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Buy evergreen hardy grasses: Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies Many evergreen grasses have variegated foliage with leaves edged in a contrasting colour or with multiple colours running along the length of the leaves. The notable exception is the ever-popular zebra grass with green foliage with bands of pale creamy-yellow running across each leaf at various points

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Ornamental grasses make great companions to many other plants, enhancing the whole look of a planting scheme, with contrasting form and foliage. Some are evergreen and invaluable for all year interest. Deciduous grasses die back in autumn yet still retain their form and structure for months, sometimes even right through winter Evergreen ornamental grasses Carex dipsacea (sedge) slightly penduluous foliage of dark-green and olive changes to pinkish-bronze during winter. Height 40-50cm (16-20ins) Cortaderia selloana 'Albolineata (v) (pampas grass) compact clumps of arching narrow white-margined leaves and silvery plumes of flower in summer Eriophorum angustifolium is commonly known as Cotton grass - it's easy to see why! This British native is found in acid, peat bogs where it spreads to form an evergreen colony of rather unremarkable foliage. However, the fluffy white flower heads are far from ordinary, having the appearance of fluffy rabbit's tails

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This specimen is a pretty rare one for UK gardens and is often confused with the 'Timothy' weedy grass species. However, it really shouldn't be overlooked as an incredible ornamental grass for the smallest of gardens. It's relatively shy in the border taking up to 30cm in width. When it flowers it sends up long fluffy panicles of flowers Also known as the big blue lilyturf, it is actually an evergreen grass-like flowering plant that can be planted like any ornamental grass in your garden. Tolerant to full sun and drought conditions, it produces pink to lavender, fragrant flower spikes in spring. Height: 1-2 feet. Width: up to 1 feet. Sunlight: Partial to full shade. USDA Zone: 5-

Ornamental Grasses are a wonderful and versatile group of plants, often close to the top of a garden designers list. We stock smaller types that are perfect for ground cover and edging paths or seating areas together with a wide selection of taller varieties, they are often graceful and their flower stems will move and sway in the slightest breeze Meadowgate Nursery is a retailer of diverse and unusual Ornamental grasses, sold at competitive prices. A small family run Nursery based in West Sussex, we grow our grasses then deliver them across the UK via our online shop. Buy Ornamental Grasses today from an independent UK producer Ornamental Grasses can be grown as specimens, in borders, as screens or in containers. We stock a large selection of some of the most popular ornamental grasses such as Pampas, Carex, Miscanthus, Pennisetum, Phormium to name but a few. Choose from our large selection of Ornamental Grasses such as Pampas Grass and Bamboo

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  1. Evergreen Carex 'Variegata' is suited to sunny borders as well as shady corners, in either position it will catch the eye with the creamy edged variegated leaves and graceful movement. The contrasting green and cream colours will highlight pansies and violas and will set them off perfectly. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 35cm (14)
  2. Ornamental Grasses. Welcome to the Ornamental Grasses pages. Here you will find those plants that belong in the true grasses (Poaceae), sedges (Cyperaceae) and rushes (Juncaceae) families. Other grass-like plants such as Ophiopogon (black grass) are to be found in the Perennials section
  3. g presence to more exuberant flowering plants to being the only focus of the design. There are grasses for damp or dry soil, shady as well as sunny situations. Many are ideal for gravel gardens, prairie planting, wildlife gardens and are great to add to the cutting garden; others perform well in containers
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  5. iatures such as Stipa Pony Tails and Carex Evergold for the rockery to grand, architectural Cordylines, stately Yucca plants and towering giant bamboos.Grasses come in an array of forms, colours and textures
  6. g, cool season, semi-evergreen grass for
  7. Miscanthus are common ornamental grasses for UK gardens. They grow well in a range of locations and provide visual appeal over a long period. Compact varietals work very well to break up borders, or even in containers, while larger and grander varietals are best grown as isolated specimen plants so their elegance can be admired from 360 degrees

The Ornamental Grass Collection 2L Pot x 6 Price: £27.99 (Was £29.99) Our Ornamental Grass Collection features sedge, feather, fescues and wind grasses to provide a variety of form, height, texture, colour and movement. Grass plants are ideal for creating calming and relaxing spaces. Plant along paths, borders, rockeries or water features or use to offset other garden plants, showcasing. Ornamental Evergreen Grasses Pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) produces dark, glossy blades and feathery pink grassy blooms. These easy-going evergreen grass plants handle various soil..

