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  1. S.H. answers from Honolulu on January 29, 2012. 4 year olds are not mature. They are still, very very young and are not even fully developed. Your son sounds like a 4 year old. Often times as well, when kids are on the cusp of an age change, they get really tweaked
  2. Immature 4.5 Year Old Boy? My son is an only child who is 4.5. He is in his second year of pre-school 2 mornings a week. His teacher this year requested a conference as she is concerned that socially he is behind. She is concerned that he has not matured socially since last year. He plays mostly with a 3 year old boy in class instead of with.
  3. I have a 4 year old girl labeledsocially immature by her preschool teacher. At a parent/teacher conference I asked the teacher to describe this. She said she does not know to give and take in a relationship with her peers. The teacher said she has improved from last year though
  4. According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), normal behavior in a 4-year-old might include: wanting to please and be like friends. showing increased independence. being able to distinguish.
  5. What can cause kids to seem immature. Some kids act younger than their peers because they are younger than most kids in the grade. There can be an age difference of a year (or more) in class. Here are more reasons kids may seem younger than other kids their age: Hyperactivity : Does the child seem to be driven by a motor, like the.
  6. This concept is important because helping your immature child may mean going back to learn skills from an earlier stage. Social Development Symptoms of Emotional Development Delay in an 8-Year Old Child. Learn More. Activities Used for Psychosocial Development in 3 Year Olds. Learn More. References
  7. I also have a strong willed 4 year old boy. While I do believe that the positive parenting approach is good for certain behaviors, it does not work well as the only approach to a strong willed child. The strong willed child actually needs a firmer hand than the more compliant child

10 Signs That You're Dealing with an Emotionally Immature Adult The traits of immature and childish grownups revealed. Posted November 4, 2016 | Reviewed by Lybi M 4. Selfishness. One of the common behaviors of immature people is innate selfishness. They may find it difficult to relate to or empathize with others, and may, therefore, struggle to maintain healthy relationships of any kind. This behavior echoes a small child who exists within their world and hasn't yet learned to empathize Many years ago, when I was 10 years old, I witnessed social confusion when social expectations were not met in a so-called contest. It was not really a contest, but an event to reinforce the current social hierarchy. At home that evening, I discussed this with my father who explained the situation Social and Emotional Development Milestones. compares their physical selves as well as their abilities with others. show understanding of what is accepted as good behaviour or what behaviour is bad. starts developing friendships. becomes more aware of other people's feelings. enjoys imaginative play with other children He may be somewhat immature for his age, but it is normal for say a 2 to 4 year old to pretend that they are a dog. He seems to take it alittle farther than most children. I know plenty of boys (who turned out normal) who went to the bathroom outside even poo

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  1. Mistaken, immature, and pathological behaviors all become much more visible. I also see the extent to which each partner's actions are rude, hurtful, or even dangerously childish—or calm.
  2. Yes! I now realise I didn't aaaaaaask to be born is not a cliche. My immature 4 year old is the most sensible and wise 15 year old I know. Back in the 1980s, my mum used to dread picking my DB up from school at age 4/5. His teacher described him as a lout and to be fair, his behaviour was pretty awful
  3. Hello everyone. I'm a mum of four children - three daughters 17, 14 & 11 and an 8 year old son who seems to be so immature and young - mentally and physically than the girls. I know mums shouldn't compare however it's extremely difficult especially when concerns are there. He's so much smaller, immature, baby like than the girls were at his age

Developmental Milestones: 4 to 5 Year Olds. What are some of the developmental milestones my child should reach by four to five years of age? Before you know it, the somewhat calm child of three becomes a dynamo of energy, drive, bossiness, belligerence, and generally out-of-bounds behavior.. Juvenile and immature bald eagles have a rather variable plumage. Juvenile birds (½ year) have the least variable plumage. However, birds from 1 ½ through 4 ½ years of age show some of the more diverse and unpredictable plumages. Bird of the same age can have completely different plumages Three-year-olds are still very immature both emotionally and cognitively. In the research world, 3-year-olds are known as having perfectly logical, yet completely irrational thought. Jean Piaget called this the pre-operational stage of thinking — or the stage before mental operations function smoothly Immature 5 year old, am beginning to get very worried. My son is 5 1/2 and looks and acts more like a 4 1/2 year old in many respects. He is small for his age physically and his speech was late to develop. He was significantly behind in reading during reception although with a lot of extra support from the school and from me and his dad he has.

