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These Custom Flemish Twist Bowstrings are the best strings you can put on your traditional bow. These hand made Flemish strings for recurves and Longbows only use the finest materials and the most advanced string building techniques In our Traditional Series we offer 3 different types of Recurve bow strings to suit the fit for your bow. Our most popular in this line would be our Flemish bowstring, this is made from BCY D97 material that will be a dependable and durable option for the serious bowhunter Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are the Original Skinny String crafted for the traditional bow hunter. Our goal in string making is to achieve the quietest string with the least amount of stretch and the best performance for hunting that we could craft All of our replacement longbow strings or recurve bow strings are designed to work best with Olympic style and traditional shooting. How to Place an Order. When placing an order with 60X Custom Strings, enter your bowstring length at about three inches shorter than the bow's unstrung AMO length Cir-Cut Archery Products is the maker of the B-50 Dacron Recurve Bowstring. The string is available in several sizes and strands. The 12-strand string is recommended for bows up to 40 pounds. The 14-strand bowstring is recommended for bows with a draw weight up to 50 pounds

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With the archery recurve bow stringer tool, stringing your Dacron string is made effortless, painless, and easy. Doing the task is a breeze. What we like most about this is that the tool can be used in stringing and unstringing jobs. The tool would also be compatible with recurves as much as it is with traditional bows Dacron string works well on older tear drop style compound bows and crossbows. It is also the best bow string material to be used on wooden traditional bows with non-reinforced limb tips. Fast Flight is mainly used on traditional bows with reinforced limb tips and older compound bows. Finding Your Ideal String Materia Custom Flemish Twist Bow Strings . Simply Traditional Custom Flemish Bow Strings. Michigan Longbow Association Custom String. String maintenance, string materials and more. Broadheads, Points and Adapters . Magnus Classic Broadheads. Snuffer Broadheads. Grizzly Broadheads. Ace Archery Tackle

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The Archery Hunting Braided Replacement Bowstring Traditional Recurve Bowstring is 56 inches long. It has a weight tension of 50 lbs. This bowstring is of premium quality with a Flemish braid made of durable nylon material. It is ideal for the recurve bow by Southland or other comparable bows We have a wide selection of recurve bow strings. Whether you want fast flight performance or the reliability of traditional dacron bow strings. MY ACCOUNT ASK AN EXPERT Replacement Bow String for Yumi Nisun Japanese Traditional Bow. $51.99. B-55 Flemish Twist Bow String. $16.99. BCY-X Bow String. $31.99. SF Axiom Bow String. $14.99. Satori.

Durable and consistent, it has been the standard for traditional bows since 1944. Fastflight is less stretchy than dacron and is a faster material. Fast Flight was the first High Modulus PolyEthelyne (HMPE) material. It has minimal creep, superior strength and durability Dacron is actually the best bowstring material incorporating 100% natural polyester and fiber. It is used for constructing the B-50 SAS traditional bowstrings and you will really realize how long the bowstring lasts

Not only that the string is very quiet, it makes the traditional bow hunter's bow smoke an arrow. Test results have shown that the SBD 8-strand string can possibly increase a bow's speed more than your current string. As with all SBD strings the loops are tapered padded in the loop area. The SBD 8-strand string should only be used on bows. Bow Strings & Cables Find Bow String and Bow Cable at Lancaster Archery Supply. Order custom-made strings and cable sets or select from a complete inventory of Recurve Bow Strings, Compound Bow Strings and Traditional Bow Strings Archery 101: All About Bowstrings. If your bow were a car, the bowstring would be the tires because it transfers the energy from the bow and unleashes it upon the arrow. Therefore, it's a vital part of your archery equipment, and requires maintenance and replacement to ensure extended use. Bowstrings, historically, were made of sinew, plant. Search through the site to find Traditional Bow Accessories like Arm Guards and more. We look forward to helping you find Archery Accessories. Compare. 30.06 Outdoors Guardian Vented Arm Guard Camo - GVAG-1. 30-06 Outdoors Arm Guard Guardian Vented Camo GVAG-1. $16.95 $8.19. Add To Cart. Compare. 30.06 Outdoors Vision Hunting Arm Guard - VHAG-1

