technique where a piece of clothing is demonstrated using the special merely invisible mannequin which is, later on, should be erased from the final picture. This is especially useful when it comes to making the product photography of clothes such as blazers, jeans, jackets, shirts, and dresses

This service is also called invisible manikin service and is known to photograph many pictures in little time. We also give product images a 2D/3D effect by ghost mannequin services. These effects can be used on cardigans, swimsuits, shorts, dresses and many more. In the first step, a photographer takes pictures of a standard manikin with. In this guide: Getting the best photographs to work with. How to create a ghost mannequin in Photoshop: the step-by-step tutorial. Step 1: Set up your layers. Step 2: Select the background using the Magic Wand tool. Step 3: Select the mannequin using the Magic Wand tool. Step 4: Create Layer Mask. Step 5: Create selections of the interior And ghost mannequin service. Photography Resources And Models. At its most critical level, an invisible image is a mixture of at least two images. - Otherwise, it is calling a composite image. Original Photography On Body. The second is to take a look at the level of any part of the interior of the clothing article that was blocked by. If you need inspiration, check out this professional demonstration of a ghost mannequin photoshoot by ecommerce photo studio Fotoempresas.. 3. Photographing the Product. When photographing shirts, it's important to position the camera to be directly level with the chest area, whereas the camera should be positioned across from the hip area to photograph bottoms

A service provider of ghost mannequin photography editing for an eCommerce business always looks out for opportunities to try to make use of the 'rule of thirds' in image composing. The subject should be in the center when taking product photography The ghost mannequin photography is the best solution for apparel owner to display their products. It removes distractions from your image & solves all your problems by attracting more clients & increase your sale. If you hire a model that is expensive but the ghost mannequin photography gives the same result at the lowest price Ghost Mannequin Service or Image Manipulation Service is for improving the look and feel of the image. It is important for the cloth image editing service. Model photography is expensive and mannequins are distracting. Take two photos: one of the front side of your product and one of the inside of your product Starts From - $2.5 / Image. It is also another business-oriented photo editing service. It is necessary to remove the mannequin from garments items and creating a ghost effect in the sleeves area. Our clients take this service for long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. that need 3D shape

Full-length and headless ghost mannequin photography service. Our ghost mannequin effect is the perfect solution. Color change. At Dinamicostudio, we specialize in photo colour change jobs. Say goodbye to your dull looking photos! Photo Retouching Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service. E-commerce has brought people closer worldwide. Brands have crossed boundaries and are available in every nook and corner. The fashion industry has seen a boom, thanks to e-commerce. Shopping for clothes online has become a modern trend. Competition is on the rise ghost mannequin photography While the popularity of this style of clothing photography has increased dramatically in recent years, you'll find that the majority of clothing photography studios do a less-than-perfect job of creating the effect Commercial Photography Studio in Hertfordshire specialising in Commercial Photography including Headshots, Ghost Mannequin, product shots, 360 product spins and photography for e-commerce and retail such as Amazon Product Photography. Call 01920 318040 today to start your project. Commercial Photography The ghost mannequin effect, also known as the invisible mannequin, 3D mannequin, or hollow man, is a simple and powerful post-production technique for apparel product photography that solves the showcase problem. The ghost mannequin effect allows you to take multiple photographs of a product on a model or mannequin, and.

What is Ghost Mannequin Effect? Ghost mannequin effect is a technique of clothing photography that can help you to package your garment products for your online customers.. By using the technique, you can make your product images more live. For example, if you use the effect on a shirt then the shirt would look as if someone was wearing the piece of cloth Our company renders packshot ghost mannequin effect service both for still and dynamic images to display on e-commerce sites. If you need this luring service, send us your images from various angles. we will bring out a catchy 3D/360° packshot of your photos alongside joining the highest, neck, bottom, and sleeve of your image Ghost mannequin fashion photography allows your entire range to look consistent in style and composition. So if you have an e-commerce requirement in fashion, come on over and meet our spooky model. SKUvantage is based in Sydney's Northern Beaches and we service clients from all over Australia with a rapid turnaround of samples