Typically, a 2-year old child: is less frustrated than a child between 18-23 months. is more willing to do what he can and doesn't try too hard to do things beyond his ability. is more coordinated; less likely to fall. is less pre-occupied with keeping his balance; runs, climbs more easily 'Her father is acting like a four-year-old': The long-term damage caused by emotionally immature parents Posted 20 m minutes ago Sat Saturday 29 May May 2021 at 8:00p Psychological Science Says Trump Is a Four-Year-Old Looking for the source of Trump's appeal. not a child; not immature in his fundamental bearing and cast of mind. Trump is, and as such he. This is sometimes, misleadingly, called an immature 5-finger pencil grasp - it is immature because it is not the 3-finger grasp that is used in school, but it is a perfectly mature grasp for a 4-year old! As you can see, there are 5 fingers holding the pencil Bed-wetting affects 30 percent of 4-year-olds. This percentage decreases each year as children get older. About 10 percent of 7-year-olds, 3 percent of 12-year-olds, and 1 percent of 18-year-olds.

I'm concerned about my 12-year-old girl's behavior being too immature. One-on-one, my 12-year-old daughter is very sweet, thoughtful, kind, and funny. But in a group setting, she transforms into someone else. She is desperate for attention, trying too hard to be funny. She is oblivious to the fact that she comes across as obnoxious and. But regarding him acting his age, don't worry - its more likely that he is acting like an 11 year old but because kids 'grow up' so fast these days he may seem more immature than other kids his age, but they are maybe trying to be older than their years. As long as he is happy then try to relax a bit xx. 0 like. Reply If your 3-year-old exhibits certain behaviors, such as an aversion to touch or eye contact, or if they have delayed speech or motor skills, you should have them evaluated for a possible autism. Immature 5 Finger Grasp (3.5-4 years of age) The marker is positioned more in the child's finger tips, but all of the fingers are used to help guide the marker. NOTE: Many children begin to favor one hand or the other as early as 1 year of age, but hand dominance is often not firmly established until 3-4 years of age

If your 3-4 year old preschooler shows 2 or more of the following, contact the centre or make a referral to a speech-language therapist to ensure your child is not having difficulties with developing communiction skills: Little interest in talking to adults or children; Sentences are not growing in length or complexity; Poor sorting or matching. 4. Immature people do not leave their comfort zones, and resent those who do. They box themselves and other people into comfortable categories from which they never grow from, because it gives them the semblance of control. They stick to the familiar and the known in their social and professional life The first drawing of a person usually emerges around 3 or 4 years of age. These 'tadpole' people are drawn with just a head and usually legs directly attached to the head. Grip. A 3-year-old holds a pencil near the tip, between the first two fingers and the thumb. She uses the preferred hand and holds the pencil with good control As a 4-year-old, my grandson Adam proudly tells everyone, I live on Rockspring Street in San Antonio, Texas! As he approaches the group-time area, Stefan cries out indignantly, Ling is sitting in my space! It is very apparent that he understands the concept of space in a larger setting as it relates to himself and others. Three-year-olds.

Large potty for 4 year old. Other special needs chat. DLA Advice for 2.5 yr old no diagnosis autism - please. Other special needs chat. Verbal Dyspraxia... 4 year old not talking. myr28xtm. 04/09/2010 at 6:26 pm. my son is 36 and has no speech at all he used to say ook [look] and a ca [a car] but nowadays there is no noise at all total silence RISSER 3-4: The rate of rapid progression begins to drop off for kids that are in the Risser 3-4 groups. Looking at the table below taken from a study by Lonstein et al. we again see that as the child progresses towards adulthood and skeletal maturity, the less likely their scoliosis is to progress 4. The Insecure Narcissist: Initially, this gentleman comes off as exceedingly confident -- he thinks he's the best at his job, takes good care of his appearance, and is often the life of the party

