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In 1969 Fremont coded trim tag style numbers with an even 3rd digit for a V8 and an odd 3rd digit for an L6 so the Fisher Body Style number is a valid resource to tell if the car was a V8 or L6. Courtesy Kreg Burke. ST 69 13680 ~ 1969 Malibu Series El Camino. BF ~ Body Assembly ~ Fremont, California Courtesy Danny Wooldridge. ST 69 13680 ~ 1969 Malibu Series El Camino. KAN ~ Body Assembly ~ Kansas City, Missouri. 183739 BDY ~ Fisher Body data processing number. TR 755 ~ Black Coated Fabric (bench seat) 67 67 PNT ~ Burgundy (lower-upper) 01B ~ Body Date - January 2nd week. 08432 ~ See Kansas City trim tag properties Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes. 1969 Chevelle/El Camino Trim Tag Breakdow The 1969 Chevy body plate data decoder enables you to discover the vehicle's build information including paint color, body style and trim. CHEVROLET El Camino. 16447: 2 dr. Sport Coupe 13. 13380,13480 2. Regular: Caprice. 13580,13680 2. Custom. 1969 El Camino decoding information links. Decoding Information Links. Engine Suffix Codes Listing of engine ID codes for size, horsepower, and transmission type. Fisher Body Number Plate General Breakdown General decoding of Fisher Body Number Plates (a.k.a. trim tag, cowl tag, firewall tag). Is it an SS396

Trim tags were made up in batches before the bodies were even started. The body dates on the tags are when they hoped the body would be done. I believe what they meant to convey was the body date moved from the top left of the trim tag to the lower left in 1969 Late 1969 American Trim Tags. This is the most common trim tag style found on 1969 full size Chevrolets. It is the late 1969 style. Not shown on this diagram are option codes, found on the bottom line of the tag. There is no formal information available on how to decode option codes, however many clubs and web sites have attempted to do so

1969 El Camino Trim Tags - Kansas City, Missour

  1. o tags, again likely trim related. The six digit number found after the B L is also used on Pontiacs and overall sequential from beginning of the build year to the end regardless of the Division
  2. o V8. This VIN decoder can decode most makes and models from the 1950s through modern day
  3. Decoding 1969 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag. The trim tag is riveted to the firewall above the master cylinder. The information below is as complete and as accurate as possible. Something that seems to be confusing people is what on the trim tag should match the VIN? The body number (by the BODY or BDY) or what we have labeled below as location E does.
  4. o. Trim Tag Analysis Analysis and breakdown of trim tag formats for the various assembly plants. Engine Photos ~ Engine Partial VIN stamping locations Partial VIN stampings - Production Numbers of 396 V8 Engines. Interior Photos ~ Bench Sea
  5. gham, Fremont, and Oshawa are the only three known plants to match the Fisher.
  6. o. The location of the VIN code tag for 1962-1967 El Ca
  7. o: Positions 3 & 4: Model 17 2 Dr. Hatchback Coupe, 6-passenger Trim Tag or Body Number Plate Decoding The Cowl or Trim tag is FISHER BODYS representation of the BODY. Not a vehicle, but a shell. 1969 Camaros is on firewall next to brake booster. From 1970 - 1981 it's facing up on the cowl panel as you open.

1968 Camaro Trim Tag Breakdown. Top of Page ↑ Home. Select A Year. 1967; 1968; 1969; Decoding Links. Tech Information. Tools. Miscellaneous. Chevelle/El Camino Coins and CDs. Contact. 1969 Camaro Fisher Body Unit Number Plate. Los Angeles, California assembly plant (early-note LOS plant designation). GM Body Tag Decoding. The body tag on your car contains vital information for the restorer. The model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacture are all found on this metal tag. On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it's vertical). 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the. 1965 Chevelle/El Camino trim tag breakdown. Top of Page Home. Select A Year Group. 1959-1960; 1964-1965; 1966-1967; 1969-1969; 1970-1972; 1973-1977; 1978-1981; 1982-1987; Decoding Links. Tech Information. Tools. Miscellaneous. Chevelle/El Camino Coins/CDs/Books. Registries. Contact. 1965 El Camino Fisher Body Number Plate . Trim tag layout and.