Ghost Mannequin Photography is Gaining Popularity Among Fashion Brand Owners. Only 30 years or so ago, fashion product owners were mailing product catalogs or brochures to prospective buyers in an attempt to promote their fashion products. While this catalog mailing practice is still not obsolete and still being utilized by the fashion brand. Ghost Mannequin Photography. Using invisible mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products. However, mannequins can be distracting, so using special techniques apparel can be photographed on a mannequin that is then removed in post production creating a 3D look called ghost mannequin photography, as shown in the following images Ghost mannequin photography is a high demand service where the garments are the sole focus. The fit and tailoring of the garment is exhibited. This is an effective way to market your products online, as well as in magazines as potential customers can view how the product sits from the front and back What is Ghost Mannequin Effect Service? Ghost Mannequin Effect is the technique to edit an image in order to create illusion or deception in photographs.Photo manipulation can be done through analog and digital method. Photo manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo

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Ghost Mannequin. Ghost mannequin is a process for making human shape outlook of your apparel's photo. It visualizes the exact inner details of the product. But the most interesting matter is the mannequin stays invisible. Thus, the effect brings an attractive natural look in the photo. And this natural look allures customers to buy the product The Clipping Path CA world leading outsourcing and premier photo editing company based in California.We work for long years with the topic of hand drawing Multi Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Shadow Services. Image Masking, Color Correction, Ghost Mannequin, Image Manipulation, Wedding Photo Editing, Real Estate, Ecommerce Image Processing, Raster to Vector Conversion and its related Services

Proxima is Delhi based Team of photographers with related crew and we are specialized in Photography services related to E-Commerce, Fashion, Food, Product, Real-Estate, Lifestyle and Campaign.. Our Delhi based studio is Specially designed for Commercial Photography Services like Ecommerce, Product, Lifestyle, Profile and fashion Photography How ghost mannequin work in photo editing field, we can help you for best solution in ghost mannequin and neck joint services. If you're planning to hire a professional ghost mannequin service provider, these are the things you need to know. If you want to make your mannequin look professional, you need to make sure you follow these tips. Our ghost mannequin photography service provides fashion ecommerce with a perfectly volumized view of the garments, without the need for a model. Thanks to the ghost mannequin, the buyer can contemplate the real garment both inside and outside. Volumized garments without the need for a model Benefits Natural volume of the garment, also visible inside Ghost Mannequin services is one of the ideal answers for concealing the mannequin from the dress photographs. It is in some cases called a phantom mannequin or imperceptible doll mannequin. In any case, the name relies upon the countrywide