If a guy is having major communication issues early on, he's probably really immature. Watch out! #4 They get weirded out by commitment. Guys who are very immature don't like commitment. They think about all the stereotypes of guys in committed relationships and they run for the hills. This is a major sign of immaturity Immature 7 year old? 13 answers / Last post: 21/10/2011 at 6:10 am. van86wgk. 18/10/2011 at 12:40 pm. I am probably over reacting but son is 7 and has always been a difficult child in many ways even as a baby. He was late talking, had difficulty making new friends and gets cross at the slightist thing sometimes. He is a bright child and is very. 3.5 yo socially/ emotionally immature DS- help! (4 Posts) Add message | Report. fruitsalad Fri 27-Jun-08 22:19:35. DS seems very immature to me which I find v. difficult at times. His speech came quite late and is still not great for his age. I think he sometimes struggles to express himself. He is very highly strung and when he encounters. Copy a square from a model - at about 4 ½ years. Draw inside the path of a very simple maze (i.e. with straight lines) Trace around her own hand with a crayon (after 4 ½ years) Connect dots spaced about ½ inch apart to make simple drawings. Hold the crayon like an adult does, with her thumb and fingers near the tip of the crayon

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Your 4-year-old child's speech should be understood by people with whom he doesn't associate regularly. Even though your 5 year old may not be able to say all sounds correctly, his speech should be understood by most listeners in all situations. Seven Ways to Help: Speak clearly, naturally and, most of all, correctly Ideal Puzzles For 1 Year Old and 2 Year Old Toddlers. Looking for toddler puzzles? These are ideal puzzles for 1 year old and 2 year old kiddos! Read More. Ten Factors Affecting Handwriting Skills. Learn about the different factors affecting handwriting, and how you can help your child get a good start in handwriting skills! Read Mor I personally started K5 at 4 years old, and went for about half a year before they decided I needed another year at home. I was academically ready to start schoolI'm a fairly smart girl. But I'm somewhat of a homebody and I wanted my mommy so much I cried every single day till I guess I basically forced them to take me out Connecticut, one of the last states to allow 4-year-olds to enter kindergarten, is considering changing its rules so that children would have to be 5 by Oct. 1, not Jan. 1, prompting a fight over. Most 14-year-olds have hit puberty by age 14. Both boys and girls tend to have pubic and underarm hair by this point. Most females have started their menstrual periods and have experienced breast development. Boys have experienced enlargement of the testicles and penis enlargement. Some of them may experience nocturnal emissions (wet dreams.

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4. Serious Mental Health Risks. It's no secret that suicide rates are on the rise. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Suicide is the second leading cause of death, after accidental injury, among people ages 10-34. Between 2001-2017, incidents of Suicide increased by 31% Of course, not every kid who is on Social Media is. I have a 4 year old girl. My daughter has been showing some signs of autism and im so worried. She just turned 4 and she cant hold a conversation. She repeats everything out of context. Anything she hears she repeats out of nowhere. She is very bright, she can count to 100 and count to 20 in spanish Remember that we are going from a dark headed, dark-bellied bird in year one to a white-headed, dark-bellied bird in year four. In year two, the belly is mostly whitish flecked with brown, but the entire head and breast are still dark, giving the bird a hooded look. In year three, the head whitens and the belly darkens. Early on in this year.

Most 8-year-olds show great gains in their cognitive development and tend to be able to ask questions until they have enough information to draw conclusions about what they're learning. They're also slowly budding into more mature children, making it an interesting year for both them and their parents. Illustration by Emily Roberts, Verywell Hi , my 11 yr old son is always arguing. This has been going on for years but has gotten worse this year. If he is asked to do something around the house he wants to know why his sister's don't have to do it too, for example if we ask him to clear the table. We try to tell him they are being asked to do something as well but it doesn't help


I've gotten the Labs back for our 15 year old son and this is what they say: Frankly panicked about Leukemia that keeps showing up in the search for elevated immature granulocytes. WBC 6.7 4.0-9.1 Whi read mor Four Year old information for parents. Robyn's Nest is a comprehensive parent, grandparent, teacher and family interactive community featuring chat and discussion boards focusing on pregnancy through early school age