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  1. Traditional Archery Supply provides custom standard Endless Loop and custom Flemish Twist bow strings for longbows and recurve bows. Endless Loop strings include nylon serving. Flemish twist strings use high-durability braided serving. We also have pre-made standard strings to fit many bows. Strings are measured either by AMO length or by.
  2. Custom Made: Allow 10-14 days. Reign Hoyt Hyper ZT - 4 Piece Set. Reign Hoyt Hyper ZT - 4 Piece Set. Rating: 0%. Starting at. £90.00. Custom Made: Allow 10-14 days. Reign Twin/Hybrid/Binary - 3 Piece Set
  3. Best Seller in Archery Bowstrings. KESHES Dacron Bow String Replacement for Traditional and Recurve Bow - Replacement Bowstring 12,14,16 Strands - All Length Sizes from 44-70 Inches. 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,253. $14.99 $ 14. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  4. Any bow that does not have 'fast-flight-safe' reinforced tips should not use these high-performance Mercury strings, as irreparable damage can occur to the limbs. Vintage bows and Blacktail bows built prior to the year 2000 (which did not have fast-flight-safe reinforced tips) should use Dacron B-50 Strings (available by special order)
  5. OMP SEKTOR RECURVE LIMBS. $124.99. Quickview. Add to Cart. View as Grid List. Items 1 - 24 of 29. Page. You're currently reading page
  6. TRADITIONAL. At Bear Archery, we're proud to continue what Fred Bear started more than 85 years ago. The spirit, vision, and craftsmanship that Fred put into each bow remain a core component in our 2021 recurve and longbow lineup
  7. I-Sport Otter is the most sold bow dampener of this month. It is famous for its versatility; you can use it on all types of bows and crossbows that is why we added it in our list of top products.. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best bowstring silencer with low budget, then choosing the bow Jax will be the right decision.. The light-weight bow string silencer is available for under 10$

Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee 6. ISPORT Archery Hunting Braided Replacement Bowstring Traditional Recurve Bow String. 8. Zebra Z7 Trophy Strings, 86.875-Inch. 9. Compound Bow String J&D 36 B50 Compound String 16-strand #7296. 10. Premium Gear 2-TONE Brown / Yellow - Replacement B-50 DACRON RECURVE BOWSTRING Kustom King Traditional Archery, your kingdom for all things traditional archery with a wide selection fo bow and arrow traditional archery supplies, archery gear, and archery equipment. Traditional bows and arrows for sale Zonon Bow String Nocking Points Pliers Strings Knock Set T Shape Bow Square Ruler Nocking Buckle Pliers Recurve Bow Turning Kit Archery 4.6 out of 5 stars 336 3 offers from $13.7 Your experience is also dependent on the type of bow you use. If you are using a more traditional approach, ProLine manufactures premium recurve bowstrings that will enhance every aspect of your sport. Our state of the art manufacturing process produces the most consistent and balanced string you can find. Elevate Your Archery Experienc

