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Floors and ceilings (C06) This section details floors and ceilings systems which cover a multitude of performance requirements in all sectors. British Gypsum offers a full range of specifications from simple plasterboard ceilings through to a range of gypsum-based, acoustic suspended ceilings and lay-in grid systems ceilings planes at the same height. Traditional Flush Transition Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Flush Transitions 7 TRANSITIONS For more information, call 877 276-7876 5 Gypsum Boar d Acoustical Grid Studs and T rack 5 Gypsum Boar d Corn er Beads spackle 3 coatsA and paint coustical Panel Wall Molding 5/8 Gypsum Board Acoustical Grid Acoustical. Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details - Frameimage.org. May 2021. Gypsum dry ceiling suspension jonathan ochshorn lecture notes arch. Article by marie.maine033 Chantalmarie33. 1. Auditorium Design Section Drawing Ceiling Detail Metal Ceiling Cad Blocks False Ceiling Design Gypsum Dream House Plans Amazing Architecture Construction details 05 - 12 General information 13 Installation steps 14 Processing of gypsum boards 15 Joint treatment 16 Cladding of boards 17 - 18 &HUWL¿FDWLRQV 19 Introduction 03 1) Manual Ceiling (ASTM) Feb-23-2017.indd 2 3/9/17 10:30 AM Manual Ceiling (ASTM)-UB.indd 2 3/29/17 6:25 P

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National Gypsum Company is the exclusive service provider for products manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC, PermaBASE Building Products, LLC and ProForm Finishing Products, LLC Jul 19, 2019 - False ceiling section detail drawings cad files. Include sections, electrical fixture detail and cable detail of false ceiling. Pinterest. Today. Gypsum Board Design Gypsum Ceiling Design False Ceiling Design Office Ceiling Design Office Interior Design Autocad Ceiling Plan Drawing Interior Stone Facade Cable Heat Ceilings Maximum frame spacing is 400 mm (16 ) o.c. for 12.7 mm (1/2 ) IMPERIAL Brand Gypsum Base; 600 mm (24 ) o.c. for 15.9 mm (5/8 ) base. Spray-Textured Ceilings Where water-based texturing materials or any slow-drying surface treatment are used over single-layer panels,max.fram Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details - Frameimage.org. Gypsum dry ceiling suspension jonathan ochshorn lecture notes arch. Article by marie.maine033 Chantalmarie33. Ceiling Plan Ceiling Beams Gypsum Ceiling Ceiling Lighting False Ceiling Design Contemporary Interior Design Bathroom Interior Design Diy Crown Molding Crown Moldings Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details - Wallpaperall. Suspended Ceiling Section Gypsum False Ceiling 1 - Horizontally Applied Gypsum Wallboard Showing Joints and Framing. Article by Hazel Peralta. 18

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  1. Cad Details Ceilings Gypsum Ceiling Trap Door Detail. Drywall profile detail fuga suspended ceiling profiles size free cad detail of suspended ceiling section cadblocksfree blocks 6 3 architectural components 4 ceilings suspended heavy typical causes of damage light coves armstrong ceiling solutions commercial. Related
  2. ated Partitions. Before a National Gypsum System is.
  3. Gypsum Board Ceiling Details Section, Details drywall in AutoCAD CAD download (219 39 KB, How to Install Plasterboard Part 3: Ceilings and Walls, A diagram shows a cross section of an internal wall, Suspended acoustical ceiling in AutoCAD CAD (233 59 K
  4. This guide covers flat ceilings attached to perimeter walls on all sides. installed per ASTM C636. For other installations including sloped or curved ceilings consult USG architectural Representative. These guidelines outline the design considerations, test results, and construction details for the installation of each USG exterior ceiling system
  5. Ceiling Details,design,ceiling elevation. Saved by Mohamed El-hemedy. Stairs Architecture Amazing Architecture Architecture Details Traditional Home Decorating Gypsum Ceiling Design Neoclassical Interior Building Foundation Drawing Interior Ceiling Detail

requirements of CBC Sections 1607A and 2508.1, and ASCE 7-10, Section 13.3.1. 3. DETAILS OF CONSTRUCTION: 3.1 General: Gypsum board ceilings shall not support building components other than air conditioning/heating grills or light fixtures. All such components shall b False Ceiling Interior Gypsum Channel Sections Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include bottom channel pop channel, parameter section, false ceiling channel, stud section, ceiling section (patti) and patti section pop channel