Pennisetum setaceum or Fountain Grass is an attractive grass from Africa with a densely clumped growth form and erect stems that grow 2 to 3 feet high. Best treated as an annual in the UK, the small flowers of fountain grass are grouped in pink or purple, bristly, upright inflorescences 6-15 inches long Full A-Z List of Ornamental Grasses here. Grasses by Common Name; They can be evergreen or deciduous, hardy or tender, perennial or annual, mound forming or erect, sun loving or shade loving. The one thing that most ornamental grasses have in common, is that they are more or less trouble free from pests and diseases, are easy to grow, and have. Buy ornamental grasses: Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies

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  1. Grasses are the ideal plants to add texture and colour to your outdoor space and work well to fill in gaps between flowerbeds and hedging. Whether you're looking for hardy grasses, ornamental grasses or perennial grasses, you'll find a wide range to choose from. Each of our products is grown to have an impact, to stand-out and to impress
  2. Architectural Plants & Ornamental Grasses Plants with architectural merit add style and character to a garden, and many are ideal in stature to grow in their own attractive container. Combining plants with varying leaf shapes and plant heights really adds interest and it is worth considering a few 'architectural' plants in any size garden for.
  3. Ornamental grasses combine well with so many perennials, and look good grouped together, hopefully these various images of planting combinations offer some inspirational planting combinations. One garden which displays a lot of Ornamental gardens and is well worth a visit if you want to see planting combinations in a garden setting is Hillier.

Evergreen Ornamental Grasses. Ornamental grasses are valuable for their texture, architectural structure, motion, and the natural feel they give in the garden. The majority of ornamental grasses are deciduous, turning color in autumn, dying back and appearing again the following spring Unlike evergreen trees and shrubs, ornamental grasses grow very quickly, usually reaching their mature size in two seasons. Their fast growth rate makes them ideal for privacy hedges because new plants can rapidly fill in any gaps. Moreover, ornamental grasses are an economical way to achieve privacy on your property Zones: 9-10. Size: 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Conditions: Full sun to light shade; tolerates a wide variety of soils. This beautiful ornamental has upright, glossy green foliage and interesting, animated leaf tips that resemble party favors. Evergreen to 25°F, these plants gain reddish purple hues in the fall and winter

The most popular ornamental grass, feather reed grass offers a distinct upright habit that looks fantastic all winter long. Like many grasses, this tough plant tolerates a wide range of conditions. Name: Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster' Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil. Size: To 6 feet tall. Zones: 5- Grasses. Grasses have understandably become more and more popular over the last decade or so and although we don't specialise in grasses we do offer a few of our favourite varieties. We have bent the rules slightly by classifying sedges and some perennials which have a grass-like appearance as 'grasses' Decorative or ornamental grasses have much to contribute to the garden. In Autumn particularly, the seed heads of grasses and of course the foliage add interest across many dimensions. Grasses are ideal for adding variety to existing beds due to the vast choice of height, colour of foliage, plant shape and of course texture

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Syngonium Neon Robusta - 8cm pot (Pink Arrowhead Houseplant, Valentines Gift, air purifying plant, trailing plant) TheArchwayPlanter. 5 out of 5 stars. (51) £9.25. Favourite. Add to. Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' (Slender sweet flag) ornamental evergreen marginal grass in 9cm pot Molinia common name Purple Moor Grass. AOne of the easiest to grow of the Ornamental grasses Molinia is tough and a trouble-free grass will grow in most places. This grass prefers soil to be on moist side but has the benefit that it will grow in partial shade and fully hardy. It is hard to capture on camera, this variety of grass really does. By August, with seed spent, the grass assumes a less showy silhouette. The 2′ by 3′ tightly compact mound of evergreen foliage droops to conceal the 50 litre terracotta planter. The glossy leaves are about 3′ long, narrow and coloured a bright, fresh green. Unlike some evergreen grasses, the surface and edges of these leaves are smooth Keep it classic with miscanthus evergreen grasses, or add a pretty pop of colour with eye-catching pink cortaderia pampas grass. Plant your ornamental grasses in outdoor pots for a subtle yet stylish effect, or line your garden or walkway for a natural finish Ornamental grasses have many varied uses in a garden, such as a tranquil scree bed, planting in an herbaceous border, individually in pots, in rockeries, in planted arrangements or on the edge of a wild flower meadow. All varieties can be purchased individually or in collections. All grasses are supplied pot grown