Since this is a base El Camino (based on the 300 Deluxe series) it could not have been ordered with the SS option. The SS option also inlcuded the 396/325hp engine as part of the option. Again, what you describe above is from the trim tag (Fisher Body Number plate) and not the VIN plate A typical 1968 Elk Camino VIN might read: 138808Z155276 being an SS396 El Camino assembled in Fremont, CA. and is the 55,276th 1968 model year Chevelle sequenced at the Fremont, CA. assembly plant. Beginning in 1968 the VIN plate was moved from the driver side body A-pillar to the forward part of the dash so the VIN plate could easily been seen. The VIN 134809K454737 decodes to a 1969 Chevrolet El Camino V8. This VIN decoder can decode most makes and models from the 1950s through modern day. Decode This offers free classic and modern car and truck VIN decoding since 2006

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  1. o build sheets; Trim Tag Examples Examples of trim tags. Engine Photos Several engine compartment photos. Interior Photos ~ Bench Seat Examples of several interiors by code number
  2. Z= Fremont CA. Eighth - Thirteenth/Fourteenth digits: The last six digits display the production number, starting with 100001 or 5000000. Example 1973 VIN: 1V11B2Q103241. Using the above decoding reference, this sample VIN would belong to the 3,241st Vega Panel Express, equipped with a two-barrel four-cylinder motor, built-in 1973 in Detroit, MI
  3. o V8 assembled in Baltimore, MD. and is the 64,799th 1970 model year Chevelle sequenced at the Baltimore, MD. assembly plant. The VIN plate is located on the forward part of the dash so the VIN plate could easily been seen through the windshield of the car

Until 1969 the ONLY plants that used the same Fisher Body Style number to match the VIN were Fremont and Oshawa (plus Framingham in 1969). If, IF, this were a Fremont El Camino and was a 6-cylinder (13580 VIN), the trim tag would also show 13580 as the Style number - all other plants building an El Camino in 1966 would show a Fisher Body Style. Decoding your 1969 Trim Tag . The trim tag is riveted to the firewall above the master cylinder. Click on the part of the trim plate you need to decode and you will jump to that section. 1969 Camaro Trim Tag: Early Type (Los Angeles and Norwood from N500001 to N544000) ST 69 (A) (B) BDY: TR (C) (D) PNT: 3-5/16X 1-3/4. [BREAK=1969] 1969 El Camino VIN Breakdown Location - The VIN number is stamped on a plate located on top of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield on the drivers side. It is composed of 13 numbers and letters. A sample 1969 El Camino VIN would look like this: 135809A100001 1st digit - This is the manufacturers identity numbe

Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes. 1969 El Camino Photo Galler The early trim tag is a carryover format from 1969. A Special Paint optioned Chevelle trim tag may have a dash character a blank space the DuPont mixing formula or even the paint code for the non-Chevelle make on the trim tag. 1969 Chevelle Trim Tag Paint Codes can be beneficial inspiration for those who seek an image according specific categories

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Select Page. 1960 el camino cowl tag decoder. by | Feb 27, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Feb 27, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comment 1969. From 1969 on, the SS was no longer a separate model. Instead, it was now an SS option package added to a 300 Deluxe model, Malibu model, or El Camino Custom model. 1969 was the only model year that the SS package could be ordered on the base model Chevelle 300 Deluxe (as a 2-door coupe or a 2-door post sedan) 1969 Camaro SS396 - Trim Tag Date vs. VIN Production Date. I am looking at purchasing a 1969 Camaro SS396. The trim tag indicates first week of December production (12A - photo attached). The VIN number indicates that the car was assembled on or about November 28 - definitely last week of November. (VIN - 124379N5499XX Decoding Links. Tech Information. Tools. Miscellaneous. Chevelle/El Camino Coins and CDs. Contact. 1969 Camaro Trim Tag Xnn-Codes. The Xnn codes on 1969 Camaro trim tags were a mid-year addition to the Norwood's Camaros beginning with trim tag body date 12B. The codes were added to assist Fisher Body workers in identifying body trim and paint. Step 2. Locate the trim (cowl) tag located on the firewall directly behind the brake master cylinder. This tag will give you the trim, or styling specifics of the vehicle. Since this tag can be removed, or replaced with a false one, further identification is needed. A genuine 1969 SS Chevelle will have 69 in the top left corner for the year.