At Saint Gobain Gyproc, we have got you an irresistibly attractive range of wall and surface solutions that will give your ceilings and wall panels an aesthetically new look. Our products and services includes Gypsum ceiling tiles, plasterboards, metal framing system, accessories, drywall & plastering, etc. So Many Designs to Choose From What is the maximum distance a Gypframe MF5 Ceiling Section can span Why don't you show a deflection head on Timber Stud partitions What centres are Gypframe GL1 Lining Channels, Gypframe GL2 Brackets, Gypframe GL9 Brackets, and Gypframe GL12 Brackets installed when fixing Gyproc plasterboard (GypLyner wall & GypLyner ceiling systems

  1. 1 Marley Building Systems Gypsum Ceilings & Partitioning Product Range: 2 Introduction to SIniat Plasterboard: Plasterboard Properties • Grid Layout for Suspended Ceilings using 600mm Cross T-Section • Sub Grid Detail (Strained Wire) Exposed Ceiling • Lay-in Suspended Ceiling • SIniat Mastergrid Suspended Ceiling
  2. Rs 100 / Unit Get Latest Price. Thickness. 0.80mm. Length. 3660mm. Web. 45mm. In addition to the varied range of products, we also offer an expansive gamut of Intermediate Channel, which is fabricated using superior quality raw material. This product comes with the assurance of optimum quality and longer service life
  3. Suspended Ceiling Detail. Saved by Jun Kai Loi. 21. Drop Down Ceiling Drop Ceiling Tiles Ceiling Plan Dropped Ceiling Ceiling Decor Timber Ceiling Gypsum Ceiling Ceiling Detail Roof Detail
  4. Apr 13, 2021 - Explore Prazwalpathak's board Gypsum ceiling design on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceiling design, gypsum ceiling design, ceiling design bedroom
  5. 2.3 PERFORATED GYPSUM CEILING TILES. Acoustical Panel Type <INSERT DESIGNATION HERE>: Basis of Design: Subject to compliance with project requirements, the design is based on the following: USG Interiors, LLC, USG Danoline Perforated Gypsum Lay-In Panels and Planks
  6. Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details; Gypsum Board False Ceiling Fixing Details; Share. Facebook; Twitter; Google + Stumbleupon; LinkedIn; Pinterest; About masuzi . Previous Gyp Bd Ceiling Detail. Next Harga Plaster Ceiling 2020. Related Articles. How To Replace A Ceiling Fan Receiver. 22 hours ago
  7. imum thickness of vertically erected studless solid plaster partitions of 3 / 8 -inch (9.5 mm) and 3 / 4 -inch (19.1 mm) rib metal lath or 1 / 2 -inch-thick (12.7 mm) long-length gypsum lath and gypsum board partitions shall be 2 inches (51 mm)

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Gypsum Ceiling Details Section. Uncategorized July 21, Drywall profile detail fuga suspended ceiling profiles size free cad detail of suspended ceiling section cadblocksfree blocks a typical suspended ceiling components 13 b back bracing scientific diagram suspended ceiling design the technical guide biblus M-Bloc Type C Mold Resistant Gypsum Board Interior Ceiling Board Exterior Soffit Wallboard M-Bloc Shaft Liner M-Glass Shaft Liner ClassicRoc Laminate Base Gypsum Wallboard Refer to Section 061640 for exterior wall sheathing. . Edit entire master to suit project requirements. Modify or add items as necessary. Delete items which are no 2 NATIONAL GYPSUM QUICK SELECTOR/GENERAL REFERENCE NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY National Gypsum's own patented Calcidyne system heats the land plaster t Compässo™ Light Cove Section with Gypsum Board. Need Help? Contact Us. Media Inquiries. Retiree Inquiries. Customer Service (Sales) 1-800-950-3839. Technical Support 1-800-USG-4YOU British Gypsum Ceiling products British Gypsum has developed a range of acoustic ceilings that combine contemporary, stylish designs with outstanding acoustic properties. Our Rigitone and Gyptone systems give you virtually unlimited design scope for creating visually stunning rooms and buildings