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Hard-leaved evergreen grasses. Some evergreen grasses, including many of the carex family, have wide, thick, hard leaves that are difficult to remove by combing with your hand. To spruce up them up, pull out discoloured stems with a swift tug or cut out carefully at the base with a pair of secateurs Aug 18, 2015 - Explore Job's Nursery LLC's board Evergreen Ornamental Grasses, followed by 436 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ornamental grasses, plants, grass In the depths of winter, ornamental grasses like Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster', Molinia caerulea 'Transparent' and evergreen Stipa gigantea also become eye-catching ice sculptures when covered in a foggy mist, or ice and snow.. You'll find perennials, such as verbascum or mulleins, poppies, day lilies and red hot pokers work best when planted in among a river of swaying. Using grasses to add colour, texture and interest to your garden. Here's where the fun starts because you can use your ornamental grasses to add height, texture, colour, calm or drama and here's just a few ideas to get you started: Closely planted dwarf varieties of grass can make a fun and different flower border and soften a pathway or. Pruning Ornamental Evergreen Grasses. Now here is where the technique changes, put down your samurai sword and revert back to your careful cut flower garden persona. For evergreen grasses, we're looking for a selective nip and tuck approach. Taking out dead or damaged stems or flower heads carefully

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Drought tolerant ornamental grasses are characterized by narrow leaves and strong root systems. Some of the best drought-resistant ornamental grasses are blue fescue, pampas grass, big bluestem, maiden grass and cogongrass amongst others. Various types of grasses are used in landscape designing projects. The varieties are not limited to the. The hakone grasses offer mounds of very refined narrow foliage in a variety of colours that will cope with a fair amount of dry shade though not to the extent of the toughest sedges. Hakonechloa macra is wonderful, especially en masse, as is the delicately variegated Hakonechloa Aureola which can be a bright brassy yellow in sun or a more. Pieris Evergreen Collection. Pieris are superb showy evergreen shrubs giving months of interest in the garden. Early spring foliage takes on hues of pink and red when young giving dramatic impact before gradually changing to green. Resembling Lily of the Valley, panicles of usually white blossom appear later in spring and last for several weeks THIS month we're looking at some popular ornamental grasses and how you can use them to add interest to your garden. Increasingly popular amongst modern gardeners, ornamental grasses are generally tolerant and easy to care for, grow in a variety of conditions and encourage wildlife into the garden, with some of the evergreen varieties providing shape, colour and structure all year round Ornamental grasses can play a part in most gardens, from providing calming accompaniments to more colourful flowering plants. Browse our ornamental varieties at Chiltern Seeds. Our web site requires the use of cookies in order to function correctly.If you continue to use our site we will assume you will allow us to do this

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Ornamental grasses are an excellent way to create privacy in the garden, especially on a patio, balcony, or rooftop. 1. Growing Position. Ornamental grasses thrive in a spot that gets at least five to six hours of sunlight daily. 2. Choosing a Right Pot. Choosing the right pot is also necessary for growing ornamental grasses in containers 2 x Cortaderia Jubata Pampas Grass Purple Plug Plant. Cortaderia Jubata is a densely tufted, clump-forming, perennial grass, 2.5-3m high and 1.8m or more wide, with evergreen, arching, sharply toothed, blue-green leaves, to 2.5m or more long, and erect stems with pyramidal to oblong plume-like panicles, 45-90cm long, of glistening purple spikelets about 15mm long The majority of ornamental grasses prefer a warm, sunny spot with free-draining soil, although there are exceptions. Hakonechloa, chasmanthium and molinia are tolerant of light to fairly deep shade. Panicum, milium, luzula, acorus, carex and several other species are happiest in dappled shade with their feet in consistently moist soil Evergreen grasses, such as Festuca glauca, stay the same colour all year, although they can look untidy during winter. Caption: Ornamental grasses look beautiful in the border Q How do I prune deciduous grasses such as miscanthus? A In late winter (January or February) cut all the old stems back to ground level. Secateurs and hedge shears work.

Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne - Chinese Silver Grass - Ornamental Grasses - Garden Plants This Chinese Silver Grass is a fantastic ornamental, clump-forming deciduous form of Miscanthus with attractive narrow, dark green strap-like foliage that has a creamy white stripe down the centre of each leaf blade Ornamental grasses are increasing in popularity as gardeners look for lower care, higher impact plants. They usually require less care throughout the growing season. Grasses traditionally used for lawns require frequent mowing, watering, and pest control. Ornamental grasses are allowed to grow to their normal size and shape. They range in heigh Ornamental grasses come in different heights, habits, forms, and colors—from low-growing, tidy tufts and arching mid-height mounds to tall, towering, back-of-the-border beauties. They differ in light, soil, water, and care requirements, but all offer the gardener the opportunity to enliven garden borders and containers with their distinctive.

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The first thing to consider when choosing whether to plant a cool-season or warm-season grass in a container or your landscape is growing zone. Cool-season grasses usually grow best when temperatures are between 60 and 75 degrees F; that is true of lawn grasses or ornamental ones. Warm-season grasses like it hotter (between 80 and 95 degrees F) Evergreen Ornamental Grass. Some ornamental grasses are evergreen grasses in regions where they get the ideal conditions, like full sun. If you've got one of these in your garden, you won't need to cut them back annually like the usual varieties. Just put on your gloves, and rake through them every couple of months to catch any dead foliage Evergreen Grasses. We accept all major cards & offer a fixed price UK delivery charge of £5.95 (Extra surcharges may apply to remote areas, we are currently unable to despatch to Ireland) Please select at least one payment option to render widget preview. Home. Our Mail Order Service. Pot Sizes

Ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses are a really versatile group of plants that can be planted for a range of uses. Some of the more delicate grasses can be planted in pots to soften the look of a patio, whereas some of the larger varieties can bring an exotic touch to borders Browse this range of ornamental grasses brought together from leading UK online Garden shops. grasses Home Page . grasses. Ornamental & Architectural Grass Plants For Sale. Home; Evergreen Japanese £9.95. Gardening Express. Stipa tenuissima £9.99 Buy Ornamental Grasses online. Prices from £7.00 per plant. Meadowgate Nursery specialise in growing a diverse and unusual collection of Ornamental grasses.With over 10 years experience in the cultivation of ornamental grasses, we are pleased to offer tailored and personal advice on the use and care of all the ornamental grasses we sell

An impressive grass: Blue-green foliage with large dark flower spikes. Evergreen. Good for jungley look. Awaiting photo: Chionochloa: rubra: 100 x 100: Red tussock grass. Forms a clump of various shades: copper-brown, red and green. Awaiting photo: Cordyline: australis 'Purpurea' 400 x 200: Palm-like cabbage tree with plum coloured wide leaves UK edition; Australian edition Many ornamental grasses look gorgeous but are either invasive or produce forests of seedlings. Helictotrichon sempervirens A gorgeous steely blue evergreen. Ornamental grasses are some of the easiest plants to design with on the coast because almost every ornamental grass tolerates the salt spray and harsh winds off the ocean. They look great massed, which is also a wonderful feature for the coast because massing plants helps the wind move up and over the plants without giving them a beating This is a listing of the best moisture loving ornamental grasses you can use to add unique texture and color as accents, in groupings, massed, or as a natural hedge in bog or water gardens, landscape borders, and home foundation plantings where there is consistently moist to wet soil. They are also great for use in container gardens

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10 Azalea. These shrubs with glossy green leaves put on a show in early spring with lovely shades of pinks, peach, coral, purple, or white flowers. Some types, which are suited to warmer climates, re-bloom. Make sure to purchase an evergreen (not a deciduous) variety if you want it to retain its foliage year-round Blue fescue is a popular ornamental grass. It has icy, blue-green foliage and blooms with pastel yellow flowers. People love these narrow ornamental grasses that stay small for their unique textures and versatility as a companion plant. It is hardy in USDA zones four through eight and grows only nine to 12 inches tall and six to nine inches wide These ornamental grasses, Ruby Grass can self-feed; it's best to harvest the seeds during fall until it's time to plant them in the outdoors. These plants are winter hardy to about 20 °F or -6 °C. Corkscrew Rush. Native to Japan, this ornamental grass has unruly foliage that grows out unbridled from a stem cluster