After 5 years I finally decoded the trim tag. It didn't take too long and too much effort to decode. I used chevellestuff.net to decode it, good information on there. First I broke down what is what on the trim tag. Then I searched for paint code 63 63, which means a Desert sand for upper and lower part of the body, also know as a Saddle as sales name Chevelle - El Camino Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN Codes) VIN Decoder; Chevelle VIN Number Decoder; Chevelle VIN Number Decoder (Model Codes) Chevelle - El Camino Cowl, Firewall or Trim Tags. Team Chevelle - Your total resource center for Chevelles & El Caminos; Chevelle - El Camino Casting Numbers. Small Block Chevy Engine Block.

Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, 1969 Chevelle Miscellaneous Paperwork [ 1972] Fremont assembly plant order status to dealer. The order number UGE521 is for the El Camino order form shown below on this page. The order was written by the salesman on 6/4, arrived at the factory on 06-11. The Chevrolet Chevelle was a line of cars produced during model years 1964 to 1977. The Chevelle line includes the SS, the Malibu, the El Camino, the Greenbrier, the Concours and the Nomad. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a 1969 Chevelle is located toward the front of the dash and is easily viewable through the windshield 1969 Z28 Trim Tag - Real? « on: January 16, 2017, 07:25:45 PM ». Can anyone help me identify this as a real or reproduction trim tag? VIN range is N575XXX on this car and best I can tell that range matches this body build. Partial VIN is stamped on the rough casting near the oil filter, which I think also makes sense for this build

12667 - Convertible, custom interior. Note: In 1967 the trim tag did not identify a 6 or 8 cylinder engine in this spot, only the interior style with the code 4 or 6 as the third digit. The VIN did show a 3 or 4 as the third digit indicating 6 or 8 cylinder. 1967 was the only year the interior style was coded like this You will find out how to identify and verify all V-8 drivetrain parts for small and w-blocks, on all passenger cars, including: Camaro, Bel Air, Chevy II/Nova, Chevelle, El Camino, and Corvette. Learn how to decode part numbers, casting numbers, VIN codes, and trim tags. There are also detailed schematics, measurements, pictures, and.

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1968. In 1968, the SS was a separate model (the SS-396). Therefor, it can be identified by the VIN number. For example, a 1968 El Camino with a VIN number starting with 13880 would be a genuine SS-396 model, while a '68 El Camino with the VIN 13680 would be a non-SS Malibu version of the El Camino The CRG info states... under the 1969 Norwood Camaro cowl tag data section... Additional 1969 Norwood Fisher codes that could be combined with the X-codes include: D80 - signifies the car was equipped with D80 spoilers, but the code was not always used. Logged. 09C 69Z28-RS, 72 B 720 cowl console rosewood tint

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Trim Tags, Data Plates Backeast, A.G.Backeast, Our work is on numerous national prize winners and magazine feature cars: The entire Fomoco family, including trucks, from 1949 to 1969; G.M. cars back to 1928; Mopars of the 50's to 70's and orphans such as AMC, Kaiser - Frazer, and Henry J Can anyone help me decode my '59 El Camino trim tag? From the VIN I know it was a V/8 car built in LA/Van Nuys. The trim tag reads: Paint = 940A (Grecian Gray) Trim - 803 ACC - EZI, IP, BD Body VIN - 6694 Style - 59-1280 This was all sent to me via text from a friend. Hopefully she got the numbers & letters right. Thanks, Ji The Chevrolet Chevelle represented one of GM's most versatile nameplates when it was first introduced in the mid-1960s. By the time the second generation rolled around, the Chevelle's A-body platform had birthed sedans, coupes, wagons, the El Camino trucklet, and convertibles onto the market, and would go on to provide the underpinnings for the personal luxury Monte Carlo coupe a few short.