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  1. Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details - Frameimage.org. March 2021. Gypsum dry ceiling suspension jonathan ochshorn lecture notes arch. Article by Ali Abdelghany. 1. Wedding Reception Ideas False Ceiling Design Diy Interior Ceiling Pendant Ceiling Lights Ceiling Ideas Pendant Lighting Restaurant Design Autocad
  2. National Gypsum Company is the exclusive service provider for products manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC, PermaBASE Building Products, LLC and ProForm Finishing Products, LLC. Details to design better. Find and download the CAD and BIM drawings needed for your project. CAD Drawings. See all. CAD Drawings PURPLE BOOK II CAD.
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  4. 1 Marley Building Systems Gypsum Ceilings & Partitioning Product Range: 2 Introduction to SIniat Plasterboard: Plasterboard Properties • Grid Layout for Suspended Ceilings using 600mm Cross T-Section • Sub Grid Detail (Strained Wire) Exposed Ceiling • Lay-in Suspended Ceiling • SIniat Mastergrid Suspended Ceiling
  5. False ceilings accompanied with cove lighting can take the look of any space, be it your living room, bedroom, or dining area, to a whole new level too. False ceilings can be designed in a number of ways. The most common materials used to build a false ceiling are gypsum sheets or pre fabricated panels
  6. um, 100% zinc and galvanized control and expansion joints
  7. Gypsum False Ceiling Section Details - Frameimage.org. Gypsum dry ceiling suspension jonathan ochshorn lecture notes arch. Article by Ali Abdelghany. 1. Gypsum Ceiling Graphics Detail Tips Creativity Ceilings Charts Graphic Design

False Ceiling Design Gypsum Ceiling Design Ceiling Light Design Gypsum Wall Drywall Ceiling Ceiling Panels Ceiling Beams Ceiling Lights Ceiling Detail This is a detailed 'Gypsum' ceiling trap door detail complete with notes & plan. Keywords: Gypsum, Rhino board, Ceiling, Trap, Trapdoor, Trap door, T-strip, Plaster board: ACAD 2007. Download. Sign-Up. CAD ARCHITECT. CAD Architect is a worldwide CAD resource library of AutoCAD Blocks, Details & Drawings for Architects, CAD draughtsman & other.

Ceiling Details-Download CAD Drawings | AutoCAD Blocks | AutoCAD Symbols | CAD Drawings | Architecture Details│Landscape Details | See more about AutoCAD, Cad Drawing and Architecture Details INDIA GYPSUM PVT LTD is a professional ceilings & partition material company.We are a leading company of gypsum products with a product mix including Plasterboards, Ceiling Tiles, Dry Wall Screw, P.O.P, Glass Fiber Tape, Metal Ceiling Tiles, Jointing Compound, T-Grid system, GI Suspended Ceiling & Partition System

This section details floors and ceilings systems which cover a multitude of performance requirements in all sectors 0115 945 6123 bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com C06. S01. P02 C06 Introduction Floors and ceilings Floors and ceilings British Gypsum offers a full range of specifications from simple plasterboard ceilings through to a range of. Detail all types of gypsum board construction. PART 1 - GENERAL. 1.1 DESCRIPTION. This section specifies installation and finishing of gypsum board. 1.2 RELATED WORK. A.Installation of steel framing members for walls, partitions, furring, soffits, and ceilings: Section 05 40 00, COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING, and Section 09 22 16, NON-STRUCTURAL.

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Gypsum Ceiling Detail In Cad 136 84 Kb Bibliocad. Gypsum Ceiling Detail With Recessed Lighting For Designs Cad. Free Cad Detail Of Suspended Ceiling Section Cadblocksfree Blocks. Gypsum Board Details In Cad 178 47 Kb Bibliocad. Cad Details Ceilings Gypsum Ceiling Trap Door Detail. Details Of Meetings Detail For Designs Cad Noise Reduction Measurement of the ability of a material such as an acoustical ceiling panel to absorb sound energy in the frequency Coefficient (NRC) range of 250 Hz to 2,000 Hz (see pitch for more information). High-NRC ceiling panels provide this type of sound control, which is important for large spaces such as open-plan offices Audi Momentum Houston Panelite. False Ceiling Constructive Section Auto Cad Drawing Details. Gypsum Board Ceiling Fixing Details Framing Dwg Free. Ceiling Cad Details. Various Suspended Ceiling Details Cad Files Dwg Files Plans And Details. Plaster Ceiling Isometric Elevation And Detail View With Feb 24, 2018 - Suspended Ceiling Section Gypsum False Ceiling 1 - Horizontally Applied Gypsum Wallboard Showing Joints and Framin Cad Drawings Of Gypsum Board Caddetails. Gypsum Board Details In Cad 178 47 Kb Bibliocad. Suspended Ceiling D112 Knauf Gips Kg Cad Architectural Details Archie. 6 3 Architectural Components 4 Ceilings Suspended Heavy Typical Causes Of Damage. Cad Finder