Give it full shade to partial sun. Birds love these evergreen plants. Purple Fountain Grass. Purple fountain grass ( Pennisetum setacum 'Rubrum') is known for its arching stems of burgundy leaves. This heat-tolerant ornamental grass is suitable for partial sun to sunny spots and matures at 13-36 A cold hardy, native grass with blue-green foliage and striking golden summer flowers on stiff stems. Provides cool-season interest, with long lasting blonde seed heads in winter. Good in most soil types, great for low maintenance landscapes. Semi-evergreen. 3 ft. tall and wide. Flowering NOW SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 9.99, today just 7.99 - Save £2! Ornamental grasses are fantastic for softening hard landscaping and using as a contrast to other plants - many varieties can also be architectural in their own right. They come in a wide range of colours and textures making them versatile for virtually all garden styles and situations Grasses are generally classified as cool season, warm season, or evergreen. The rules change just slightly depending on which type of grass you have. Cool-season grasses put on most of their growth in spring before temperatures begin exceeding 75 degrees Fahrenheit and in the fall when temperatures cool down

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  1. Evergreen grasses usually only need the dead material removing and do not always respond well to hard pruning. Small evergreen grasses can be trimmed in spring, with any brown tips removed and dead leaves cut back. Larger evergreen species need hard annual pruning in early spring, cutting back as far as possible, but without damaging any new.
  2. Perennial Ornamental Grasses for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery. If you're seeking robust, affordable ornamental grasses for your landscape or garden, turn to Greenwood Nursery. Perennial grasses will provide a low-maintenance splash of color and foliage to your landscape or garden.These easy to grow plants thrive in many different environments and climates, making them extremely versatile.
  3. The foliage is evergreen, providing year-round interest among companions such as ferns, Cimicifuga, Ligularia, and other ornamental grasses. Slow spreading habit; average height 15 in. Spacing 15-18 in apart. Carex 'Ice Dance'. A semi-evergreen variety, its edges shimmer with an icy stripe of white

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Used for lawn turf or as ornamental plants, evergreen grasses provide you with color and foliage throughout the entire year. While deciduous species die back during the fall and winter, evergreen grasses stand strong and help keep your landscape or garden looking lively 1 x ornamental grass Pennisetum Karley Rose. 2 or 3lt POTS in bloom £12.00. £ 12.00 Add to cart. Carex oshimensis evercream japanese sedge grass. Evergreen variegated 17 cm pot. £ 7.00 Add to cart Ornamental Grass Carex 'Evergreen' Established Plants 5 Litre: Evergreen is a low growing spreading evergreen sedge, arched green foliage is green with no varieation, grown mainly or decorative purposes small flowers appear from late spring, as seen in the pictures taken in April, a great choice for pots with a height and spread at maturity of upto 0.5 metre 15 Short Evergreen Grasses (incl. Blue Festuca, Carex, Stipa) in 10.5cm POTS from Specialist Grower in Lincolnshire 4.7 out of 5 stars 25 £42.50 £ 42 . 50 £44.50 £44.5

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Height - Ornamental grasses also come in a wide variety of heights to suit perfectly the space you want to fill, from just a few inches to upwards of 9 feet tall. They also vary widely in their ability to spread. Movement and Sound - Two unexpected advantages of ornamental grass are the movement and sound they can add to a garden or landscape The best perennial ornamental grasses for shade and sun, towering tall ornamental grasses, variegated grasses... Ornamental grasses are low maintenance...perfect as deer resistant ground cover. There is a rich variety of colored ornamental grasses including blue, purple and even black. There are many drought tolerant grasses and a variety of native grasses The answer to this question will determine how to care for your plant. Monty writes in his blog that 'deciduous grasses like Miscanthus, Calamagrostis and Deschampsia should all be cut back hard to the ground before the new green shoots start to grow too long.'. If yours is an evergreen grass that doesn't grow back, a Stipa or a Cortaderia, don't cut it back at all Ornamental grasses come in a range of colors, sizes, and types, all united by their vertical nature and slender blades. Varieties we offer at Garden Goods Direct include: Carex: Also known as sedge, this evergreen shade plant is highly textured and easy-to-grow. It tends to grow in small bushes, with blades ranging from half a foot to over a. Partial-Shade Varieties. Some ornamental grasses that thrive in wet or moist soil thrive in partial or dappled shade, making them suitable for gardens under tree canopies or other areas shaded from afternoon sun.An example is the cool-season grass Canada bluejoint (Calamagrostis canadensis, USDA zones 3 through 8).Its foliage grows 2 feet tall, and flowering plumes add another 2 feet of height.