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Static Tripod Grasp. Also around 3.5 to 4 years of age, children may hold a writing tool with the thumb and pointer finger, with it resting near the middle finger's final joint.. They tuck the pinkie and ring finger into the palm. Quadrupod Grasp. A four fingered grasp may turn into a quadrupod grasp, which features the thumb opposing the ring, middle, and pointer fingers My 4 year old is currently enrolled in a VPK program. During the beginning of the school year His teacher would tell me that my son would notparticipate in class specifically during reading time and circle time. He also barely completed class assignments. She reported that he would cry, and scream when they attempted to have him participate Cognitive Development . Parents may notice that around 10 years old, children start thinking and sounding almost grown-up. Children this age are on the cusp of adolescence and have the language skills and cognitive ability to gather information and formulate well-organized opinions and thoughts. As such, many 10-year-old children can be pleasant company at dinner and at social gatherings. Hence, young children develop social cognition, or an understanding of their social world, however immature that understanding may be. Typical 5‐year‐olds are interested in how their minds and the minds of others work. Children eventually form a theory of mind, an awareness and understanding of others' states of mind and accompanying. Most 17-year-olds also are thinking about the future. They begin to establish more concrete plans for college and life after high school. 1  Fluid intelligence also is reached around this age, which means 17-year-olds have an improved ability to cope with new problems and situations. 2 

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Asynchronous development refers to an uneven intellectual, physical, and emotional development. In average children, these three aspects of development progress at about the same rate. That is, the development is in sync. An average 3-year-old has the intellectual and physical abilities as well as the emotional maturity as most other 3-year-olds Disequilibrium is the half year period before a child's birthday, (in this instance from 3 1/2 until 4 years old) where children are confused, emotional, temperamental and may have difficulty completing tasks that they previously have easily accomplished. They then move into phases of equilibrium where they seem to have got it all together

Case Study 4 - Susan Susan is a 36 year old female, currently living at home with her husband of 11 years and two young children, ages 2 and 4, in Toronto. She recently resumed working after taking four years off after the birth of her first child. Susan is experiencing increased levels of stress as she tries to balance th 6 Year Old Son Acts Socially Immature but Is Above Average in School. Updated on April 29, 2014 L.B. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ on April 26, 2014 18 answers. My 6 year old son is an only child. I've used this with 4 year olds and it works like a dream. I've also used it with older children who lack self-regulation A 4-year-old Jewish boy presented with dysuria, urinary dribbling, increased urinary frequency, and new onset of diurnal enuresis. An infiltrating solid mass involving the entire bladder wall was found. Biopsy revealed tumor-forming eosinophilic cystitis, a rare bladder lesion of unclear cause. Antitoxocariasis treatment was unsuccessful. High-dose corticosteroids failed. The child's.

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  1. LCPD is idiopathic osteonecrosis (osteochondrosis) of the immature capital femoral epiphysis. It occurs in as many as 0.016% of children 2-14 years old, with a peak incidence at 5-6 years old. Boys are 5 times as likely as girls to be affected, and 85-90% of cases are unilateral
  2. thank you for your post! i would be interested in more detail of the three-year old interacting aggressively with a younger sibling (18 mos) and what can be done to continue the peace in the household! while i believe i understand why it is happening, it's still hard to know what can be done in the moment, that would produce the best long term result for all the relationships involved
  3. four years old! It doesn't mean that you don't guide it, but it does mean that the behavior is normal. Four year olds need a lot of physical exertion to be pliable and tired. Screen time makes all of it worse, because they are sitting and the brain waves that TV causes is almost like the brain waves we have when we are asleep

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Immature teratomas (IT) are rare and recurrences uncommon. A 12-year-old female with grade 3 (high-grade) ovarian IT underwent surgical resection but experienced early recurrences; the first was treated with surgery but the second was metastatic and managed with chemotherapy, resulting in growing-teratoma-syndrome and need for further surgery BGMI MONTAGE -----14 YEAR OLD IMMATURE-----CONTROLS : 4/5 Finger Claw (Gyroscope always on)-----..