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  1. Large, corporate companies, to pro shop strings, to basement bowstring makers. Everyone seems to claim that they're the best bow strings you can buy. At Winner's Choice, we've worked for decades to create the ultimate bowstring stability and to make sure that creep, peep rotation, and serving separation are a thing of the past
  2. FirstString's customers range from the beginner bow enthusiast to the Professional Hunters and target archers to Olympic bow target shooters and the Traditional enthusiast. If you have a bow and it needs strings we produce the products. Since we started, FirstString has sold more than 5 million strings and cables
  3. Our quality control and attention to detail makes our strings the best in the industry. All GAS Bowstrings and cables are built with our proprietary Total Tensioning System (TTS) to create superior string stability and insure zero creep, peep rotation & serving separation. This process is unlike many bowstring manufacturers, who simply stretch their strings and cables at a set weight
  4. Primarily used for recurves, but also used on older compound crossbows and traditional bows without reinforced limb tips. Available in solid colors. Recommended strands: 12-16 for recurves Approximate feet per pound waxed: 4,300 Spool sizes: 1/4 lb., or 1 lb
  5. Most archers don't want a bowstring that is uncomfortable to shoot so we created the quietest, smoothest shooting bowstring so that every shot is enjoyable. Here at shatterproof archery, we excel at giving you the best bowstrings and archery finger tabs
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Traditional archery is very rewarding and thrilling. The equipment used, such as Gold Tip Traditional arrows, are simple and it allows you to make good use of your creative juices and motivate you to give your best shots. It will give you the desire to improve every time you get a hold of your Traditional Recurve bow Hoyt logo Hoyt Hoyt Archery was founded in 1942 and it continues to be one of the best compound bow manufacturers in the world ever since. Admittedly, Hoyt Archery is one of the most innovative compound bow designers in the world: The equipment made by this company is very popular among many archers and hunters SKU: BID7366. BID7366. $ 8.99. Top-quality traditional Dacron bow string. Measured by AMO bow length. Top quality Dacron string. Black. AMO Length. Choose an option 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 69 70 String and Cable Sets. OEM Spec bowstring and cable sets for all Genesis Model bows. Choose from over a hundred different color combinations for one low price. Check out our color finger pads for additional customization! 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Huntingdoor Bow Strings Serving Thread, 120 yard/110m Archery Bowstring Serving, 3 Strands .015-inch Durable Nylon Serving Thread Archery Maintenance Accessories for Various Bow 4.7 out of 5 stars 2 10 best archery gloves reviewed and rated for 2021. Find the best medieval archery gloves and arm guards available on Amazon. Reduces friction from bow string; Great accessory for any traditional archer using a recurve bow, traditional bow, or longbow; Ambidextrous design for left- and right-handed shooters Step 1 : Determine Bow String Length If you already have a string for your bow, untwist the string and measure its length. Otherwise determine the length of your bow. For a recurve bow your string length should be about 3.5 shorter than your bow length. Hence, if you are using a 68 bow, your string length should be about 64.5 Base Price. $1514.00. Base price of Wind Warrior Max P longbow model includes the following: Your choice of riser color. Ash limbs dyed your choice of color under clear glass. Your choice of cordage color for fadeout lashings (required on all high performance bows to add strength to the limbs, stabilize the bow, and increase accuracy as well as. Zebra. Trophy. Zebra® Trophy® utilizes a proprietary blend of BCY® 452X material designed and manufactured to create a top of the line, hassle free bowstring and cable that can be customized to fit any one cam, two-cam, crossbow, or traditional bow you may have. Zebra® Trophy® Bowstrings and Cables are pre-conditioned to guarantee no.

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Apr 21, 2019 - Explore Chad Smith's board Traditional Archery: Strings and String Making on Pinterest. See more ideas about traditional archery, archery, how to make bows Purchase Bow String Material from Bowhunters Supply Store and know that the string on your bow is top quality. Select from many top Archery String Material brands and know that you are purchasing the most durable Archery Bow String Material we offer

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  1. The Olympic archery association tries its best to ensure a level playing field. Compound bows mostly popular among the archers of Europe and North and Central America. But Asia, Australian, and African archers still prefer the traditional recurve bow for archery
  2. These earliest of bows developed into the short bow, longbow, and various other plain bows. The mongolian style is a more than 1000 year-old-style. The mongolian bows are always symmetric bows. Their speciality is, that they have string-pads for stopping the string rapidly after the shot
  3. Custom Made Bows to Fit Your Needs Call us Today: (417) 725-3113 Vist Us: 1201 Eaglecrest, Nixa MO 65714 Monday - Friday: 7am-4pm Central View Flipbook Catalo
  4. g method, tends to come with a black cloud of scrutiny in the traditional bow hunting community. While its very common practice in the competitive arena, it is not very well understood or best suited for the bow hunter
  5. With that said, strings can work well with a fairly wide range of twists, for example for a 68 string, anywhere from 20-60 twists will produce acceptable results as long as the bow's brace height (string height) is correct. Some shooters using Vectran blend strings, or even straight HMPE strings, like the feel of more twists

The total bow package includes a riser, two bow limbs, bowstring, sight, arrow rest, string wax, arm guard, finger tab, target paper, Allen key, and 6 carbon arrows. - Buyer's Guide. Now that you've read our list of the 10 Best Recurve Bows, you need to know how to narrow down to just one SinoArt's Sparrow Bow is one of those borderline youth bows. This traditional bow has a slight recurve and is designed for right-handed archers. Draw weights are low at 20-35lbs. At 54 inches, it's safest to use with a draw length of less than 30, making this bow best for smaller archers or those learning and practicing target archery Total Ratings 286, $7.95 New. Bear Archery Recurve Bow Stringer #a100rs. $18.95 New. October Mountain Products 57436 Black 26.5 Force Flyte Crossbow String Recurve. $22.86 New. Jaguar CRS 004c 26.5 Crossbow Replacement Tips String Polyester Fiber Gift. 4.8 out of 5 stars. (15