A Special Paint optioned Chevelle trim tag may have a dash character, a blank space, the DuPont mixing formula, or even the paint code for the non-Chevelle make on the trim tag. It might depend on the standard operating procedure for a given plant on how the paint code on the trim tag was handled The 1969 El Camino trim was available in three levels including the base model El Camino, the El Camino Custom and the El Camino SS396. All '69 El Camino base models featured a Chevrolet script emblem on the header panel, front side marker engine call outs, rear side marker lamps, rear El Camino emblems, and bright windshield moldings It's been reported that partial VIN stampings on 1970 Chevelle frames from KC are few and far between. (1) driver side below door on top of frame on both 1964 and 1965 Chevelles; 1969 Fremont El Camino; 1966 & 1968 Fremont El Camino (as well as 'typical' location). One 1964 Van Nuys owner reports the entire VIN (45837Lxxxxxx was found here) Decoding 1972 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag. The trim tag is riveted on the driver's side of the cowl under the hood. BODY BY FISHER. ST 72 (B

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To date, two special order paint trim tags (a 13480 Chevelle El Camino and a 13236 Nomad station wagon) have been found for 1972 and both are apparently state fleet cars (reportedly orange) so it's unsure if a customer ordered special paint code would be depicted in the same format The base (33/34) El Camino is a 2-dr sedan pickup body style with standard trim where the (35/36) El Camino Custom is a 2-dr sedan pickup body style with Malibu trim. VIN plate location. These photos are of 1970 Chevelles, the location is the same for 1968 through 1972 VIN plates; 1965 through 1972 VIN plates used special rivets Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes RPO Codes: '68-'72 GM A-body A31 Power Windows A33 Power Tailgate Window A39 Custom Deluxe front/rear seat belts A41 Power Bucket Seat 4-way A41 Powe

If you are ordering a G.M Trim Tag, and you have a TRIM TAG, and are merely changing a code, adding or deleting an option(s) or just replacing a damaged tag you will need to make a pencil tracing or take a close-up photo of the current Trim Tag.If you are sending a pencil tracing please reprint all the current stamped data next to the tracing. This procedure will ensure that the NEW Trim Tag. 1969 Chevrolet El Camino frame off rebuilt with a rebuilt 350/350 engine . Custom paint, windows, new windshield and new wood bed. Vehicle has 10,000 miles since done Step 1: Locate the VIN tag on your Camaro. The location of the VIN code tag for 1967-1981 Camaro's will be on top of the dashboard on the driver side of the vehicle. Do not mistake the vehicle identification number for the information found on the Fischer Body number plate or trim tag

Did Chevy build special export Camaros in the '60's

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Auto 65,000 Miles Matching Number Drive Train. Original 396 engine with the vin stamped on it. The car was repainted in the early 2000's along with the interior re-done in black. Original paint code is 59. Paint is nice with a straight, solid body Chevy Camaro Pictures and Information including VIN, RPO Codes, 1981 Trim Tag, cowl tag, Engine and Protect-o-plate decoding decode. First Generation Pictures; Decoding 1981 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag. The trim tag is riveted on the driver's side of the cowl under the hood. BODY BY FISHER. B (B) 01B (A) 1FP87 (C) L (D) 545272 (E Step 1: Locate the VIN tag on your Chevelle. If the year of your Chevelle falls between 1964-1967 then the location of the VIN code tag will be on the driver sides front hinge pillar or A-pillar. If the year of your Chevelle falls between 1968-1972 then the location of the VIN code tag will be on top of the dashboard on the driver side of the.

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Jun 13, 2016 - 1969 Chevrolet El Camino Pickup for sale in Dandridge, Tennessee, Charcoal/Black, Ultra Blue Pearl , 350 V The next digit (which is the 6 th digit in the VIN) indicates the model year9 equals 1969. If the six digit of your VIN is anything other than a 9, than it's not a 1969 Chevrolet. The seventh digit indicates the plant where the car was built. This is a letter for all American built full size Chevrolets, while Canadian made cars use a. Decoding Links. Tech Information. Tools. Miscellaneous. Chevelle/El Camino Coins and CDs. Contact. 1969 Camaro Body Number Plates ~ Los Angeles/Van Nuys, California (LOS) ST 69 12437 ~ 1969 Camaro Sport Coupe LOS ~ Los Angeles, CA. 102985 ~ Fisher Body unit numbe

136809K392319 - 1969 Chevrolet El Camino V8 : Decode This

Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags also had some unique series/models the U.S. did not have and, at least from one source, the 300 Deluxe series, El Camino, and type in what appears to be a perfectly valid VIN such as 136679A300001 and get a correctly decoded result of a 1969 Malibu 2-door convertible from Atlanta even though. The El Camino had received a significant restyle in 1968 when the third generation of the car was introduced - so very little was changed for the 1969 model, and the year was largely a carryover year. A new grille, front bumper and rear backup lights were introduced, but were still relatively similar to the models of the year before. Since the El Camino was reintroduced for its second.