One common form is when an immature young woman becomes a single parent. The infant is treated like a playmate and very early in life like a friend. It is common to hear these young mothers talk about their four-year-old as my best friend or my little man. In other cases, the adults are so immature and uninformed about children that they. Immature. Any bird that isn't an adult yet, including those with juvenile or subadult plumages, can be called immature. The term is commonly used to reference large birds like bald eagles and some gulls that don't achieve full adult plumage until they are 4 or 5 years old. These are the cutest birds in America A parent writes: Our 12-year-old son is too immature to receive the privileges and freedoms of most kids his age.But he keeps asking and we want to coach him to where he needs to be. One of the puzzles of parenting comes delivered in the form of the middle-school-aged child who protests for more privileges and freedom but whose immaturity doesn't warrant increased independence Blame their immature brains We observed an age-related increase in strategic decision making between ages 6 to 13 years and showed that changes in bargaining behavior were best accounted for. A child develops this grasp typically around 2 - 3 years old. The child will continue to use whole arm movements to scribble with this grasp. Static Tripod or Quadrupod Grasp: From ages 3½ - 4 years old, your child may move on to hold the pencil with 3 fingers (tripod grasp with index, middle finger and thumb) or four fingers (quadruped.

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Immature granulocytes. Granulocytes are the white blood cells that have small granules that contain proteins. The specific granulocytes are: neutrophilis, eosinophils, and basophilis [1,2]. Granulocytes come from stem cells in the bone marrow of a person. The process of differentiation of these stems from the pluripotent hematopoietic stem cell. But what about that 6 year old, who has spent the last 1 or 2 years playing on that device. And you can do a TON of things on it - color, draw, connect the dots (notice my quotations). They have only learned how to position and move their hand in one way

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A 4-year old may have a limited vocabulary or even be nonverbal, says educator Lemi-Ola Erinkitola, founder of The Children's Reading Foundation of Greater Chicago and The Critical. According to psychologists, there are four types of emotionally immature behavior. 1. Emotionally Volatile. I have seen my mom be like this all my life and I am 29 years old. I know some people really love there parents but my advice. Is to stay away as much as possible. Hollidays and random small doses of the parent can be ok, but NO. Maybe 30 is the new 20. Data released recently from the Census Bureau show that 30-year-olds today — as compared to those aged 30 in 1975 — are less likely to have hit many of the milestones.

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Immature Reticulocyte Fraction. The reticulocyte count is an important indicator of effective erythropoiesis. In healthy individuals, reticulocytes circulate in the peripheral blood for 1-2 days after being released from the bone marrow, before they lose sufficient RNA to become red blood cells. During periods of increased erythropoietic demand. 4. Wanting it NOW! Ah, impatience. I am a huge fan of impatience because it feeds my toddler fantasy that life should instantly gratify my every desire. Too bad life doesn't seem to be all that interested! So many good things take time - and a ton of persistent effort But if you have any questions or concerns about your three-year-old's development, you should discuss it with your pediatrician. If he agrees that there is reason for concern, he will refer your child for further testing. By age four, your child is beginning to explore many basic concepts that will be taught in greater detail in school

All credit to Wassabi Productions#1 On Trendin Immature digestive tract. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no juice should be given to infants younger than 6 months old. Juice should be limited to no more than 4 ounces per day in children 1-6 years old and no more than 8 ounces per day in older children. Sport drinks should not be used outside of sport activities in. A static tripod grasp will be seen between 3 to 4 years old, as a child is perfecting the tripod grasp. It is a three-finger grasp and includes the index and thumb, with the writing utensil resting on the middle finger, The rest of the fingers are tucked into the palm. Static refers to how the child moves the pencil 4. Emotionally immature people have dependent relationships. For immature people, others are means to an end and not the end in themselves. In other words, immature people need others, as the means that they are. They don't need others because they love them, but because they need them. Therefore they have tendency to have highly dependent. My 4-year-old hasn't had to deal with any transitions lately, but he's been testing limits a lot! If he doesn't do what we ask, or mouths off to us, he has to go to the 'naughty spot' for 4-5min (like a time-out). Recently when we warn him that if he repeats his behavior he will have to go to the naughty spot, he just says 'well, I.