13. Gypsum Ceiling With Fan: Indian homes simply cannot do without a ceiling fan in a room. Seen here is one such gypsum ceiling which is designed to accommodate a central large fan. The T-bar suspension features four corner Led lights and a fan, which can spread out in wings for an airy feel. You can extend this element to cover a large room! 14 GypLyner independent wall lining vertical section window opening. pdf 272.01 KB Download. Wall Junction Detail Wall fixing junction detail. pdf 126.88 KB Download. Typical Head Detail. Gyproc MF suspended ceiling - perimeter detail (single layer) pdf 170.59 KB Download. Perimeter Detail Parallel to MF5 Gyproc MF suspended ceiling. A not-for-profit trade association founded in 1930, promoting the use of gypsum while advancing the development, growth, and general welfare of the gypsum industry in the United States and Canada on behalf of its member companie Gypsum ceiling detail in cad 593 78 kb bibliocad free cad detail of suspended ceiling section cadblocksfree blocks control joints expansion gordon interiors control joints expansion gordon interiors. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window

Gypsum Ceilings & interiors Kenya Ltd is a dedicated team of qualified Interior designers with an eye for interior perfection. We specialize in Gypsum ceilin.. AISI S200 and ASTM C955, Section 8: Cold-formed steel studs and track, nonstructural: AISI S220 and ASTM C645, Section 10: Exterior plaster bonding compounds : ASTM C932: Hydraulic cement: ASTM C1157; C1600: Gypsum casting and molding plaster: ASTM C59: Gypsum Keene's cement: ASTM C61: Gypsum plaster: ASTM C28: Gypsum veneer plaster: ASTM C58

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Gypsum board is the premier building material for wall, ceiling, and partition systems in residential, institutional, and commercial structures and is designed to provide a monolithic surface when joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint treatment system. 3. Making Gypsum Board •To produce gypsum board, calcined gypsum is mixed with. Fixture detail at step (level difference at false ceiling) 27. detail view support used to lift the 28. Typical cross section Perimeter detail Method of fixing sections 3d view of joinery details 29. Fixture of channels at corner fixing details 30

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Gypsum Board Suspended Ceiling Cad Details. Shelly Lighting July 24, 2018. Plaster ceiling in cad cad detail of suspended ceiling section ceiling details room pictures all gypsum partition wall detail. Plaster Ceiling In Cad 255 54 Kb Bibliocad. Free Cad Detail Of Suspended Ceiling Section Cadblocksfree. Ceiling Details Room Pictures All About. Design Professional False Ceiling Drawings In By Subhanmani. Gypsum Board Details In Cad 178 47 Kb Bibliocad. Echobloc. Cad Drawing Of Gypsum Board Ceiling Decors Models Free Pikbest. Stoneply Cad Drawings And Details Stone Panel Information. Grid Suspended False Ceiling Fixing Detail Plan N Design. Cad Finder Edge details Exposed grid Recessed grid Concealed grid Insulation products Isover Insulation products 321 T 00353 1 629 8400 F 00353 1 623 7054 E enquiries@gyproc.ie Gyproc Lay-in Grid Ceilings 6.6 Health and Safety Safety Data Sheets for all Gypsum Industries' products are available to download from our website: www.gypsum.ie

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Suspended ceiling D112 - Suspended Ceilings - Ceilings, CABG, attic - Details catalog - KNAUF - Manufacturer With our lighting partners, Axis Cove Perfekt and Vode ZipWave. Pre-engineered solution offers a variety of options with both Ceiling-to-Wall and Ceiling-to-Ceiling light coves and sizes. Featuring a new Knife Edge profile that brings acoustical panels out to the edge of the cove. 10-Year Limited Warranty, 30-Year System Warranty. Profile Types Free CAD+BIM Blocks, Models, Symbols and Details. Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. CAD blocks and files can be downloaded in the formats DWG, RFA, IPT, F3D . You can exchange useful blocks and symbols with other CAD and BIM users