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Chevrolet Chevy II - Nova Online resources for the 62 - 79 Chevy II - Nova. This page lists online resources for the 62 - 79 Chevrolet Chevy II / Nova Here is how to decode the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on American made 1960 through 1964 Chevrolet B-body (full size) cars. Locate the VIN tag on the left door jamb. It should be spot welded to the hinge pillar. Note: This cowl, or trim tag style only applies to Chevrolet cars produced in the USA

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Ground Up SS396 How To Decode Your El Camino's Vin Cod

Trim Tags Gallery Rivets Saddles Prices Ordering About Us FAQ CHEVELLE. Mouse over images or click for additional information. 1966 Chevelle - Kansas City Plant. 1966 Chevelle - Flint, MI Plant. 1966 Chevelle - Flint Plant. 1966 Chevelle - Kansas Plant. 1967 Chevelle - Atlanta Plant. 1967 Chevelle - Baltimore Plant. Nov 18, 2011 - 1969 Chevrolet El Camino Pictures: See 111 pics for 1969 Chevrolet El Camino. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1969 Chevrolet El Camino. Get both manufacturer and user submitted pics. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users.

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Trim Tags, Inc. 900 Port Clinton Ct W Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6637 Phone and Fax: 847-478-TAGS Beginning in 1969 the 3rd digit of every trim tag was set to the number 4 whether the car was a 6-cyl or 8-cyl car and regardless of standard or custom interior. A typical 1969 Camaro VIN might read: 124379N501333 being a 2-door coupe assembled in Norwood, OH SS 6078. Hello. I was looking online trying to decode the VIN and trim tags of a 69 I just picked up. Looking at the VIN, it was a Norwood car and the sequence number was 519359. According to my decode book, Norwood cars numbered 512134 through 530337 were built in October of '68. Now if I look at my trim tag, the build month reads 04L Volvo. Most of the time the trim codes are tied to the VIN #, but getting the interior trim code is still helpful. This vin plate can be found under the hood, usually riveted to the inside left fender above the left wheel well. The interior trim code is a 4 digit code, usually above the 5-digit XXX-XX paint code Decoding the body tag reveals the following information: ST 69 13680 - 1969 Malibu Series El Camino; BAL - Built at the Baltimore, Maryland plant; TR 764 - Dark Blue interior; PNT 50 B - Dover White with black vinyl top; 2 D - Built the 4th week of Februar


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Corvair VIN Decoder; Decoding the Corvair VIN; Corvair Cowl, Firewall or Trim Tags. 1965 Corvair Fisher Body Build Tags (Covers What Each Position of the Body Tag Indicates) Corvair Casting Numbers. Engine Identification; Corvair Engine Numbers; Corvair Head Numbers; Corvair Options. 65 - 67 Options Production Totals (PDF Download, Great Info Chevy Camaro Pictures and Information including VIN, RPO Codes, 1980 Trim Tag, cowl tag, Engine and Protect-o-plate decoding decode. First Generation Pictures; Decoding 1980 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag. The trim tag is riveted on the driver's side of the cowl under the hood. BODY BY FISHER. 80 (B) 01B (A) 1FP87 (C) L (D) 545272 (E You are right below. Decoding chevrolet vin trim tags cowl tags engine engine block casting numbers cylinder head casting numbers intake manifold casting numbers transmission interior codes and paint codes. 57 chevy 150 210 belair wiring diagram drawing a 1964 chevelle wiring diagram. This is for a new 1969 chevelle el camino wiring diagram manual A - First Week B - Second Week C - Third Week D - Fourth Week E - Fifth Week. LOS ANGELES PRODUCTON DAY. Los Angeles stamped the production day and that day's sequence in the upper right corner; T578 ~ Production day (T), sequence number for that day (578) where T is the 20th work day of the month and 578 is the 578th Camaro scheduled for that day and would be reset to 001 if needed