The 5 best bow string silencers are all very good. I've put a few together that you'll notice will work for a few different situations. The two main types of string silencers are going to be natural and synthetic. Both will normally work for a compound bow and a traditional bow An essential part of keeping a bow maintained - no matter what style you shoot: recurve, compound, traditional - is waxing the string (and cables), yet many archers neglect it. The bowstring is key to the overall performance of the bow. After all, it is the piece of equipment that sends the arrow towards the target Traditional Archery Supply sells new and used Longbows, Recurve bows and all equipment for bow and arrow sports.Traditional Archery Supply | OldBow.com sells Recurve and Longbows, Arrows , Shooting Gloves, Leather quivers | Over 75 bows in stock | Shipping nation wide | Whitman, Massachusetts US

Contact me with any questions or to purchase any of these bows. Steve Turay 906-458-5035 nmlongbow@gmail.com. Sprague # 0420-02 64 65@28 Right hand Tempered Bamboo core, Straight Curly Maple handle and Green glass $715.00. SOLD #1120-01 66 56@28 Right hand, Maple core, American Elm veneers, Straight Shedua handle Clear glass and Tip. Recurve bows are used less often for hunting, but can absolutely kill a whitetail deer with a mere 40 pounds of draw weight. Q: What is the best recurve bow for beginners? А: For beginners, a recurve bow can be a bit daunting, which is why Samick made the best beginner-ready bow

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These strings are suitable for Recurve Bows at the entry level as well as club beginners and up to competition shooting at Target, Field, and Traditional archery. Compound Bows usually use more advanced materials with less stretch for their Bowstring and for their Cables- Call us for details if you need Strings for a Compound Bow The Fleetwood Edge traditional bow is a great option for new shooters. Fleetwood Edge 2. Buy Your First Bow. It's hard to overstate how important it is to pick the right first bow. Most new shooters want a nice bow that they can learn on, but also hunt with, which leads to the most common mistake: being over-bowed Each bow is made from different materials which affect the cost to manufacture and the sales price. Handcrafted bows will cost more to manufacture and are more expensive. Typically, handcrafted bows are made with the best quality wood, strings, and craftsmanship

2. Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set. Often archers get confused while selecting the required hand orientation i.e. which hand to use to hold the bow and which one to use to draw. In fact, the best choice is to select the dominant hand to draw the string and use the other one to hold the bow The archery shop for traditional archery equipment and archery supplies. Archery store with a wide range of traditional archery shop supplies. Buy a range of traditional bows online or in store, English Longbows, American Flatbows, recurve bows, Horse bows plus arrow making tools and wooden arrows Best Recurve Bow Brands; FAQ For Recurve Bows; Conclusion; Draw Weight. Choosing a draw weight on your bow is a combination of knowing how you'll use it, and staying within your physical limits. Draw weight refers to the amount of force required to pull back the string on a bow It is the best bow for both hunting and recreational archers who target to shoot. The maple and Dymond wood riser with a double tone gloss finish makes it durable. It's cut past the center shelf allows for the lower angle between the string and the bow. The limbs are available in draw weights from 25 pounds and 60 pounds

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  1. That's honestly the best advice that I or everyone else in the archery world can give you. Don't be cheap on a new string; it's better to buy a new string than purchasing a new bow since the latter will definitely cost you a lot more, not forget to mention all those medical bills that are going to rack up if you sustain an injury
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bear Archery Dual Shelf/Ambidextrous Recurve Bow Excellent Condition 64/50# at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Archery Dacron Recurve Bow string Hunting Traditional Bow strings B-55 Bowstring. New New New. $7.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free.
  3. gly simple change makes a tremendous difference in the available power
  4. Simply string your bow, measure the brace height using a ruler, shoot 10 or so arrows, then adjust the brace height by 1/8 of an inch up or down by adding or removing a few twists. Make sure to measure the exact brace height after every change made, note it down, and assign each setting a subjective noise rating based on how loud it tends.
  5. Place the string over the bow tips. Slide the string's large loop over the bow's upper limb, positioning the string on the correct side of the bow. Fit the smaller loop into the notch on the lower limb, double-checking that it fits snugly. Since the bow is in a relaxed position, the string should have plenty of slack

