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Bexar County Central Magistrate Search. The Bexar County Central Magistrate Search allows users to search for individuals who have been arrested for an offense of Class B or higher, and were processed by the Central Magistrate Office within the last 24 hours. The results of the search will display details on the individual and their charges Central Magistrate (City side): 210-207-7532. The Central Magistrate is often called C-Mag or Mag's Office. It is a joint processing area that includes City and County personnel. If an individual has been arrested for the first time on a charge he will be taken to the Magistrate's Office to be processed. (Individuals arrested on warrants go. to the san antonio central magistrate detention center or the bexar conty adult detention center for. defendant name pretrial services will attach this notice to any applicable paperwork still pending for the purpose of processing this defendant for release and cease all further processing for a total of 2 hrs from the time of magistration.

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Man indicted for April 2021 family violence murde On 07/12/2021 McClure-Soto filed a Civil Right - Employment Discrimination lawsuit against Bexar County. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Texas Western District. The Judge overseeing this case is Jason K. Pulliam. The case status is Pending - Other Pending SAN ANTONIO - Right now, there is a major backlog of domestic violence cases in the Bexar County court. Precinct 3 Commissioner Trish DeBerry and District Attorney Joe Gonzales are coming up with a plan to catch up. The backlog is about 5,600 domestic violence cases for the county with..

Case Summary. On 06/07/2021 Moreno filed a Prisoner - Civil Right lawsuit against Bexar County Sheriff's Office. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Texas Western District. The Judge overseeing this case is Jason K. Pulliam. The case status is Pending - Other Pending. Case Details Parties Documents Dockets (Demand Ltr. [#54-2], at 3-14.) This demand further states that if Defendant fails to pay benefits in their entirety within 21 days of the date of the letter, Plaintiff will file suit in Bexar County Court for an order demanding benefits be paid via a declaratory judgment. (Id. at 13.

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By Gary Martin on April 27, 2012 at 8:29 AM. Texas lost one ignominious distinction yesterday: The state with the highest number of emergency judicial vacancies. After a five-month delay, the. Opinion for Balboa v. State, 612 S.W.2d 553 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information DWI Blood Testing in Texas Prior to Missouri v.McNeely. Prior to Missouri v.McNeely, 133 S. Ct. 1552, 1557-63, 1567-68 (2013), peace officers in Texas relied on the authority of the Mandatory Blood Draw Statute in Texas to justify taking blood samples from DWI suspects without first obtaining a blood search warrant from a judge or magistrate.After the McNeely decision in 2013, warrantless.

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Randall Office Information County Court at Law #1 424 S. The legal document referred to as a Blue Warrant aren't unique to Texas, although that specific term appears to be unique to the Lone Star State. The judge can make you wait in jail while your case is resolved. m. kubala 9:00 a. T. Twice a year, by a posted date in June and. Motion to revoke bond texa

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  1. Ex parte Gomez, 2020 WL 4577148, NOs. 01-20- 00004-CR & 01-20-00005-CR, *6-7 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] August 7, 2020) (mem. op., not designated for publication). We granted review to.
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