This '69 L78 El Camino was tattered when Bill Rose found it, but most of the crucial pieces were there. On the ride home, talking it over with his old friend Albert Galdi, Bill began second-guessing his decision. The Camino was certifiably beat but it had everything Bill was looking for: SS 396 heritage with a numbers-matching block, a four. I found the decoding info for the VIN, but I cant find the info for the cowl tag on my friends bird. 1967 Pontiac Firebird Coupe with Custom Trim Option The paint was Silverglaze a Custom Factory Paint The trim color and material were Black Custom Option Vinyl Bucket Seats without headrests. 1972 El Camino SS350 1973 Chevelle SS350 1977. 1969 RS LM1 2nd owner numbers matching 1966 Chevy II SB 400 alum trick flow heads, Turbo 400, Dana 44 rear 1970 Camaro coupe, 350 L65, 350 auto, numbers matching, 1968 Chevelle Malibu, 327 L30, 3 speed on the tree, third owner. 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe 1968 SS El Camino B L=Los Angeles for all the VIN's [On the cowl tag would be LOS for 67-70 Camaro and L 71 and later, BL for Chevelle and VN for El Camino, since I don't know what car you have I tossed in the extra bit of info] 129501=Last 6 digits of the car vin, if they match, you have a matching numbers original engine Look at the fourth and fifth numbers. These numbers together describe the body style of the Chevelle. Here is a list of what these numbers represent, according to ChevelleStuff.com: 11, two-door sedan; 15, two-door station wagon; 17, two-door coupe; 26, four-door station wagon; 27, two-door sedan; 31, Chevelle 300; 32, Chevelle 300; 33, El Camino; 34, El Camino; 35, four-door station wagon; 36.

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For the El Camino, this applies only to the year 1968 as this was the only year for the SS396 El Camino. A Chevelle can have an 8 as the third digit of the VIN and not be an SS396 (such as Concours station wagon) but there are NO real USA built 66-68 SS396s that do not have an 8 as the third digit) Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes. 1966 Oshawa trim tag decoding

Apr 3, 2019 - Explore Robert Blevins's board El camino car on Pinterest. See more ideas about chevy trucks, chevy, el camino Yes, it's based on the two stamps on the pad. The first is the original car it was installed in; a 1968 Antwerp Camaro, VIN 101588 (18X101588). the second is the engine suffix (T1129EA) showing it was origially built as a L30 engine with a manual transmission assembled on November 29th, 1967 at the Tonawanda, NY engine plant 1969 Chevy EL CAMINO Has a 350 that was rebuilt recently Have all paper work. with 4 speed trans. n $20,995. Dealership. CC-1478793. 1969 Chevrolet El Camino. 1969 Chevrolet El Camino Purchased this truck in 2012 from the original owner with a 108,000 miles $30,995. Private Seller. CC-1476056 REAR AXLE- (original) assembled January 20, 1969: All Z28 had 12 bolt rear ends. Decodes as BU- originally a 3:73 gear (BV was a 4:10), with posi, 12 bolt for 1969. 01= January, 20= 20th day, G= Detroit Gear and Axle plant, 1= 1st shift, E= Eaton posi unit. BU was the normal rear end ratio recommended for the Z28 The documentation is needed to verify the car's VIN and SS396 data match and, aside from basic data shown in the tables for each year, will be kept confidential and on file for historical preservation. If you wish to include a photo of your El Camino for the gallery, the photo should be in 3/4 front view and free from obstructions like children.

Dale answered 9 years ago. vin 13637 means v8 car in 1969 all v8 vin started 136 i believe the 138 are ss but not in 1969 thats why there more ss out there than gm made ch. 7 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 265. Report. ratquick answered 8 years ago. 136 is a good # if theres a paint code 72 or 73... 3 people found this helpful El Camino SS 67 El Camino Buyer's Guide Buyer's Guide - 70-72 454 El Camino Sell your El Camino Chevrolet El Camino The Australians are credited with creating the ute in the 1930s, a coupe with a pick-up style bed, but it wasn't until the '50s that Ford's home-market efforts yielded the first Ranchero for 1957

1965 Impala SS Body by Fisher Cowl Tag Plate Original1969 Chevelle Power Teams
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