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  1. The photo of the garment is edited with much more care in the basic neck joint or ghost mannequin service to make visible the focusing part of a garment. Also, proper shadowing was added to give a good look. Because of its versatility, ghost mannequins or neck joints are now widely used in the fashion industry
  2. Ghost mannequin Service are the most in-demand photo editing service for a clothing business. Image Manipulation Service (Neck Joint/ghost mannequin effect) needs to join the neck to have a new image. This service will allow seeing an additional clear view of the photo taken in a fair mannequin fit as front read as well as the back reading by.
  3. ghost mannequin service Ghost Mannequin\neck join is a specific method for the images of garments item like the shirt, pants, jacket, ladies dress, sweaters and many more. The neck joint method joins all the photos taken from various view for making a real product
  4. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Fashion photography is a kind of photography which is given to showing attire and other fashion things. NECK JOINT SERVICE Neck Joint Service, Ghost mannequin impact, phantom impact photoshop, is the most extreme sought after picture editing methodology
  5. Ghost mannequin photography is a technique used when you want to give the customers a thorough look for the products. The products are photographed with a mannequin and with the help of various photo editing services; the mannequin is magically removed from the images
  6. Ghost Mannequin Services and Neck Joint Services allow to require several images of a product on a model or mannequin then merge the images to delete the model or mannequin within the phase of post-production. Usually, Photographers cannot take the photo of the interior view of a shirt, T-shirts, Pants, Sweater, trousers, shoes, cap, cargo.
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  1. Ghost Mannequin Service. Ghost Mannequin Service allows us to take several pictures of a product on a model or mannequin and then merge them to remove the model or mannequin. In the present day, everything in life rotates around style and design. Clothing and apparel photos are using for marketing in the online retailing stores, billboards, etc
  2. Starts From - $2.99. We render 3D/360° packshot ghost mannequin effect service both for still and dynamic images to display in e-commerce sites. If you require this luring service, send us your images from various angles. We can bring out catchy 3D/360° packshot of your photos along with joining the top, neck, bottom, and sleeve of your image
  3. Increases Consistency. Other than just enhancing the presentation, using a 3d ghost mannequin photo editing service also increases the consistency within each image of your eCommerce. The consistency with the images allows easy comparison and gives a better customer experience, which is the most important factor in any fashion apparel store
  4. Ghost Mannequin Photography. Neat, beautiful & naturally dressed ghost mannequin imagery adds a versatile option in showcasing your products. Multi service use: Magazines, blogs, promotional material & your own eCommerce site. More info
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Invisible mannequin service increases customers' viewing experience by providing a future-like design to the image after erasing the dummy from the image. Our qualified photography editing professionals work with honesty and dignity to provide premium ghost mannequin service Neck joint is the process to separate the body or mannequin from the product. This is moreover known as ghost mannequin service. Ghost mannequin service stores the time and money of a company to display the products. This moreover performed in the 3D effect for making a 360-degree angle by clicki8ng photos from all the angles

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Ghost Mannequin Service the professional digital photo cut-out & add Services Photos that bring your products to life are essential to generating sales. For fashion retailers especially, that means having real people wearing and using your product. Live models can be expensive, make scheduling difficult and be unreliable at times. A mannequin, on the other Ghost Mannequin Read More Invisible cut editing like this technique - otherwise known as ghost mannequin photography services - are the most in-demand strategy. The samples allow seeing an additional clear view. For example, nowadays, we have a photograph, which is very much like several of the photo taken in a fair mannequin fit as front read and the back reading by the shooter Ghost Mannequin Service is in Los Angeles, California. March 18 · We will provide a professional eCommerce and product photography service, specialized in invisible ghost mannequin photography for online, eCommerce fashion apparel sellers

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Ghost mannequin service therefore a very well sought-after service on the clothing industry. Four Seasons of Ghost Mannequin Photography. In the clothing business, there are four seasons. It is pretty typical in developing counties such as United States and Canada as well as in Europe and Australia. These four seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall. Ghost Mannequin or neck joint is widely also widely used for photo editing. Frequently, different types of online stores, such as stores selling underwear, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants and other types of garments go for Ghost Mannequin or neck joint service By our ghost mannequin service, your garments will look freshly ironed in the photos. We create Symmetrical Images, maintaining the same length correctly for arms, sleeves, legs and position object horizontally in the center. Also, you can adjust the height, width and DPI of images as per your requirement accordingly Ghost Invisible Mannequin Clothing Photography Ghost Mannequin Photography helps your brand showcase product's quickly and effectively. Now classed as the main standard industry imagery for brands. Also known as invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography to represent the product as if an 'invisible man' is wearing the clothes