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this is the lightest and most portable recurve bow you can ever get. This affordable bow is the best kids and women's recurve bow on the market. It's easy to use and assemble and with four available draw weights (20, 25, 30, and 35lbs.), you won't have trouble drawing this durable, 62-inch, affordable bow. Pros How to Silence Your Recurve Bow. While recurve bows definitely make noise, there are many ways to dampen or silence the sound. One of the most common ways to fix a bow that's particularly too loud is by using a dampener. Other options include confirming you have the right arrows for your bow or tuning it The Southland Archery Supply B-55 Dacron bowstring is ideal for traditional long and recurve bows. These strings are manufactured in the United States and are available in 12, 14, and 16 strand bowstrings. Lengths range from 48 to 64. The end type of the SAS B-55's is an endless loop. Fits most traditional bows, recurve bows, and. Best Recurve Bow String 2020. The official A.M.O. Measurement is usually labeled on a bow string. The actual string is 4-inches shorter out-of-the-box than the

How to Properly Measure a Traditional Bow String - 60x

Top 10 Best Bowstrings [Reviews] In 2021 - Popular Model

ALL BOWS can be loud or quiet, its all about your set up, we had a saying in the 3-D circut, go's fast won't last, when shooting FF and light arrows the energy from the bow will absorbe more into the limbs causing more noise & damage to the bow,with heavier arrows and string the energy is absorbed more into the arrow/string, and the heavier the. The best type of string depends upon the bow. If the riser is made of wood I would suggest that you stay with a Dacron string. The higher performance string materials may distress the riser. If the bow's riser is metal or composite, then I would s.. Designed for recreational, 3D and target archery. Standard-fit Compression Arm Guard is ideal for fitting to your forearm. Provides comfortable protection while hunting or flinging arrows in warm weather. Made of stretch fabric, the standard-fit measures 9.5″ (L) with 4″ forearm and 3″ wrist openings. Jacket-fit Compression Arm Guard is. Zipper Promise. At ZIPPER Bows we believe in building high-quality, handmade products. We have continued this tradition since 1982. Our custom recurve and longbows are quiet, dependable, and deliver the superior performance you have been looking for in traditional archery equipment. We pride ourselves on customer service and take great pride in.

B-55 strings are easy and safe to install on both recurve and traditional bows that normally can't take modern bowstrings. Get more out of your bow! SMOOTHER SHOT - Enjoy the smoother shot from strings built to last. The B-55 bow strings provide the same power as Dacron B-50 strings without stretching as much The 5 Best Recurve Bow Stringer Reviews. #1. Selway Limbsaver Recurve Bow Stringer. The Selway recurve bow stringer is undoubtedly one of the best bow stringer available in the market. It is longlisting and durable. It last around a year, even if you use it on every weak. The Selway bow stringer comes with a thick nylon cup on one end while the. Inquiries to: contactus@firststringusa.com Orders: orders@firststringusa.com. Phone: 317-535-8116 Fax: 317-535-811 Jul 3, 2010. #19. buzz lite beer said: Most of my strings for a 68 bow are of 65 in length, just had to make one of 65.25 from my CXT/EX, I think 64.5 would be a recommended length for a Dacron string as the material sretches by a greater amount than newer materials on the market

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The standard for traditional bows Abrasion-resistant, durable, and consistent Extremely smooth and easy to work with 17 Colors: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Bright Yellow, Bronze, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Yellow, Hunter Green, Purple, Red, Silver, Flo Green, Flo Orange, Flo Pink, and Flo Yellow 100% Polyester Available In 1/4 And A/1 lb spools 6 spools per box, 4 boxes per carto It is only around $20 and is great reading as well as the best way to get from a tree standing in the field to a beautifully tillered and finished hunting bow. It can be purchased at Dean's website The Bowyer's Edge. This bow is being made for Dan Frein for an elk hunt this fall Product Image. Product Title. Tebru 12 Strands Traditional Recurve Archery Bow String Polyester Replacement Bowstring,Replacement Bowstring,12 Strands Bowstring. Average Rating: ( 0.0) out of 5 stars. Current Price $4.78. $4.78 List. List Price $9.56