Specific code section New four (4) story college dormitory with one (1) hour gypsum board membrane ceilings as part of the one (1) hour floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assemblies is penetrated by non-rated partitions/walls Ceiling Section. 9 www.gypsum.ie 7 CasoLine MF_120408:Layout 1 26/05/2008 15:38 Page 252. 253 GypLyner™ CasoLine UNIVERSALMF Ceiling boards Junction details 1 2 Perimeter fixing Gypframe MF5 Ceiling Section Perimeter arrangement - Gypframe MF7 Primary Support Channel 6

GYPSUM BOARD CEILING Gypsum is a mineral found in sedimentary rock formations in a crystalline form known as calcium sulphate dihydrate CaSO4•2H2O. One hundred pounds of gypsum rock contains approximately 21 pounds (or 10 quarts) of chemically combined water. Gypsum rock is mined or quarried and transported to the manufacturing facility Fire Resistance is performance parameter of entire wall or ceiling system. However, Gypsum boards by its chemistry (inherent water molecules) are fire retardant & Gypboard ® plain is Class 1 material as per BS 476 Part7. For Requirement More than 60 minutes fire rating we recommend Gyproc Fireline Board

Specific code section The building will have double top plate on nonrated interior partitions that interrupts the fire ¿rated ceiling membrane of 1-hour floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling assemblies. Based upon language in the adopted 2012 International Building Code, this condition is only permitted where interior partitions are 1-hour fire. Chicago, United States: - The global PVC Gypsum Ceiling Board Market is carefully researched in the report while largely concentrating on top players and their business tactics, geographical expansion, market segments, competitive landscape, manufacturing, and pricing and cost structures. Each section of the research study is specially prepared to explore key aspects of the global PVC Gypsum.

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Joint compound shall be used in gypsum board finishing per Level of Finish as specified in the Basis of Design (BOD). Section 5: General Notes This HPD is for a single product. PABCO MOLD CURB Type X Gypsum Panel hpdrepository.hpd-collaborative.org HPD v2.2 created via HPDC Builder Page 4 of American Gypsum's 1/2'' Interior Ceiling Board is designed for use in wall and ceiling applications spaced no more than 24'' o/c, and approved to be applied parallel or perpendicular to ceiling framing spaced up to 24'' o/c, even when a hand applied or water-based texture is used for decoration. The exceptional sag resistance of. • Section 20.3 (GA 4.7.3) - Control joints in the gypsum board shall be specified by the architect or designer where any of the conditions described in 20.3.1-20.3.5 exist (GA - o Section 20.3.1 (GA - A control joint shall be installed where a partition, wall, or ceiling traverse Two-tier ceilings from plasterboard have excellent aesthetic qualities and allow you to install all kinds of lighting equipment Recently, no interior design of the premises can not do without a beautiful and practical decoration of the ceiling. Modern designers agree that the interior should be thought through to the smallest detail, and the ceiling plays a very important role

Small Pipe (4 inch maximum) Roof Penetration. PARTITION DETAILS - Architectural Drawings. Figure 1. Gypsum Board Partition to 150 mm Above Ceiling (Non-Fire Rated) Figure 2. Gypsum Board Partition to Bottom of Structure (Non-Fire Rated) Figure 3. Gypsum Wall Board Partition (Fire Rated - 1 hour and 2 hour) Figure 4 acoustical ceiling system 3 5/8 galvanized metal studs @ 16 o.c. 5/8 type x gypsum wallboard, extend 6 above finished ceiling 3 5/8 galvanized metal studs @ 16 o.c., extend to stc ceiling system on either side of supply duct. seal around wall and duct as required security/stc 50 (min.) floor/ceiling assembly (ral# tl01/215, stc 60) 4.