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Pruning evergreen ornamental grasses. My first plan was to try tidying it up. As a grass-growing newbie, I read up on it and found that, unlike the pruning of deciduous ornamental grasses, you should never cut an evergreen ornamental grass down to the ground, as it is unlikely to recover Carex are not true grasses. They are a genus in the Family Cyperaceae and are more commonly known as sedges. They are an undemanding evergreen, perennial ornamental grass that forms low hummocks of striking grass-like, colourful foliage that is often brightly hued or variegated. For traditional Japanese gardens the low growing varieties such as. Evergreen trees make an excellent rich canvas for other more seasonal plants and trees, as well as being good for screening and wind breaks. We offer a wide range of evergreens, from flowering evergreen trees to shade loving evergreen trees. You can use the filters to help to narrow down your search

13 Terrific Tall Grasses. Include vertical interest in your plantings with tall ornamental grasses. 'Northwind' combines classic switch grass color of olive- to blue-green leaves with a narrow footprint to create a strong, tall grass clump. Leaves top out around 4 to 6 feet. Flower plumes appear in midsummer, bringing the total height to 7. 1kg Grass Seed Covers up to 35 m2 (375 ft2) New Lawns - Premium Quality Seed - Fast Growing - Hard Wearing Lawn Seed - Tailored to UK Climate - Trademark Registered - GBW Grass Seed - 100% Refund. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 8,879. £11.99 Fastest & Tallest Growing Ornamental Grasses. Ornamental grasses are the hot-rods of landscaping. While some grasses take time to form full-sized clumps, fast-growing, tall varieties let you see. Ornamental Grasses. Probably the biggest change in garden over the last few years has been the growth of interest in ornamental grasses. Older gardens concentrated on flowering plants, and grass was just something to make a lawn with.As gardeners looked for innovative ideas to make interesting gardens, they discovered the world of grasses, and they have never looked back since

1 Gal. Avalanche Feather Reed Grass - Lovely Tall, Variegated Ornamental Grass Perfect for Borders and Accents A fan favorite botanical, feather reed grass A fan favorite botanical, feather reed grass dances with every breath of wind to create peaceful, living landscapes. It's a calming plant that sounds like a whisper in the breeze Ornamental grasses refers to both true grasses and plants that have a grass-like appearance, such as sedges, that are used for similar purposes in gardens. Most ornamental grasses are perennials, living for two or more years. Annual grasses live for only one growing season because of their natural growth habit or they are not hardy in our climate Miscanthus Sinensis Red Chief. 5 Litre: Red Chief a clump forming deciduous grass reaching heights in summer to approximately 1.5 metres. Narrow arching green foliage fading to yellow in autumn and brown in winter. Feathery flower panicles open deep red late summer through autumn, these fade to silver during winter Evergreen grasses can only be divided in the spring. Like people, each ornamental grass has its preferences when it comes to food and water. Some will need more fertilizer than others. Some will require more watering to serve as good ground covers. How to choose ornamental grasses for your yar

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Choose the best ornamental grasses for your climate, soil and growing purpose. These are our recommendations for ornamental grass varieties best-suited to containers, moist soils, shady areas, adding late-season color to the landscape, creating privacy screens and creating wildlife habitat £5.50 (2 or fewer items) £4.95 (3 or more items) A short growing form with imbricate pinnules to this easy hardy maidenhair fern. To 20 cm tall Ornamental grasses are wonderful plants for introducing texture and architecture into your garden design, they also come in a fabulous range of colours. They are mostly quite hardy but do best in well-drained soil in a sunny part of the garden. Astelia Silver Spear is a good architectural grass and do well in pots they do need some winter protection but evergreen fronds make for good winter. 4 White Muhly Grass with White Blooms 3 Piece. Model #LW1307. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Black Mondo Perennial Ornamental Grass 1 Gal. Model #GROR010. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Dwarf Ornamental Fountain Grass 1 Gal