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Ghost mannequin services or neck joint service, whatever you call it, it is one of the newest and coolest ways of presenting apparel products to the world. Ghost mannequin services in photoshop lets your apparel product photo stand out in the crowd because of its realistic but fantastic appearance A ghost mannequin or also known as Neck joint service is used to remove the mannequin from the dress image and give an impression of a 3D view. This service is mostly used by different eCommerce clothing and garments sellers and also by clothing brands to showcase their products online on different eCommerce websites Ghost Mannequin Photography. Based near London, the Slippery Fishes Photo Studio has been specialising in ghost mannequin photography for the UK's fashion industry since 2002. We offer a very high-quality ghost mannequin service at an affordable rate of £15 to £18 + vat per image, with no hidden extras

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For ghost mannequin /neck joint service, we need 2/3 photos of the piece of clothing. One photograph is the front side picture subsequent to putting the article of clothing on a mannequin. Furthermore, the other picture will be the internal side of the neck part In ghost mannequin photography, certain clothing item is placed on a mannequin for product photography. Once the product photography is done, it is then handed over to clipping path service providers for ghost mannequin editing. Clipping path service providers cut out the mannequin or cut out the product from the mannequin Ghost Mannequin Photography Service. Improve your sales with eye catching professional images. This listing is for 3 shots ghost mannequin of 1 item. See our portfolio and get full information from our website: wowimagephotography.co.uk Ghost Mannequin Services. For e-commerce, business magazine owners, and professional photographers, the Ghost Mannequin Effect is so significant. You can get the neck-joint effect on clothes from our business. The use of mannequins is a cost-effective and efficient way to promote brand photos

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Ghost mannequin service is a process of removing mannequin from apparel products. Along with this, neck joint service recreates the parts subtracted after applying mannequin remove services. Both of them are necessary for salable apparel product photo editing services Due to the complex nature of the photography editing that takes to go through the process of editing the clothing images to come up with ghost mannequin photography, it only makes sense to use professional photo editing services, more precisely ghost mannequin service to get the editing done

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Ghost Mannequin Service saves the time and money for a company to showcase garments products. It can be done in 3d effect for making a 360-degree angle by clicking photos from all the angles. Ghost mannequin photography helps you to captures a nice view of your product images A ghost mannequin is as a result ofthe GHOST MANNEQUIN EFFECT. The Ghost Mannequin effect can be achieved by either special photography, or be simulated by photo editing software such as Photoshop by professional editors and graphic designers. Ghost mannequin services are a bit taxing and require a good skill set for effective results Also known as neck adding service, the ghost mannequins effect is a creative and unique technique applied on photo mannequins of garments. Though it is a relatively new way of displaying clothes on a website or a catalog, this is still opted by many businesses in the fashion industry to feature their products, such as jackets, shirts, jeans, blazers, jackets, and shirts

Ghost Mannequin Photography (Invisible Mannequin) We have been doing Ghost Mannequin photography (or Invisible Mannequin photography) for many different companies and online retailers in the past 7 years. If you want the best apparel photography in the US then look no further. Coconut Product Photography photographers can shoot your products as. Ghost mannequin editing is done to remove the mannequin from the pictures. However, even models can be removed from the pictures, leaving only the realistic image of the clothing products. It is also known as Neck-joint service. The Ghost mannequin effect can be done in Photoshop or any other popular image editing tool Ghost Mannequin. A mannequin just doesn't cut it when it comes to your product looking the best it can and models are too expensive. But now you can get the best results by removing the mannequin from the photo and have your product be the center of attention with our ghost mannequin service Photographers use various neck joint services, here are some of them that you should know: Neck-joint-service-after-1. Neck-joint-service-before-1. Create Order. 360 0 /3D Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin. For viewing the product from various angles this type of service is commonly used. Using this effect on any garment product the customer can sense. The benefit of Neck Joint or Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Editing Service On the off chance that you might want to help the standard of a photo in your e-commerce site, at that point you'll have the capacity to make utilization of the neck joint administrations in Photoshop Ghost mannequin is a great post-processing service that helps fashion or garment industry owners to represent their product in the marketplace as well as online. There are so many photoshop editing techniques that apply to make images perfect for business purposes. A ghost mannequin surely is on top of them

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