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and Ceilings, Shaftwalls, Area Separation Firewalls, Cement Board and Column and Beam Protection. Each section lists the systems in ascending order of fire rating, and includes sound ratings and basic construction details. The Gypsum Board Systems Manual is available on our web site at www.certainteed.com gypsum panel 3 Construction Details Flat Drywall Ceilings The USG Boral Drywall Suspension System is designed to install quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Flat Drywall Ceiling Notes • Main tee and cross tee spacing is provided in the table on page 18. • See pages 12 - 16 for special requirements for fire rated assemblies

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This section specifies steel studs wall systems, shaft wall systems, ceiling or soffit suspended or furred framing, wall furring, fasteners, and accessories for the screw attachment of gypsum board, plaster bases or other building boards. 1.2 RELATED WORK . A.Load bearing framing: Section 05 40 00, COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING These gypsum wallboard system details are intended solely as technical support incident to the sale and use of National ST 104 Stair Shaftwall Section at Lateral Brace EV Series - Elevator Shaftwall Details 09 21 16.23 ´ Gold Bond Brand Gridstone CleanRoom Gypsum Ceiling Panels Type FSW-3 ´ *ROG %RQG Brand Fire-Shield Gypsum Sheathin Membrane, One Level. Per Section 25.210 single level drywall ceilings are exempt from lateral force bracing requirements when walls are not over 50 feet apart. When walls are over 50 feet apart, the ceiling should be examined for bracing requirements • IBC categories D, E and F single layer drywall ceilings are exempt fro

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Suspended Ceilings - PH 14S Construction Details Timber Floors & Roofs T E C H N I C A L D A T A 1 PROMATECT®-H boards, thickness commensurate with fire resistance performance required 4 2 Ceiling channel section 50mm x 27mm x 0.6mm to form grid at 610mm x 1220mm spacing 3 Mild steel angle 50mm x 30mm x 0.6mm thick 4 M4 self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres 5 Recessed light fitting 1 6. details to avoid needlessly costly rework. The prescriptive requirements in ASCE 7 are intended to cover direct-hung acoustical panel and lay-in panel ceiling systems. The following suspended ceilings are exempted from the suspended ceiling requirements of the ASCE 7 as defined by ASTM E580. • Screw or nail attached gypsum board ceilings ceiling giving a base for gypsum board. Gypsum Board Ceiling Gypsum Board Ceiling. Perimeter detail. Method of fixing sections. Typical cross section Timber Suspended Ceiling: • Grid system is formed with the help of wooden joists

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Feb 24, 2018 - Suspended Ceiling Section Gypsum False Ceiling 1 - Horizontally Applied Gypsum Wallboard Showing Joints and Framin According to ASTM C1396/C1396M Standard Specification for Gypsum Board, Section 13.1, Gypsum board, except for pre-decorated gypsum board, is intended to be a substrate. The surfaces of gypsum board shall be true and free from imperfections that would render it unfit for finishing and final decoration This section provides prescriptive details for suspended gypsum board ceiling where s the grid is composed of channel sections for the main runners with hat channels wired below as the cross furring. Check with manufacturers for alterproprietary native systems that use T-bars for both the main and cross runners

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Source: ASCE 7-16 Section 13.5.6, ASTM E580 Section 1.7 • Ceiling areas of 1000 ft2 or less shall be exempt from lateral-force bracing requirements. Source: ASTM E580 Section 1.6 • Lateral-force bracing is the use of vertical struts (compression posts) and splay wires (see Figure 2) 3. Toilet and bath accessories shall be the products of Bobric Wash Room Equipment Inc. or. equivalent. 4. Metal lockers shall be 300 mm wide x 450 mm deep x 1.800 mm high (unless noted otherwise. on. the drawings) double tier with sloping top and baked enamel finish of a standard color

CAD Ceiling. Note: To view the .DWF file, you will need the DWF Viewer. It's free. Download it here; Section Through Ceiling. Download. Section Through Ceiling (2) Download. Abutment Gypsum Board Metal Profiles Types. First of all, our gypsum board metal profiles production is done as per EN10346:2015 and 100gr/m2 zinc coated for corrosion protection. That is to say, metal profiles used for plasterboards are as followed: Most importantly, they are all available in 0.40, 0.50 and 0.60mm thickness as per customer demand Now that the section is correct, from the ceiling plan I am getting a double line as REVIT is projecting the thickness of the gypsum board on the bulkhead wall on to the ceiling plan, (see screenshot). So in the ceiling plan the gypsum board is not appearing continuous. Any good method of getting around this apart from making the linework. Coordinate with Section 09 06 00, SCHEDULE FOR FINISHES, to define texture, patterns, and colors other than white with locations in the room finish schedule and reflective ceiling plans. 3. Fire rated assemblies: Do not use except with special authorization