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Childhood amnesia, also called infantile amnesia, is the inability of adults to retrieve episodic memories (memories of situations or events) before the age of two to four years, as well as the period before the age of ten of which some older adults retain fewer memories than might otherwise be expected given the passage of time. The development of a cognitive self is also thought by some to. Do you know the typical development stages and milestones for a 4 year old child? By age four, your child should be beyond several cognitive, communication,. Cock is a male chicken at least one year of age or older. Cockerel is a male chicken less than one year old. Cornish game hens are a cross between a Cornish and Plymouth Rock chicken (although originally they were pure Cornish), 4-5 weeks old, weighing about 2 pounds. They may be of either sex A 3-year-old boy has developed otitis media and requires antibiotics. In order to increase the chance that the boy will take his prescribed medication, the nurse should: offer a choice between liquid and chewable medications, if possible. The nurse is administering a drug metabolized in the liver to an infant

My response was that when there is an age difference as big as 37 years (or 41 years as is the case with Rolling Stone's Ron Wood and his 20 year old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova or 45 years as is the alleged case by various magazines of Morgan Freeman and his girlfriend, his 27 year old step granddaughter E'Dena Hines) then this signifies. Due to an immature prefrontal cortex, adolescents also have an increased sex drive and problems in self-regulation as illustrated in this flow diagram. 19, 23, 26, 27, 54 MRI studies have discovered that developmental processes tend to occur in the brain in a back-to-front pattern, explaining why the prefrontal cortex develops last I am 37 years old with a wife and three children (my oldest, 14, from a previous relationship who doesn't live with me) and I live my life exactly like the list at the beginning of this article labeled emotionally immature Social competence refers to the social, emotional, and cognitive skills and behaviors that children need for successful social adaptation. Despite this simple definition, social competence is an elusive concept, because the skills and behaviors required for healthy social development vary with the age of the child and with the demands of. The authors asked a group of 18- to 21-year-olds to lie in an fMRI scanner and look at a monitor. They were instructed to press a button each time they were shown faces with a certain expression.

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The median age at the time of diagnosis has been decreasing over time; HD is established in 15% of patients in the first month, in 40-50% of patients in the first 3 months, in 60% of patients at the end of the first year, and in 85% of patients by 4 years of age. 63, 64 Recent advances have shown that in some cases, identifiable genetic. Five years after surgery, event-free survival was 92.2% and 85.9%, respectively, and overall survival was 99% and 95.1%. A similar study in Italy reported on 183 infants and children diagnosed with teratoma. At 10 years after surgery, event-free and overall survival were 90.4% and 98%, respectively Before he shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann was described as emotionally immature at a previous job A 35-year-old female asked: I am concerned about a cbc panel showing immature granulocytes 1.2% and absolute .10 should i be worried? my np said the test was normal but those numbers are scary. wbc= 8.2 rbc=4.29 everything else is norma

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 to Leopold Mozart (1719-1787) and Anna Maria, née Pertl (1720-1778), at Getreidegasse 9 in Salzburg. Salzburg was the capital of the Archbishopric of Salzburg, an ecclesiastic principality in the Holy Roman Empire (today in Austria). He was the youngest of seven children, five of whom died in infancy. His elder sister was Maria Anna. An immature cataract contains some clouding and opacity from protein buildup and it is considered the ideal stage for surgery. Swelling from fluid buildup during the immature phase make fracturing the lens easier for the surgeon. I have a 17 year old Bichon who has advanced cateraks and is completely blind. Even at 14 yrs old, 3 veterinary. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a cancer of the lymphoid line of blood cells characterized by the development of large numbers of immature lymphocytes. Symptoms may include feeling tired, pale skin color, fever, easy bleeding or bruising, enlarged lymph nodes, or bone pain. As an acute leukemia, ALL progresses rapidly and is typically fatal within weeks or months if left untreated Here are my CBC Results w/Differentials from 5/18/2010: WBC - 5.16 RBC 4.76 HgB 14.1 Hct 40.5 MCV85.1 MCH 29.6 MCHC 34.8 PLT 219 RDW 12.7 MPV 10.2 Nuetrophils % 62.1 Lymph % 29.3 Mono % 7.2 Eos % 1.2 Baso % .2 Neutro # 3.21 Lymph # 1,51 Mono # .37 Eos # .06 (LOW) Baso .01 Immature Granu % .2 (HIGH) Immature GRanu # .01 NRBC % .0 NRBC # 0.00. A. 3-10 years. The peak incidence of ALL is at 4 years (range 3-10). It is uncommon after the mid-teen years. The peak incidence of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is 45-55 years. The peak incidence of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) occurs at 60 years. Two-thirds of cases of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) occur after 60 years

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