Learn Two Ways of How to Serve a String | Archer's DenTraditional Composite Mongolian recurve bow G/819

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The bow string loops - these are what you attach to the end of your recurve bow limbs. Take note that the loops so have different sizes. Take note that the loops so have different sizes. The top loop, which is usually larger than the opposite end, is the one you slide down the bow limb during stringing Premium: Traditional handmade archery bows are the most expensive. These range anywhere from $1,600 for an English medieval war bow to around $3,000 for a copy of an ancient Persian horn bow. These are not just showpieces but fully usable replicas. Tips for archery safety Never use an archery bow when you're not 100% fit and focused On Traditional Archery that have been around a while include take-down bows and reinforced tips that can withstand thinner Fast Flight strings. With longbows, the reflex-deflex limb design provided a substantial leap in performance. flat-shooting recurve is the best possible bow — even better than a compound — for hunting whitetails. Making Traditional Bows - Make your own traditional bow and arrow. E-book ISBN 978-87-994594--7. Paperback ISBN 978-87-994594-2-1. DVD-rom ISBN 978-87-994594-1-4. Traditional bow and arrow making explained to the last detail Making Traditional Bows. A book by the bow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg Chris Münkel MD

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The string should be replaced sooner if it becomes frayed, worn, or otherwise damaged. Modern synthetic materials are very durable but stretch and wear out over time. Natural strings should be replaced more often. Inspect your bowstring for damage at each use. Replacing your bowstring is an important part of bow maintenance The SouthWest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow Combo Set is a great bow for beginners that are looking for a quality bow that can actually be taken into the field to hunt. The Spyder set arrives in a quality hard case and includes the bow, bow string, an arrow rest, a stringer tool, armguard and 3 premium carbon arrows The Ationgle is a great lightweight bow kit which includes a bow string, bow riser, hexagon wrench, and two bow limbs. Draw length is listed at 31 inches, and max draw weight is 30 lbs. The survival bow string is tough nylon, and the wooden riser is made to stretch and provide resistance These charts indicate the appropriate bow length that best fits a range of draw lengths. Your draw length may fit into more than one bow length option. One of the fastest growing segments within archery is the archer moving away from compound bows into traditional archery item 7 D97 Compound Bowstring Black Choice of Length Bow String by 60X Custom Strings 7 -D97 Compound Bowstring Black Choice of Length Bow String by 60X Custom Strings. $8.99. Free shipping. See all 5099. - All listings for this product. 4.7. 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 270 product ratings. 270 product ratings. 5

Traditional quiver belt construction T/500 - Classic BowTraditional Roman Recurve bow G/406 - Classic Bow ArcheryStickbowHuba Traditional quiver back construction T/049 - ClassicAnnual High Country Shoot | Colorado Traditional Archers

Best Recurve Bow Under $200. Mandarin Duck isn't as well known of a brand, but the Black Hunter 60 is high-quality professional bow equipped to make the toughest shots with pinpoint accuracy. This 60 model comes with a couple of different draw weights between 30-60 lbs, perfect for the serious marksman or hunter Bow String - The Bow string is the string, which terminates at the cams on a two cam system. On a solo cam system, the bow string's ends both terminate at the bottom cam but travels around the top idler wheel. Brace Height - Brace height is the measurement from the crotch of the grip to the bow string. The average brace height is. The BEST 6 Recurve Bows. Mike's Gear Reviews have come up with six of the best recurve bows that you can buy online. Five of these are takedowns, and only one is a one-piece. The specs and prices are from Amazon unless stated otherwise. Southwest Archery Spyder Tak edown Recurve Bow and Arrow Se In 1966 Bear introduced an effective, comfortable 48 hunting bow, proudly called the Bear Super Magnum 48. Today, it remains a proven performer for those who need a short hunting bow ideally suited for hunting out of ground blinds and treestands or for using a lethal bowfishing tool. The Bubinga riser features limbs For traditional bows such as recurve or long bows, the draw weight is designed to be a specific amount (say 55lbs) at a particular draw length (say 28). If the string is pulled back further than the set draw length the draw weight will be more, the opposite is also true We have compiled a list of the best archery gloves unboxed & reviewed for hand protection and enhance your performance as an archer for this sport. 1. Neet Suede Archery Gloves. The first glove we'll go through is the Neet Suede. The three finger design means it can be used by either left or right handed archers

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